5 Knives Everyday Carry Knives – No Man Should Be Without

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I hear it all the time, “What’s the BEST Survival Knife David?” So today, I’m coming clean and going to share with you THE best survival knife in the world for any situation that you find yourself in. Ready!?

Okay… So What Makes a  Great Survival Knife?

Well there’s a lot of discussion and debate about this, probably because the term, “survival knife” means many different things to many different people.

Here’s the Problem…

A bushcrafter, hunter, doomsday prepper, tactical or military professional… or just regular folks – LIKE YOU and Me… are all likely to come up different conclusions about what constitutes the best survival knife, because of our experiences, expectations and how we see the world.

So let me ask YOU this… “What is THE Best Survival Knife?” 

Okay, Got your answer?

Yeah, I had mine to, until a good friend blew my mind one day – when he said to me, “David, the best survival knife is the one you have on you, when you need it most.”

Think about that for a moment…

This really makes a lot of sense. Because, if you are like me, you’re probably not always going to have your preferred, primary survival blade with you… or on you all the times.

So when a disaster, crisis or emergency strikes – and your primary survival knife is not available – the knife that you Everyday Carry ON Your Person becomes your primary survival knife. Make sense?

5 Knives - Neck Knives

The NEW Ultimate Survival Tips MSK-Mini Neck / Backup Blade and My CRKT Folts Minimalist Neck Knife

So I can’t stress enough that you need to have at least one or two everyday carry knives on you at all times.

For me, I have a 5 tier approach to everyday carry, survival cutting tools that I think you might find helpful…  HERE it is…

5 Tiers of EDC Survival Knives:

TIER 1 – Neck Knife – A good neck knife is my primary EDC blade because it travels unnoticed and invisible around my neck at all times. My personal choice in neck knives is the super light weight and capable CRKT Folts Minimalist or my new favorite (and soon to be released on Kick Starter) 5 Knives - 3 Pocket KnivesUltimate Survival Tips: MSK-1 Mini neck knife.

TIER 2 Pocket Knife – When I need a blade quick, I’m reaching for me pocket knife. Now for me, my pocket knife changes depending on the situation. If I just want a general general utility blade… either my Schrade First Response or Gerber Propel are coming along. But if I’m traveling or for some reason want more of a self defense blade, my Gerber Covert – OR – Mini Covert usually get the nod.

TIER 3 – Belt Sheath Knife – Next, because many folks wear belts, I recommend a small to medium sized belt sheath knife or multi-tool as your 5 Knives - Leatherman WaveTIER 3 EDC.

For me, I carry my trusted, Leatherman Wave multi-tool on my belt. Now, beside having a great fine and serrated edged blade, my Leatherman wave has a pile of other tools that come in handy almost every day.

5-Knives-Card Sharp

My Folding Credit Card Knife

TIER 4 – Wallet Knife – When I leave the house I ALWAYS have my wallet in my pocket… and a wallet always seemed like like a great place to keep a back up blade. So… in my wallet I carry an Ian Sinclar CardSharp 2 as my last ditch knife. It’s lightweight and thin, wicked sharp, and only takes up a credit card slot in my wallet… but easily folds into a very capable light duty knife. See my full review of this knife for more.

5 Knives-Primary Knives-Old Favs

Gerber LMF II, Ka-Bar Becker Bk-2 and OKC Blackbird SK5

TIER 5 – PRIMARY Survival Knife – My 5th and final tier for an everyday carry survival knife is my primary (or preferred) survival knife. This is the ONE knife I want with me if things go bad real bad.

My past favorites range from my Mora Light My Fire, OKC Blackbird SK5, Gerber LMF II… the newer Gerber StrongArm or my Becker BK-2

MY Favorite PRIMARY Survival Knife –I’m a bit biased, but now my preferred Worst Case Scenario knife, is the blade I have been working on for over 2 years with my design partner Jeff Freeman – the Ultimate

5-Knives-UST MSK-1

Check Back Often for the Release of the Ultimate Survival Tips MSK-1 (Multi Scenario Knife)

Survival Tips: MSK-1 Multi-Scenario Knife. When I can’t carry it on my belt it’s usually not far away, waiting quietly in my EDC backpack.

BONUS TIP – For a super cheap – last ditch blade, take some heavy duty – duct tape to secure a standard – old school razor blade (with cardboard blade protector) to the inside of your wallet – or even – the inside your shoe under the insole…

But whatever you do, don’t forget about your EDC blades when entering weapon-free buildings or going through TSA check points… like I did one day with my Leatherman Wave – that almost cost me my tool and missing my flight.

Well, there you have it… a 5 Tier Approach to Everyday carry to ensure that you have a survival cutting tool on you at all times.

Thanks for hanging out… like, comment and share this post with others you think it will help – and remember – Be Prepared… Because You Never Know!

27 Responses to “5 Knives Everyday Carry Knives – No Man Should Be Without”

  • Ed Brooks

    Hello David, Karin and the UST Team. I trust everyone is well?

    You have kept your fans waiting with baited breath; Do you have a date in April for the MSK-1 release?

    Thank you all, God Bless!

    • Carin

      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! We are looking to get the launch ready by the end of April!

  • arizona j coleman

    “the best survival knife is the one you have on you” is not a very accurate methodology and really, lulls people into a false sense of security because it does nothing to encourage preparedness and thinking ahead. i could be stuck out in the woods with a $12 chinese novelty knife with a 420j2 blade and a weak lock. is that the best one? can you really trust your life on it? of course not! it would be worse than a pressure flaked knife blade.

    people need to weigh the options, study and practice survival strategies, think about what could (reasonably) happen in the environment they’re in/plan to go in/could possibly (and logically) find themselves in and plan accordingly.

    my tier 1 blade goes straight to the folder; it being the cold steel pocket bushman. is it THE best? i know it’s not, but with how it’s constructed and what lock it has, it’s a lot better than most at its price. not only do i have that, but it’s doubled up with the large voyager. as they say, two can become one and one can become none.

    i like the idea of a neck knife for a tier 2 and may throw that in my short term list of projects. i have a busted fragment of an old crosscut saw and near the teeth it’s 1/8 inch thick which would be about perfect for a “necker”.

    my primary will end up being a 5 inch spear point seax. all i have left is to heat treat, carve a handle, and stitch up a sheath for it. i anticipate having it done in the next few days; providing nothing gets in the way.

    i like how you expounded on the opening statement and made it less obscure. then again, i’d expect nothing less from you and it’s why i subbed to your channel. stay prepared!

    • Carin

      Helpful feedback! Thanks!

  • I am age 67, and a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70–Helicopter door gunner, and also write a humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. I have a modest knife collection and also teach good people how to accurately throw tomahawks and knives. I really like my Cold Steel knives which I think give a guy the most bang for the buck. But I enjoyed and benefited from reading this fine article and consider myself open-minded. I also like Buck knives and the Ka-Bar. —Tommy

  • David Huffman

    Great knife info. I sharpen & repair knives & straight razors. Many are finding buying a straight to shave with saves them LOT’S of money in the long run. I use a a 150 year old straight as my daily shaver & I paid $3.00 for it at a flea market. Just makes sense to me as does what you are doing with survival gear.

  • Ken Kissane

    At work I always have a Victorinox Centurian and a Schrade first responder ( chisel point ) in my pocket . In my bag is a cold steel pocket bushman .
    I learned the checkpoint lesson the hard way when I forgot the credit card knife was in my wallet and had to go into the Queens courthouse . I happily surrendered it to the court officer 😉

  • Kevin Ortiz

    Without even realizing it I almost have this same system in place. Even without a neck knife I have rarely been in a situation that i did not have a blade handy. Great info for anyone with preparedness in mind. Can’t wait for the release of your MSK’s.

  • Calvin Anthony

    This really helps, thank you so much David! When are you thinking of putting the msk up on kickstart? I have been looking forward to that knife since it was posten on YouTube.

    • Carin

      So, we’re saying by the end of April on the MSK-1 – thanks for your enthusiasm!

  • Tracy

    I agree, the best knife it the one you have on you when you need it. My EDC is my Benchmade AFO I was issued in ’03, I’ve carried it for so long now I feel naked without it + my primary is my old M9. Oh, and also my Supertool.

  • Michael

    I always enjoy reading the articles on this site. I feel that a boot knife is worth a mention. Sometimes it isn’t possible to wear a knife that is visible other than a multi-tool or folding knife in a sheath. This is often the case for people in uniform. I found that CRKT’s Stiff K.I.S.S worked well attached to the velcro side straps on under shirt body armour in place of a neck knife. A knife such as Cold Steel’s Kobun or something similar works well tucked inside a taller pair of boots as worn by many people in Law Enforcement or the military. Personally I carried the Kobun and few others such as Aitor’s Botero and other similar daggers. Many knives that have sheaths clipped for inside the waistband carry sit comfortably in a boot. My only caveat would be to try it first and make sure it doesn’t interfere with the full range of foot movement.

  • Awwww, no Schrades? I love my Schrade knives, they are easy on the wallet and strong enough to get the work done. Are women that rare in the survival circles? I feel like the albino moose here….yeah I’m a woman and I love survival stuff.

  • James

    I’ll likely carry msk1 and mini..JUST AS SOON AS IT COMES IN THE MAIL.. I’m excited..

  • Carl Ercoli

    Sir. I can not. Sing up Kickstarer I want to order MSK knife and neck with duel sheithes heed help. Thank You!!!!!,

  • would like to purchase the msk-1 knive can you tell me where thank you godspeed

  • Emil

    Is the msk mini neck knife for sale allready

  • Mike Brassfield

    Travel tip: If you travel alkt and have forgot your EDC, go to the USPO and get a prepaid home addressed padded envelope and put it in your carry on. If you are in the airport and discover the blade, seal it up and ask the kind lady at the paper stand to drop it in the mail. It worked for me. A priority pack works.

  • daniel

    I am saving up for an msk1 because I need a better scouting knife you guys should definately buy one it might be expensiv but it is way worth it

  • Barry lambert

    When does my msk-1 come my way? Barrylambert42atgmail.com can’t wait😃

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