Ticks on the Loose! 7 Ways to Prevent Tick Bites

Having lived in the woods (in a tick infested area) for up to 40 days – and not getting any tick bites… Here are 7 things YOU Can Do to Reduce Your Risk of getting a tick bite…

1 – Double Treat ALL of your outer clothing (and your boots / shoes) with Sawyer Permethrin – When used properly on clothing – Ticks often just die when they come in contact with clothing treated with this stuff (I watched it happen a few days ago – it was awesome). Sawyer Permethrin is lethal to ticks (and lasts through many washings of your clothes) yet it is safe for humans if applied according to the instructions – Here’s a link: http://tinyurl.com/Permethrin-UST

2 – Wear a hat treated with Permethrin – Ticks will often drop out of tree onto your head. If your head is covered with a Permethrin treated hat – this reduces your risk.

3 – Wear a long sleeve shirt (even a thin one) treated with Permethrin. The idea here is to keep as much of your skin covered as possible.

4 – Tuck in your shirt – this keeps ticks from getting at your skin by crawling up under your shirt.

5 – Tuck your pants into your boots or into your socks (if you have low-cut shoes or boots). This can keep ticks from crawling up your boots, onto your legs. You can also use military style boot blouses (my favorite solution). Here is a link: http://tinyurl.com/Boot-Elastic

6 – Wear a Permethrin treated neckerchief or Buff Headwear around your neck. I wear the Buff “Duck Blind” camo. This will help to keep ticks from getting inside your shirt from the top. http://tinyurl.com/Buff-Headware

7 – Use common sense. Stay clear of… or move quickly through areas that are known to be tick infested.

The bottom line – Minimize skin exposure. Close up all areas ticks can get to your skin. Treat clothes properly with Permethrin.

Hope this helps! ~David


7 Responses to “Ticks on the Loose! 7 Ways to Prevent Tick Bites”

  • Kregg

    Just got back from my hunting propery, used Permethrin for the first time, the stuff is the great. Saw one large tick on my pants and it was a paralized instantly.

    Worth every penny!!!

  • Mark

    To save a bundle, go to a farm supply store and look in the area for horse care and buy the liquid concentrate of permethrin. Same stuff better price. I have a farm with a lot of ticks and I treat all my work clothes by soaking then hang dry, every time I go out I spritz my boots and pants, haven’t had a tick in 10 years. Safe to spray on dogs as well, mine goes out in the fields and woods with me all the time and never gets ticks. Follow directions on bottle, the one I buy you mix one ounce with a quart of water put in spray bottle.
    Best of luck,

  • Mike Anderson

    lots of flea and tick products for dogs are permethrin.

    Don’t use it on cats thought, it can kill them. They are very sensitive to permethrin.

  • Andy

    Note that ticks do not drop out of trees. That is a myth.

    • Albert G.

      Andy, it’s not a myth. I cut grass with a zero turn mower and every time I hit the tress with the role bar I have to stop and get them off my cloths. So tick do fall off trees.

  • ykcul

    what do you mean by “Double Treat”? treat twice or treat with double the recommended amount of permethrin in one treatment?

    • Carin

      Hi there! Treat once, let it dry and then treat a second time.

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