DIY – 14 lb – Bug Out Bag – Survival Kit – Get Home Bag


Everyone needs a versatile, portable Bug Out Bag to throw in a vehicle, everyday carry or grab to “get out of Dodge” on a moments notice.

So after months of testing and research, I came up with this base Bug Out Bag kit that you can assemble and customize to meet your needs.

It’s only 14 lbs (or 6.3kg) and contains the core gear that can form the essential foundation of any bug out bag you build… and should help you get through a 72 hour crisis with ease.

Here’s What’s in this Kit (click each item for more info):

UTG Tactical Messenger Sling Bag

Tactical Sunglasses

Kleen Kanteen 40 oz. Single Walled Water Container

Coast HX5 130 Lumen Focusing Flashlight

Sabre Pepper Gel

Leather Work Gloves

Shemagh Tactical Scarf

GSI Stainless Steel Cup

Scouring Pad

SOL Escape Breathable Bivy

MSR Dromedary Hydration Bag – 4 liter

SOL 2 – Man Emergency Bivy

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

55 Gallon 3mil Trash Bags

42 Gallon 3 mil Trash Bags

Mora Companion Knife

Best Glide Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit

Duct Tape

Schrade Compact Pocket Carry Diamond Sharpener

MRE – Meals Ready to Eat

Kind Bars

Earl Grey Tea

Titan Type III Paracord

Monocular 10x Tasco

Regular Bandana

Survival Bandana

Coleman Biowipes – 30 Count

Bear Grylls Headlamp

Silky Pocket Boy Folding Saw

Silva Compass

Sharpie Fine Marker

Esse Navigation Cards

Compass Holder Neck Lanyard

Neck Lanyard ID and Money Holder

Pistol Sock

Pocket Preditor Slingshot

.38 Caliber Slingshot Ammo


Condor Urban Go Bag – Backpack

Snugpak Stratosphere One Person Breathable Bivy

Snugpak Jungle Bag

David’s Personal Outdoor Gear (from this video):

Cool Guide Hat

Tactical Jacket

Rough / Tough Pants

Gore-Tex 9″ ICS Waterproof Boots

25 Responses to “DIY – 14 lb – Bug Out Bag – Survival Kit – Get Home Bag”

  • Ray

    For a headlamp nothing beats the Black Diamond Strom!

    • Aaron

      have you considered the Black Diamond spot for slightly smaller and less expensive option?

  • Unbound

    First aid wound cleanser?

  • Matt O

    I like it .What other sling bags are good ? For people that have pacemaker’s.

    • Carin

      David: Maxpedition slingbags are great too, but a bit more pricey.

  • Caleb

    Black Diamond headlamps are great we have a couple and they rock!

  • Caleb S.

    Also, check out Life Gear – they have some good flashlights too including a headlamp.

  • Troy

    An alternative to the headlamp is a ball cap with panther vision LEDs. I use this untying, and serves 2 purposes.
    Several stores carry them from Dick’ Sporting Goods to Lowes..

  • Doug Linn

    An alternate is the sling pack like maxpedtion sitka or Kodiak, slightly bigger and roomier and few more attachment options. More expensive too.

  • Fredrick

    Your awesome

  • Josiah
    Is my personal favorite headlamp. would agree. 🙂

  • Love Impact Protection Barrier

    Now I just wanna know why these items and when to use them?

  • I like it .What other sling bags are good ? For people that have pacemaker’s.

  • Acropolis

    If this is a GHB, short duration, why the 2 bivys & slingshot & ammo. Not likely to need to hunt in the short run, especially given all the food ur carrying. I think ur lack of a first aid kit/ trauma kit is a major omission, in both rural & urban scenario. Same re lack of siltarp poncho, extra socks and water filter with the ability to filter some common chemicals, e.g. Pesticides. Also, is their a fire kit in the small survival kit? If not u need two mini bic lighters, some storm matches/ striker, fero tod and tinder tabs. A good multi tool should also be carried. Finally, have u walked either a good distance and/ or over broken ground with that heavy sling bag? Try it. I’m guessing that ur back will hurt in short order being that unbalanced. Get a small backpack. I do not mean to be hyper critical. You’ ve made a good start. Keep refining.

    • Carin

      David: Thanks for the suggestions/comment. Unfortunately in the limitation of words and space on the website there are several things that were included in the original video of this kit that were key to your comments which we had to cut for this article. For a better reference point, watch the full video. That being said, you have some valid points and my objective with these kits is to inspire others to build their own and come up with their own creative ideas that will best serve their own personal situation, needs and references. I think I have accomplished this goal with you! I encourage you to keep critically thinking and working towards being prepared..because you never know! Thanks! ~David

  • Kevin

    love it… where did you get the camo pocket new testament?

  • Alfred

    Hi guys! Exellents tips to survival kits.


    I built this bag using most of what’s listed here. I passed on the Snugpak Jungle Bag, but did get 2 of the Snugpak Jungle Blanket.
    I found the UTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag, to be better and cheaper than the Maxpedition.
    Thanks for posting this.

  • Lot of stuff in there nice ..

  • Walker

    You said you were looking for another head lamp go for the black diamond storm it has long run Time super bright and all around a good flashlight

  • vocalpatriot

    The next ding dong that tries to sell me a “shemagh”
    AKA: kerchief is just going to tick me off!!!

  • John Gault

    Great video lots of information thank you

  • David, I have .22 cal. rifles, but no .22 cal. pistol. If I were to purchase “one” .22 cal. pistol for “SHTF”, which one should I buuy?

    I also live in Pa. not lucky enough to live in the Endless Mountains.

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