EDC Survival Water & Filter Kit That Could Save Your Life

Everyone Agrees, Water is Critical for Survival!

So how can you be better prepared to collect, carry and filter enough water to keep you alive if disaster strikes? Here’s the solution… a rugged and affordable, water and filtration kit that you can take with you wherever you go.

Here’s What You’ll Need for Your Survival Water Kit:

  1. A 40-Ounce Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  2. A GSI Outdoors Stainless Steel Cup / Pot
  3. A Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System
  4. A MOLLE Compatible 4 inch by 10 inch Water Pouch
  5. And a Few Optional Items that We’ll Talk about in a Minute


Our Canteen…

First… this 40 Ounce Klean Kanteen is designed to carry well over a liter of drinking water and because it is made of single walled stainless steel… it can be used to boil water for meals AND purify water in a pinch… something you can’t do with a plastic water bottle, hydration bladder or with double- walled thermos type steel bottles or cups found in most retail stores.

Our Cup…

Next the GSI Stainless steel cup holds a hearty 20 ounces (which is over half liter). It has flip out handles, and is perfect for drinking, boiling water or making stew… And

It’s sized perfectly to fit our canteen.

AND check this out…these two water containers are sized perfectly to fit in our water pouch… (I’m using my Condor pouch here although Maxpedition makes one as well).

So we get over a liter and a half of water-holding capacity and the ability to cook and boil water with these two items…

Our Water Filter…

Next… our water pouch has a nice sized zipper pocket in the front that is just the right size to fit a Sawyer – Mini Water Filtration System… which includes… the mini filter, straw, backwash syringe AND a 16 ounce bladder (WHICH increases your water carrying capacity in this kit to over 2 liters).

This Sawyer filter is ridiculously affordable at between $20 and $30 US… and is designed to filter up to 100,000 gallons of freshwater from lakes, rivers and streams and remove harmful bacteria, protozoa and cysts.

This filtration system can be used in various ways by filling the bladder with unfiltered water and squeezing it into your canteen or cup.

It can be used as a filtration straw allowing you to drink directly from your water source, cup or bottle… and it can even be used inline with a hydration bladder.

Bonus Tip

To increase the versatility of this kit… we added a lighter, and Exotac FireRod with a cotton ball in the water-tight tinder container and a mini-LED flashlight.

You can also fit a small neck or folding knife in the front pocket… like this cool little guy that I picked up from Freeman Outdoor Gear. Use the back side for a firesteel striker and the blade for basic survival, camp or bushcraft cutting tasks…

Once your pouch is loaded up and ready to go… the rear MOLLE straps and webbing make it easy to attach the kit to your belt, bug out bag or day pack. You can even tie a piece of paracord on the side D loops and make a shoulder sling.

There you have it… a modular, survival water kit that could save you life – for less than the cost of most good water filters alone.


15 Responses to “EDC Survival Water & Filter Kit That Could Save Your Life”

  • Tim

    I really like this set up for water I’ve set up a few others myself and was looking at doing one very similar to this one. About a week ago I called the Klean company and asked them a few questions because the guy at the store selling kanteens had no idea if you could boil water in them.

    So I called the company now my phone call to the company was a call left a message on a machine he called me back I couldn’t get to phone in time but he left a message.

    The big question I ask was if you could boil water in them since they are stainless the responce I got was only if they are wide mouth bottles and single wall the other thing he said was if it were in a pinch. I don’t know what that really means is it a one time thing should I not do it on a regular bases I would really like some clarification. Maybe I need to call again but if you know answer it would help. I do love watching your videos keep up the good work.

    Remember be nice now (LOL)

    • Carin

      David: Hey Tim, It seems like Klean Kanteen in their “safe” kind of way, confirmed what we know – which is that you can boil water in the wide mouth canteens as long as they are single-walled and in a pinch… Which is exactly what we are talking about here. So, in my experience and the experience of others I know, you can confidently boil water in these. I have not yet seen any degradation in the SS product at this point – and I’ve boiled water in mine several times.

      • Tim

        Sweeeeet thanks….

  • sandy

    I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I’d like to find a supplier of the 40 oz. single wall SS bottle and a 20 oz GSI cup. I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Someone should put together this set and sell it. I’d be the first customer, given that pricing would not be exorbitant.

  • Chi

    I’m getting the Bear Grylls Canteen as well as the Sawyer Mini Water filter. I was wondering if the filter will thread onto the canteen? I believe it’s a 28mm thread.

    • Carin

      David says he’s not sure, but recommends getting the filter anyway because they are great to have around.

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m in the process of building my bug out bag and this is great information.

  • Hunter

    great kit David, i think i’ll attach this and your food kit to an AR rifle bag and fit a Kodabow takedown crossbow in the bag for those longer shots

  • Ron Castro

    An affordable setup of this water system would be great for us over seventy-five urban citizens in need of proper gear.

  • Starla

    David, I am building a bug out bag for me and my family. I’m wondering what kind of life span does the sawyer mini filtration system have? I’m looking for something that has a very long life. Maybe a system for each individual?
    By the way, I watch your videos and have learned a great deal from you. Thank you!
    I purchased some of the items you reviewed and the Chief Aj slingbow is next on the list. However, I’m still not sure if the water filtration system mentioned is enough long-term, if needed, for a family of five in a survival situation. Help?

    • Carin

      Hi there! Sawyer is definitely one of the best and most affordable filters on the market. Here’s a link for a 4-pack special Amazon was running: http://tinyurl.com/o2vsxer (You have to choose the 4-pack in the size menu) They’re supposed to be good for 100,000 gallons. Remember, above all, do not let your water filters ever freeze! Thanks for your encouragement and happy bag building!

  • Mark j

    Can’t seem to locate ” this cool little guy ” knife on link 404 error page or freeman outdoor gear website…was it a one off prototype ?

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