NEW! Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife Review

BG Ultimate Pro Survival knife

Well I’m pretty jazzed to get this review of the NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife out to you after a few weeks of research, use and testing. So today I’ll dig in and look at this knife from just about every angle and see if this knife is garbage, good or anywhere close to great.

Okay… let’s jump in!!!

The Blade

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
Okay… Since a knife is only as good as it’s blade… let’s start here…

The Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Knife is made out of 9Cr19MoV high carbon, stainless steel which is a nice upgrade from the Original Knife that is made out of 7Cr17MoV.

9Cr19MoV falls somewhere between 440B and 440C stainless steel in chemical composition, toughness and edge-holding ability. When compared to the 7Cr17MoV steel used in the Original Ultimate Survival Knife… the PRO should be a bit tougher and hold an edge better.

Full Tang – Yay!

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
Now the big, huge difference between these knives is the full tang construction of the Ultimate PRO knife vs. the 3/4 tang design on the Original Ultimate Survival Knife.

Full tang means that the blade steel runs the full length of the knife from tip to butt.

Full tang construction is regarded by most experts as the strongest, most durable way to make a knife.

So to test the strength of this Ultimate PRO’s steel, tang and pommel I woke up one morning with a crazy new knife test in my brain…

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

I decided to pound the knife into a hardwood log with a sledge hammer to see what happens…

I’ll be honest with you… I thought this knife would take maybe 30 to 40 hits before something broke… I NEVER expected that I would have to whack it 72 times, and at different angles… before I couldn’t drive it into the log any further…

So, I think it’s safe to say this is a pretty tough tang and pommel upgrade.

Now… Let’s Talk More About the Blade…

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
The Ultimate PRO has a drop point blade… which simply means that the spine side of the blade curves down until it meets the tip of the blade.

Drop point blades are common for survival and general purpose utility knifes because they make for a strong tip and tough knife across the entire surface of the blade.

The Edge
The Ultimate PRO has a 100% fine edge blade… meaning no serrations. The Original Survival Knife comes in both a half serrated and fine edge version.

Serrations are great for cutting things like rope… and extending the usefulness of your knife long after the fine edge is quite dull.

But a serrated edge can get in the way of many bushcraft tasks and make fine slicing, cutting or skinning difficult. And damaged serrated edges can be tough to mend…

How Sharp Was My Knife?

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

My knife came quite sharp enough out of the box to shave hair off of the back of my hand and slice a long thin piece of plastic off of a ball point pen body… similar to the performance of a razor blade.

And properly stropping this blade should increase it’s sharpness even more.

To discover more about knife sharpening tools, tips and techniques – see my YouTube series called, “Knife Sharpening Bootcamp.”

In my testing I was surprised at how well this edge held up while performing many tasks and after some knife throwing and a bunch of drops on rocks and frozen soil.

Now as We Move Toward the Handle…
On the spine side there is a notched out, coating-free striker area for use as the fire steel striker.

On the edge side of the blade you’ll find a choil.

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

A choil is a cut-away area between the edge and the hand guard of a knife. This knife’s choil has enough space for my forefinger to wrap around for better leverage and control in fine cutting and slicing. If you do this, just be very careful.
But this choil’s true purpose is to allow the blade to be sharpened all the way to the end of the edge without interference of the handle or hand guard.

Whistle for Your Life!

BG Ultimatre Pro Survival knife

The Ultimate PRO Knife comes with a newly designed emergency whistle that seems more durable than the previous one is quite loud and comes attached to the knife with it’s integrated lanyard.

The Pommel

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
Now the pommel is both pinned and welded to the tang for extra strength.
I can confidently say… you should not have any issues with THIS pommel or tang even in hard-use situations.

The Handle

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
The handle is made up of the knife tang and what seem to be two rugged polymer slabs that are secured to the knife using these 4 star or torque bolts and two permanent metal insets that are inside the two lashing holes at the top of the grip.

Handle Comfort and Balance
Most of the polymer handle is covered over with what feels like the same, rubberized grippy material that’s used on just about every other knife and tool in this line.
The only noticeable difference between this knife and the original version is the weight of the knife… which doesn’t feel heavy, but actually makes the knife feel a bit more substantial.
The knife balances well with the center of gravity in the area of the the forefinger handle cutout.

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

Lashing to a Pole

BG Ultimate Pro Survival knife

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
Now in addition to the lanyard hole, we have two additional holes on the hand guard that go through the handle slabs and tang that are strategically placed to help you lash this knife onto a pole to make a spear. I lashed mine using paracord and was able to really lock mine on to the pole. See my video review on YouTube to see how I did it.

Sheath Lock

The lashing holes also serve another important task as part of the friction lock system that holds the knife in its sheath. These holes perfectly align with 4 raised bumps (two on each side) toward the top of sheath that work together to firmly lock the knife in the sheath when it’s not in use.

The Sheath

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
And like the previous version of this knife, we have a handle strap with a Velcro-like closure system to keep the knife tight against the sheath when not in use.
The sheath is designed for left or right-hand carry and has a hole in the bottom of the knife compartment to allow water to drain through if you go for a swim or end up out in a storm with this knife.

The Pocket Survival Guide

BG survival-guide
The Survival Guide is waterproof and out of the all the pocket guides that I have seen to date… this one is the best in my opinion because it not only talks about, but actually SHOWS you how to improvise vital, life-saving stuff like: making a shelter, building a fire, navigating without a compass, collecting water and building a solar still, catching small game with snares and traps and signaling for help.

Belt Loop
On the back of the ballistic nylon upper part of this sheath there is a nylon vertical belt loop that should work well with belts up to 2 inches wide.

Not MOLLE Compatible
Now, I did notice that there are no horizontal MOLLE compatible strap sections like Gerber had on the back of the previous version of this sheath…So if you want to attach this sheath to some MOLLE webbing… you’ll have to get creative.

The Sharpener

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
Next, let’s look at the carbide bladed pull-through sharpener, which is a better field sharpening solution than the diamond stone sharpener that is on the Original Ultimate Knife sheath… simply because sharpening your knife with this sharpener is easy for anyone, regardless of skill level.
The cool thing about this pull sharpener, is that it’s designed to perfectly sharpen the entire fine edge of this knife because of the spacing the choil provides between the hand guard and the edge.
For some tips on using the sharpener for your knife, and a full demonstration, check out my full review on YouTube by searching, “Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife Review”.

The Fire Starter

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
Last but not least, on the front of this sheath you will find a cleverly stored ferro rod, which is positioned right side up… instead of upside down (like on the Original version).
This change alone should about ensure that your ferro rod doesn’t accidentally fall out of the sheath and get lost in the wilderness, which COULD happen in the previous version of this sheath.

Starting a Fire

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife
The ferrocerium used in this rod seems to be pretty high quality, so starting a fire with it was really easy.

How Did We Rate the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife?

BG Ultimate Pro Survival Knife

So we rate the NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife at 4 out of 5 Stars. Gerber really stepped up to the plate and took their best selling knife, beefed it up and improved it dramatically in just about every area… by upgrading the steel, going with full tang construction, providing a better field sharpening solution, improving the storage of the pocket survival guide and fire starter rod and a bunch of other thoughtful design upgrades…

WE TOOK OFF A FULL STAR because to make all of these upgrades, the street price of the knife went from sub $40 US up to around $70 US.

So the pricing has forced the Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO up into a more competitive price and performance category where it now has to contend with some heavy hitters in the survival / general purpose utility knife world like the Ka-Bar BK-2, the Cold Steel SRK the SOG Seal Team Elite and It’s Older Brother the Gerber LMF II… to name a few.

And honestly, in the competitive category for survival knives… a 4 out of 5 star rating is pretty darn good.
And to be fair to the Ultimate PRO Knife… it is the on the lower end of the price spectrum for knives in the $60 to $100 US price range… AND this knife really did perform well in our tests.

Plus it’s also important to consider that the Ultimate Pro Knife is more of a survival package deal with the integrated field sharpener, lanyard whistle, a good quality fire steel rod, and having the best pocket survival guide that we’ve seen to date integrated into the sheath.

But if I compare this knife package to the Original Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife there is NO comparison… the Ultimate PRO Kicks it’s butt in every way.

SO if you like your current Bear Grylls Utimate Survival Knife… You’re gonna LOVE the NEW Ultimate PRO!!!

So Who is the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife for?
With its steel upgrade, full tang construction and all the goodies that come with it… this knife is a great choice for those who are ready to upgrade from the Original Bear Grylls Survival Knife. It’s a great choice for camping, backpacking, hiking, bug-out bags, emergency kits, responsible scouts, for bushcraft or as very nice general utility knife around the home or shop to use every day or have handy just in case.


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  • Eric

    Thank you for doing such detailed reviews! I was wondering, does the Ultimate Pro Knife fit into the old Ultimate sheath?

    • Carin

      David says the knives and sheaths are not compatible – we tried. The new knife won’t even go into the old sheath…

  • Carter

    Do a review on the bear grylls parang it’s confusing that they have new and old parangs and some are recalled some are not and if its worth getting for the price. Also it would help tremendously if you show all the relase dates for the bear grylls line. thank you.

    • Tayson

      Yea I agree, a list of some form with the release dates of David’s videos would be great and very convenient… but if not, that’s fine because of the amazing vids he produces anyways

  • Sam

    In Australia the original ultimate survival
    Knife is $80!!

  • UltimateGerberBGfan

    You’re reviews are ULTIMATELY THE BEST AND AWESOMEST reviews EVER!!!!!!!!

  • UltimateGerberBGfan


  • Carter

    The new knife off gerber is $105.00 US you said it would be realeased of gerber for $70.00 US is their something that brought the price up? Thank you for the excellent review of the new BG ultmate pro knife, please do more reviews of gerber gear.

    • Carin

      Hey, Carter – This is Carin dictating for David…he says the $105 is Gerber’s list price but that wouldn’t be the street price. His references were on Amazon US prices – all the links in the article go there. Glad you enjoyed the review. Take care.

      • Carter

        Thank you for letting me know carin.

  • Harshvardhan

    Hi David & Carin,
    Let’s just say if a person was to choose between Gerber LMF II & this knife, which knife would you prefer? I think the main concern is 420HC vs 9Cr19Mov, full tang vs 3/4 tang, sharp pummel vs flat pummel and last but not least sheath difference i.e. accessories capacity. Both are coming at about same street price. LMF II is cheaper but it is old whereas BG ultimate pro is new but costlier. But both have one thing ‘THE AWESOMENESS’!

    I can’t wait to see your reply comment on this.

    • Carin

      Hello again…David says that is one tough question! He would probably choose the LMFII…and pointed out that the LMFII has some serration to the blade which can be a help in some bushcraft situations, but the full straight edge can be nice for doing more delicate things up near the handle, like peeling an apple. We were just driving in the car when I posed your question, so I didn’t have all your details handy, but that’s what he said in answer to which he’d choose if going on a trek…

      • Harshvardhan

        Really got you thinking there didn’t I!


  • Marshall

    I can’t find it in Vancouver, I can only find the other Gerber survival knives, anyone can tell me where to get it?

  • Diego

    Im from Europe and Im confused because I cant find the blade on only on and I cant afford the shipping price. Is it even out in Europe?

    • Carin

      David says he believes it should be available in Europe by now. Check major outdoor retailer if not available on…If you can’t find it, the reason would be noone is stocking it yet.

  • Rick

    That is one of the better, and most comprehensive reviews I’ve seen, on any product. Well done!

  • Noah

    I love your reviews. They are helpful.

  • Con

    Hi David, im about to purchase a survival knife. i’ve been watching all the videos u review on and i’m between gerber ultimate pro and the lmf II.i’ll be using it for bushcraft,rope cutting,sailing, and more. can u advise me of which to buy? Thanks in advance

    • Carin

      David: I’d go with the Pro, which is better for bushcraft with its non-serrated blade, plus you get all the survival goodies with it. (Esp. if you’re a Bear Grylls fan)

  • Con

    Thanks for the reply, gerber ultimate pro it is then. Keep on the good work.

  • George

    Do a review on the parang

  • david

    why couldn’t they have made the fire starter and whistle a one piece unit? ie the whistle, part of the firestarter handle and get rid of the annoying lanyard dangling around all of the time.

  • Noah Mumford

    Hello David i hope you are having a great day. I am wondering if it is possible to remove the plastic knife handle off the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival knife without breaking it and leave it bare metal, (no pun inteneded but still funny) so i can wrap paracord around the handle and still put the plastic handle back on after taking the paracord off, without having to get another knife. I am always looking for a knife i can put Mil-Spec 550 paracord around. I have heard about the Gerber Bear Grylls Paracod Fixed Blade Knife, but i want to know about this one, thank you in advance and have a great day.

    • Hi Noah. No the BG Pro Knife is not designed for the handles to come off. To get them off you will have to ruin them. There are 2 metal grommets on the handle bolsters that are permanently attached. You will have to trash them to get the handle slabs off. So, basically no. Also, removing the handle slabs with eliminate your ability to use the knife sheath since the handles hold the knife in the sheath via friction. Sorry. If you want a paracord handle, you should look for a different knife. Hope this helps! ~David

    • And… Yes, if you want a paracord BG knife… go with the BG Paracord knife. I have reviewed it. It’s a fine knife for the price.

  • Magur

    Hi David !! We are really interested of ultimate pro knife and wish to get it in Russia ! How can we do it ? And is there the way to get it ?
    Thank you for any kind of answer !
    Magur and son
    Best regards

    • Hi Magur,
      Thanks for the comment. We don’t manufacture or sell the BG Pro knife. Maybe the Guys at Gerber Gear dot com can help you. Give them a shout out. Have a great day!

  • jakob

    Hey David,
    thanks for that cool video. Now i know how much i can push that knife!

  • Jim P

    I upgraded to the BG UP from its predecessor. Overall I’m plenty happy enuf with this knife to have it strapped to my hiking pack. But, that said:
    As you commented re, I was disappointed that Gerber removed the molle loops from the sheath for this knife. So, with a bit of time and modest effort I added my own. I was VERY disappointed in the very limited (really crappy IMHO) belt loop: way too tight and should have been 2.5 inches vs. the 2 that it is. I also disliked the orange “highlights” of both the sheath, the knife guard, and “BG on the knife handle. But for Mr. Grylls initials, I made short work of the orange with some Krylon ultra-flat back camo paint intended for plastyic surfaces. Now I don’t look like a bill board as I walk down the trail. Yup, did pass these comments onto Gerber. Maybe in the knife’s next incarnation, they will incorporate some of my suggestions.

    My bottom line: I DO recommend this knife so long as the buyer is aware of its cosmetic issues and the lack of molles.

  • Noah

    What angle is the blade sharpened at.

    • Carin

      David: You will want to contact Gerber. They usually sharpen knives with 5-degree tolerances but the exact angle, I do not know.

  • Hubert Fortin

    Bonjours, je voudrais vous remerciez pour vos vidéos sur la survie.Ils m’on beaucoup aider:)!!!

  • Milo Soto

    David, your reviews are great and very helpful. All your videos have helped me and my little brother become more educated in survival techniques. Thanks to your review I’ve decided to get The Bear Grylls ultimate pro knife. By the way I’m 14 And my brother is 9 so you have viewers in all age ranges. Thank you again

  • Joe

    Hi there! Great review!

    Can you please elaborate bacause I think I’m lost with your explaination on why you removed a full star on its rating. You said that the reason why you removed a star was because the price increase puts it in the price range of the higher-end survival/outdoor knives. Does this means that this knife cannot compare or can not be on par with these ‘heavy-hitters’?

    And my comment on the color and design of the handle, I think the reason why they made it to have such bright colors as orange was because in a survival situation (unless you’re in combat and behind enemy lines) you want to be seen right? Maybe the real issue was the big ‘BG’ logo.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Carin

      David: Good comments about the color. BG is generally entry level, with the Pro Knife being the higher end of the entry level. It starts to come close to the more stoutly built bushcraft and survival knives.

  • Nick

    If I buy this knife from Amazon,will I take it new, in its box?
    Please someone answer, because I want to buy it.

    • Carin

      If you go on Amazon and it says it’s a new knife, then it’s a new knife.

      • Nick

        Thanks very match!

  • Frank

    i have a hard time deciding what knife i want, well right now i’m stuck between the gerber ultimate pro survival knife and the gerber strong-arm. The gerber strong-arm is made out of 420hc stainless steel and i hear that it does no have good edge retention,The gerber ultimate pro survival knife has 9cr19mov stainless steel and according to your review it performed very well. Both are great looking knives. Oh by the way your reviews are the BEST.

    • Ittay Kohavi

      Stuck at the same place…


  • john kenton

    its ridiculous in England this knife is priced at £99
    that is equivalent to 154.56 US Dollar

    • Bruno MJ

      i saw one for £120!

    • Paul M

      I got this knife for £64 in UK from UK Outdoor Store

  • Bruno MJ

    Hay David! please can you do a revew on the prang (mabey the compact one as well!) Also can you do a test showing how durable the pocket gide is. that cold be pritty cool! Oh yeah and the grandfather knife would be AWSOME!
    thanks for the great revews! thanks for any reply!


  • ringu talo

    I’m looking forward to buy a survival knife but I am confused on gerber bear gryll ultimate pro and gerber strongarm.
    Please suggest me which one is better

    • I would personally go with the StrongArm. It’s the best of the best of all Gerber’s Survival blades.

    • If you had to choose one survival knife that is folding, what would it be?

      • I’m a scout about to earn the ability to use a knife so what would be a good folding knife and ferrocium rod

        • Carin

          Great job, Zachary! The possibilities are endless for folding knives. Maybe check out the Schrade, Uncle Henry or Old Timer brands. A Google search on the features you’re looking for would bring up many possibilities. David says one of the highest quality ferro-rods, USA-made is the Exotac Firerod. Check it out! Best of luck to you!

  • John

    I already have the Gerber Strongarm FE and it is a brilliant knife. It fills my survival and outdoor needs already, but I wanted to get a secondary knife (which I preferably would like to have with serrations). Should I get the BG Ultimate Pro or the Gerber Prodigy? I just cant decide
    Cheers, John

    • Carin

      Sorry for the lateness of a reply! David says Prodigy, hands down.

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