Survival / Prepper – Gifts for Gals: A Few of My Favorite Things

It has been a great year to grow in appreciation for some products that have made my life simpler, more healthy or more comfortable as I seek to be a good steward of what is around me and live resourcefully, always considering being prepared for what “might” transpire. If you happen to be looking for some gift ideas for a gal who might not be a hardcore survivalist, but just likes to be resourceful and as natural and simple about things as possible, here are a few of my own personal favorite things:

Essential oils

I had a friend who would travel around with a satchel of oils wherever she went and use them for just about anything! For skin wounds, infections, headaches and sicknesses of all kinds, in personal products for skin and hair and underarms(!), to massage sore joints more effectively, and the list just goes on and on. Once, she whipped this satchel out at my kitchen table and invited me to take a journey of fascination and discovery as I sniffed each oil and listened to her overviews. Her children, gathered around my table, enthusiastically affirmed their efficacy. Thus began my own wonderful research and trials of essential oils. Now I am the eccentric woman with my own carrying case of oils wherever I go!

Essential oils are super-concentrated, preferably steam-distilled, derivatives of a plant’s unique and extremely complex chemical characteristics. Some people use them simply for their fragrance-therapy value and others use them for their various medicinal properties. There are many oils that are antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, I had been studying herbs for awhile and it only made sense to me that a concentrate of each herb’s makeup would be an amazing asset to have around – and they don’t take up much space because you only use drops at a time!

I could do an entire article on essential oils, but for the purpose of this post, let me just encourage you to learn about this treasure trove of a resource for your family’s DIY healthcare. There are raging debates over which oils are best with some companies even sabotaging bloggers who support an oil brand that isn’t their own. I’m not gonna go there. I will tell you that I look for steam-distillation and organic and have not stuck to one brand exclusively. So far, so good.

Enjoy these links to some collections of oils and books to educate you further.


Neck knife

A neck knife is so handy and keeps your hands free! I have 3 different ones that I wear at any given time. One is more heavy duty, one is super small and the third just has the best blade for collecting herbs and is my personal favorite. I’ll share the links for these and a few others:


Solar Oven

I have only tried the GoSun thus far and hope to be putting up a full review of it sometime in the future. I was very impressed with the technology of the Go Sun but the size was a bit small for our needs. If they ever make a larger one, I will totally be getting it! I’ll share my first experience: I chopped up some potatoes, onions and garlic and tossed them with olive oil. Unfortunately it was November, the days were short and I didn’t get the oven out into the sun until after 1 pm. Where we live, sun goes outta sight by 3:30 in November. I had to move the oven about 4 times, because I was experiencing a busy day (or I would have just put it at the last point at the start!) but in my frenzy, I just kept running out to move it back into the sun when the shade creeped up onto the area where it had been. I was certain there was NO WAY those potatoes were gonna be even partially cooked. When the sun was gone for good, I brought the oven in and pulled out the tray….steaming hot, fully baked potatoes were in there!! I was amazed – and even more amazed when, at almost 9 that night, they were still steaming hot, just being left in the tube. Definitely impressive. This isn’t a tool I could pack in a bag, but a solar oven would be a very smart thing to have around in the event of an energy blitz.


Cast Iron

Cast Iron rocks! It’s the original nonstick pan, leeches healthful iron into your food, makes everything taste better and is so versatile you can cook with it just about anywhere. The only downside is its weight, but hey – that makes your pans double as weapons and muscle toners too! Like the solar oven, you wouldn’t put cast iron in a bug-out pack, but it is a wonderful mainstay for any off-the-grid experiences.



Bad hair days happen! That’s when you’ll find me in my Buff. Not to mention they are available in many different weights and patterns for various climates, purposes and fashion tastes. Buffs are seriously cool – They’re essentially a fabric tube but you can twist them and pull them into at least a dozen different styles for different applications or tastes. Check out this video to be amazed!



Whether bugging out, camping or homesteading, good gloves are a godsend. In the summer, I like a light, supple leather glove. In the winter, I like an insulated and supple glove. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like gloves on my hands, so I tend to be really picky about what I wear. Here’s a couple types I’ve been really comfortable in and not hesitant to put on.


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