How to Diagnose, Treat and Survive Hypothermia

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall… Hypothermia can kill you at any time of the year when your core body temperature dips below 95 degrees. Here is a VERY helpful Infographic to help you know the signs of, and treat hypothermia before it’s too late. Here’s a Link to THE Best Book on Maintaining Your Core Temperature and Surviving Hypothermia…

How to Diagnose and Survive Hypothermia

3 Responses to “How to Diagnose, Treat and Survive Hypothermia”

  • Oscar Rodriguez

    I am a trophy hunter which, for purpose of this article, means that I spend at least 12 hours up in a tree stand and all I can do is slowly get up and sit down in extremely cold weather. I am very good at regulating and maintaining my core temp above 95.
    But I was not aware of the proper placement for the chemical heat pads and for me, that made your article extremely valuable. Thank you!!!

  • Jim

    One item neglected that is an imperative: head covering. 10% of body heat can be lost thru the top of the head.

    — Jim, RN

    • Carin

      Great point! Thanks!

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