How To Harness Emergency Power From The Sun – On A Budget!

So what’s your back up plan if the grid goes down?  Do you have one??  HOW will you power your tech during a bug-out, or what if you go camping for a week away from electricity?  What will you do?

A_5-Anker-Solar-Power copyWell, at less than $60 US… the 15 ounce Anker PowerPort, 2-Port, Solar Panel System provides serious power to keep your USB charged devices going.

Use the PowerPort Solar Panel to charge phones, tablets, and other USB tech directly from the sun… or store energy for later use or cloudy days by adding the 20,000 mAh Anker PowerCore Ultra High Capacity power bank (which you can also charge via USB).

Then PowerBank stores enough Power to keep my iPhone6 running for a week.  But Best of all, the Anker PowerBank only runs about $40 US.  Add the PowerPort Solar Panel for around $60 and you have a nice, lightweight and powerful solar power system for about $100.

Anker Solar Panels:

Anker PowerCore:

How to Power 12V and AC DevicesDSC02599

For serious off grid, emergency, adventure and bug out power you’ll likely need something that will charge USB devices, AS WELL AS 12 volt and AC powered stuff or rechargeable devices like cameras, radios, or laptop computers.

Meet the KING of packable, portable solar power – the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 with Nomad 20 Solar Panel. Charge the SHERPA from the SUN, Wall or Car. Deliver power through USB, Laptop Port, AC Inverter or 12 volt port. And it’s cool that you can daisy Chain Any Goal Zero Solar Panels together for faster charging.

I’ve used this system for almost 2 years and it’s fantastic. The only down side is that this puppy will cost you $350 to $600 US depending on the options you choose. But if you want to power more than just USB devices when power is scare… I have NOT found any more reliable or efficient gear for the price than Goal Zero.

A_5-Anker-Solar-PoweBUnlimited USB Power for Less than $100

As mentioned above, for charging ONLY USB devices from the sun – check out the ANKER PowerPort Solar Panel and the ANKER PowerCore 20,000 mAh power bank – both can be had for around $100 US.

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