MSK-1 Knife Conquers Kickstarter – $197,693 Raised – 1317% Funded

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When I launched the MSK-1 (Multi-Scenario Knife) on Kickstarter – May 16th, 2016 – All I knew was that Jeff Freeman and I had poured everything we had (for TWO years) into designing, building and testing – what ended up being a very special, all-purpose, survival knife. Now it was time to release MSK-1 to the world… but I had no idea if anyone else would feel the same. So, if I am honest, I was a bit nervous as I clicked, “Post Campaign.”

Support Began Immediately

I posted the MSK-1 Campaign on Kickstarter at around 2:00 AM EST to make sure everything was working properly. To my surprise (as I was still working on the campaign content), people were starting to mysteriously find the MSK-1 and pledge. This was all before I had even told anyone it was live. That was the “ahh haa” moment when started to understand the power of crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter.

Since the Kickstarter launch on May 16, the outpouring of support and encouragement for this project had been humbling, sweet and more than just a little overwhelming.

Ultimate Survival Tips Knife – Crushes Kickstarter Goal

Our original goal was to raise $15,000 – which was met in less than two days. With the help and support of many, MSK-1 has now raised $197,693 and is 1317% funded. That’s nuts! It’s been crazy ride for sure.

MSK-1 is Available for PRE-ORDER Now

Having exceeded our goal, MSK-1 (and the MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife) are going into production. Even though the Kickstarter Campaign is over, you can still Pre-Order MSK-1 right now.

DISCOVER the “Rest of the Story” and Pre-Order MSK-1 Now – on Kickstarter…

See What Knife News Has to Say About MSK-1

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If you would like to be part of the team that is bringing MSK-1 to the world – you can pledge to this campaign starting as low as $2.

Thank you for your help and support!

Warmest Regards,

David Sig-150px small

Founder / Owner

Ultimate Survival Tips

19 Responses to “MSK-1 Knife Conquers Kickstarter – $197,693 Raised – 1317% Funded”

  • I cannot wait to get my hands on this bad boy! it sounds awesome! good work, man!

  • Tristain Beckel

    Just curious is the msk-1 closer to being available to the public or do you still have to go thru kick starter? Thanks

    • Carin

      Hi there! Yes, we are still using the follow-up platform to Kickstarter, called Backerkit, which is what comes up now when you access the Kickstarter page. We’re just walking this newness out one step at a time! Thanks for your interest!

  • Justin

    love your show David and really like the new knife. One big question for me is. Can it shop to Canada?

  • Are you still taking orders for the MSK-1 Survival knife? I went thru the whole order process and I never received a confirmation.. The order did not take.

  • Ataide Ayron Camilo

    Quero saber quanto custa em moeda Brasileira porfavo com o frete

    • Carin

      Hi there! 1 Brazilian Real = .31 US dollars. Just Google Brazilian currency -vs- dollar and plug in your numbers. Hope this helps!

  • vocalpatriot

    awesome blade….not for $500+ bucks though…YIKES!!!! what’re ya thinking?

  • Chris

    Hello I really like your Video and the knife. But can it also Shop to Austria?

    • Carin

      Thanks, Chris~ Yes, we are able to ship worldwide.

  • Randall Dillman

    Hi, I’M a Disable Veteran. I use to love to hick, to hunt, to fish and so on. But seeing your knife. I’M going to learn how to do all the stiff I use to do. I knife is going to help relearn all of this. I believe that I can. With the help of friends and family.vI’M going to do this.

  • Roy

    When will these be shipped when pre ordered?

    • If you pre-order today… likely shipping will be sometime in May.

  • Dennis Flu


    When it’s ordered and paid ….how long das it takes to be dilivered?

    Grt. Dennis (from the Netherlands)

  • Hi John,
    There is a link on the page. Can’t miss it. Click for all the details on pre-ordering the knife. Thank you.

  • dr m s munaula

    hi I have plased order for brown handled colour for msk1 but I want to changed into green colored handel of my msk1 survival knife . but the pledge page is locked down David and anyone can helped me for this changed . thanks

    • Carin

      Hi there! We are showing that your cancellation of the brown handled knife went through and your reorder of a knife with a green handle is all set.

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