MSK-1 Knife Conquers Kickstarter – $197,693 Raised – 1317% Funded

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When I launched the MSK-1 (Multi-Scenario Knife) on Kickstarter – May 16th, 2016 – All I knew was that Jeff Freeman and I had poured everything we had (for TWO years) into designing, building and testing – what ended up being a very special, all-purpose, survival knife. Now it was time to release MSK-1 to the world… but I had no idea if anyone else would feel the same. So, if I am honest, I was a bit nervous as I clicked, “Post Campaign.”

Support Began Immediately

I posted the MSK-1 Campaign on Kickstarter at around 2:00 AM EST to make sure everything was working properly. To my surprise (as I was still working on the campaign content), people were starting to mysteriously find the MSK-1 and pledge. This was all before I had even told anyone it was live. That was the “ahh haa” moment when started to understand the power of crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter.

Since the Kickstarter launch on May 16, the outpouring of support and encouragement for this project had been humbling, sweet and more than just a little overwhelming.

Ultimate Survival Tips Knife – Crushes Kickstarter Goal

Our original goal was to raise $15,000 – which was met in less than two days. With the help and support of many, MSK-1 has now raised $197,693 and is 1317% funded. That’s nuts! It’s been crazy ride for sure.

MSK-1 is Available for PRE-ORDER Now

Having exceeded our goal, MSK-1 (and the MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife) are going into production. Even though the Kickstarter Campaign is over, you can still Pre-Order MSK-1 right now.

DISCOVER the “Rest of the Story” and Pre-Order MSK-1 Now – on Kickstarter…

See What Knife News Has to Say About MSK-1

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If you would like to be part of the team that is bringing MSK-1 to the world – you can pledge to this campaign starting as low as $2.

Thank you for your help and support!

Warmest Regards,

David Sig-150px small

Founder / Owner

Ultimate Survival Tips

23 Responses to “MSK-1 Knife Conquers Kickstarter – $197,693 Raised – 1317% Funded”

  • I cannot wait to get my hands on this bad boy! it sounds awesome! good work, man!

  • Tristain Beckel

    Just curious is the msk-1 closer to being available to the public or do you still have to go thru kick starter? Thanks

    • Carin

      Hi there! Yes, we are still using the follow-up platform to Kickstarter, called Backerkit, which is what comes up now when you access the Kickstarter page. We’re just walking this newness out one step at a time! Thanks for your interest!

  • Justin

    love your show David and really like the new knife. One big question for me is. Can it shop to Canada?

  • Are you still taking orders for the MSK-1 Survival knife? I went thru the whole order process and I never received a confirmation.. The order did not take.

  • Ataide Ayron Camilo

    Quero saber quanto custa em moeda Brasileira porfavo com o frete

    • Carin

      Hi there! 1 Brazilian Real = .31 US dollars. Just Google Brazilian currency -vs- dollar and plug in your numbers. Hope this helps!

  • vocalpatriot

    awesome blade….not for $500+ bucks though…YIKES!!!! what’re ya thinking?

  • Chris

    Hello I really like your Video and the knife. But can it also Shop to Austria?

    • Carin

      Thanks, Chris~ Yes, we are able to ship worldwide.

  • Randall Dillman

    Hi, I’M a Disable Veteran. I use to love to hick, to hunt, to fish and so on. But seeing your knife. I’M going to learn how to do all the stiff I use to do. I knife is going to help relearn all of this. I believe that I can. With the help of friends and family.vI’M going to do this.

  • Roy

    When will these be shipped when pre ordered?

    • If you pre-order today… likely shipping will be sometime in May.

  • Dennis Flu


    When it’s ordered and paid ….how long das it takes to be dilivered?

    Grt. Dennis (from the Netherlands)

  • Hi John,
    There is a link on the page. Can’t miss it. Click for all the details on pre-ordering the knife. Thank you.

  • dr m s munaula

    hi I have plased order for brown handled colour for msk1 but I want to changed into green colored handel of my msk1 survival knife . but the pledge page is locked down David and anyone can helped me for this changed . thanks

    • Carin

      Hi there! We are showing that your cancellation of the brown handled knife went through and your reorder of a knife with a green handle is all set.

  • Max

    Hi!Can MSK-1 be available i Europ?

  • dipzki

    hi . im interested about this knife. this will be my first knife to be bought to start my collection. is it possible to be ordered from here(philippines). thanks! more power to you guys. you are a great team.

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