One Survival Knife You Should NEVER Leave Home Without…

So there I was, sitting at my desk. Suddenly my chair was rocking back and forth…

I initially thought that one of my buddies at work snuck up from behind and started rocking my chair. But when I looked around there was no one there. If fact, people were running for the doors to exit our office building. I finally realized that what I felt was an earthquake.

What makes this particularly unusual is that our office building is in the rural mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, not California as you might think.

What’s stranger is that the epicenter of the earthquake was 350 miles away.

We do live in strange times. It seems as though there are disasters everywhere.

At the time of my writing, just 2 weeks after our minor tremor, there is another natural disaster in my region.

Flooding, worse than in 1972. Malls submersed, cars floating down the river, thousands homeless, untold millions in damage. In Texas as I write there is an intense drought and wildfires are raging. It’s crazy!

Disaster can come in many forms like a thief breaking into your home in the middle of the night, a snow storm, hurricane, tornado, outdoor excursion gone bad or our economy going totally south.

I pray you never face a disaster head on, but chances are that you will at some point in your life.

There is an old English Proverb that says, “Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst.”

One simple and easy way to begin preparing for the unexpected is to invest in a reliable survival knife, and the Gerber Prodigy survival knife is a great place to start.


Made of 420HC stainless steel, the Gerber Prodigy knife is respected by those that use it just for fun as well as those who’s life may depend on it. Both Prodigy knives feature full tang construction, this means that it is one solid piece which makes it virtually impossible to break.


The handle is molded to the knife and then covered in a very grippy rubber that keeps it from slipping from your hand, even in wet weather conditions. Having a good grip is really important also because you don’t want to get blisters on your hand, drop it or get cut.

The knife is also well balanced so when it is in your hand it doesn’t fell heavy. Using it is a joy and it doesn’t cause fatigue.


Because ultimately a knife is only as good as it’s blade, one of the most important and impressive features of the Original Prodigy is the blade itself. It is a drop point style which mean that the blade is thicker across the spine and tapers off toward the blade. This style is known for it’s great strength across the entire blade and for holding an edge well.

The Gerber Prodigy Tanto bladed knife is equally strong with the extra piercing power of the pointed blade. This knife is best suited for tactical and military situations where hand to hand combat made be required. It looks cool too.

Both of these knives allow for peace of mind, during your outdoor adventure, and have a pile of features for the money.

With the precision, craftsmanship of Gerber, the Prodigy survival knife has additional features you won’t find in cheap blades. For example, both have a butt-end pommel for breaking glass or puncturing thicker materials. This could come in handy in an emergency if you need to extract yourself or someone else from a building or vehicle.

One of the most useful and well thought out features is the partially serrated blade toward the knife handle. This increases cutting and chopping power and speed dramatically. When you need to slice down a small tree or cut through difficult material fast you need a nicely crafted serrated edge like this one.


The Gerber Prodigy knife also comes with a military quality, ballistic nylon sheath that is designed to be attached to just about anything including: a belt, pack or MOLLE vest.

One leg strap also comes with the sheath so that the knife can be attached to your leg. Both versions are also MIRS compliant which means they meet certain military standards and can be purchased by the federal government.


Both knives are a nice size at around 9.5 inches total length with a 4.75 inch blade. They weight around 12.5 ounces with the sheath.


The cost varies between the original Prodigy and the tanto version, but not by much. They can be found online for around $50… and in retail stores for about $60.

Because of it’s smaller size, excellent craftsmanship, well thought out design, and versatility, the Gerber Prodigy is one blade you may want to keep around at all times – because you never know.


Find Your Best Price for a Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife on Amazon

12 Responses to “One Survival Knife You Should NEVER Leave Home Without…”

  • Eric

    Hi, I was wondering if the knives are compatible in each others sheaths? I really don’t like the prodigy tanto sheath.

  • jason smith

    just wondering but what do you do ? (for a living) i am interested in outdoors stuff too (i am 14) and i am trying to get a fixed blade i really love your Chanel and i bought the scout mine was a little dull but hey so would you recommend a hatchet or a tomahawk i can afford either as i save up a lot and FYI i am careful with knives so i m not going to break and laws any suggestions?

    • Carin

      Thanks for your patience – my wife moderates the site and she has to wait for me to get to replies sometimes. It’s good to hear you’re responsible with knives, sounds like you have good parents who are training you well! If you want a tool for a survival situation, I would recommend a hatchet rather than a tomahawk because a hatchet has a hammer end whereas a tomahawk is spikey – and frankly a little bit dangerous. I’ll be doing several hatchet and axe reviews this summer. If you have a FB account, that is the best way to get to me personally. Blessings, David

    • Declan

      Jason you should get the Bear Grylls survival knives, multi-tools and hatchet. I hope this is helpful

  • I personally look for survival knives that come with a finger guard else there’s a huge chance of getting cut by mistake and that’s the last thing you would want to happen when you’re out in the wild.

  • Just want to say that I love your “featured videos”, great quality for the info presented. I personally live the Gerber Prodigy as a choice for survival. I always go for full or at minimum half tang for survival knives. Also, I never opt for a folding unless its my EDC.

  • This is a great review, also the knives are great but.. I am inlove with my Kabar!

  • This is an amazing survival knives. Excellent choices, I have always been a fan of the survival blades because they are exceptional.Thanks for presenting the facts and helping me to get a clear understanding of what I should be thinking about and considering for my first survival knives purchase.Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • Beowulf

    Thanks for another great review if you could, David could you put up a review of the sog seal pup and drop me a link to it as soon as possible. I really enjoy all your work and the fact that you propose some great Christian messages. Thanks again. And I hpe and pray to see you on the other side

    • Carin

      Thanks for the kind words! David won’t be doing a review of the SOG Seal Pup anytime soon, so sorry about that! We are very busy in other directions at this time. Blessings!

  • Great survival knife and review. Everyone should have (if possible carry) a survival knife as this is a life-saving product. Also must know how to use them in different situation. Thanks for sharing these information and keep up the good work.

  • Hey!
    Thx for this great article.I am writing a blog about the best cooking knives in germany.Survival knifes are a very interesting topic too, but still not like in the UK. Its a shame, you are not allowed to have survival knifes here in germany, which has a longer knife blade, then your palm.I am sure, in case of emergency no one will take care of this law, but a good knife can always be helpful, not only in emergency case.

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