Finally… A Rugged, Made-in-the-USA, Paracord Spool Tool

Paracord Tool

Spool Envy…Satisfied!

I’ve gotten a TON of questions from folks who want to know where in the heck I got the red paracord spool that I have shown in my survival training and product review videos… and every time, I have had to tell them: “A Yard Sale”… Serious!!! That’s where I found it. And it was probably a repurposed kite string spool… at best. Yep, it’s pretty lame really.

SOOO… I have NOT been able to find a quality paracord spool that I can recommend… especially one that will survive the rigors of a SHTF or WCS event, let alone a weekend camping trip… UNTIL NOW!!!

The TricornE Paracord Spool Tool is the bushcrafter, survivalist and prepper’s dream come true. It keeps up to 100′ of 550 paracord neat and tidy in my pack, pocket or kit. It’s made out of an EXTRA thick polymer, so it’s lightweight yet super stout.

Practical Features

Paracord Spool Tool

Mine came with 100′ of OD Green 550 and a super quality Bic Brand mini lighter that fit’s perfectly in the specially designed holder that is part of the spool. A lighter is a necessary and convenient tool for closing up the end of your paracord after a cut. And having it “on board” is especially nifty! In a survival situation, of course, the lighter alone could save your life as it will make starting a fire a breeze… an added bonus!!!

Paracord Spool Tool Paracord Spool Tool

On the other side of the spool tool we have an inset paracord or general cordage cutter that is similar to a box cutter, but is recessed so that it only cuts when called into action. And the blade is a 100% user replaceable utility knife razor blade. How cool is that?

Paracord Spool Tool

So, whether working with a full piece of paracord, the outer casing or inner strands, a slight twist of the wrist and cutting motion with the hand is about all it takes to slice through cord using this on-board cutter… and all without having to let go of the spool – which comes in real handy. This alone saves time and frustration AND having to hold the spool in place with your knee or foot while getting the cord taut enough to cut through it with your knife. So this integrated blade is a very useful innovation!!!

Like Having an Extra Pair of Hands

Now… 8 perfectly formed paracord notch holder slots are provided just north of the top of the lighter – 4 on each side. Use one notch to hold your paracord end when not in use. These notches are also as good as an extra pair of hands when weaving your paracord creations. If you’ve ever done this, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, trust me, you will. Seems I can always use an extra pair of hands when working with paracord 🙂

Paracord Spool Tool

On the bottom of the tool, on one side… there is a larger hole for holding cord loosely, but close at hand, while creating. You can also add a lanyard here to keep your spool tool secure during travel. I would probably cry if I lost mine on the trail or in the woods. NO, I KNOW would cry!


Oh… and did I say the TricornE Paracord Spool Tool is made in the good ole’ US of A? Yep… don’t hear that very often anymore. Made in USA! I just like the way that sounds. And this tool passes the muster of what I would expect in design and craftsmanship from a tool that touts its USA origin.

Paracord Spool Tool

So… the bottom line is this: Everyone should get this tool – period!!! I AM serious. “Why?” You might ask. Well, because everyone NEEDS to have paracord in their bug out bag, emergency kit or survival kit. If you don’t know why, search “paracord basics” on Google and watch my video on the subject… you’ll be glad you did.

So, if you have read my ramblings to this point… you (or someone you love) likely needs this tool!!! Trust me on this one. Just get it… you’ll thank me later.

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For more paracord fun, check out the handy collection of paracord pictured above, which includes keyrings and bracelet clips for making your own bracelets and key fobs.

Also, this book in the photo is a treasure trove of ideas for even more paracord projects.


Enjoy! ~David


11 Responses to “Finally… A Rugged, Made-in-the-USA, Paracord Spool Tool”

  • CH

    I really like this tool, however the price point is way to high – $18.95 + shipping for the spool only. (Paracord and lighter not included.) Nice innovation, but there are plenty of cheap spools out there that do OK for virtually pennies.

  • Paullywood

    I may be blind, but I couldn’t find a link as to where I can purchase this. Could you please post a link in a comment or explain where one is in the article please?

    Thank you and God Bless!

    • Carin

      Thanks for the heads-up! Somehow the links I had put in had not come through, so I just redid them. Where it says the name of the tool in the article, there should now be a link. I’ll post it right here for you too: Blessings!~C

  • Richard Davies

    If $21 is too pricey for you, search Ebay for a paracord winder. You can find basic, no frills plastic winders there for about $2-3 (shipping included).

  • Roger

    I purchased two of these items (happy birthday, brother); but I wouldn’t buy anymore. Things I don’t like about it are that it only holds the mini lighters (though I’ve modified mine to hold standard size ones), the blade is nice to have but not very versatile like a regular knife or razor knife and a little hard to use with lots of cord around it, its a bit bulky in the hand with 100 foot of paracord wrapped around it, and finally a little over-priced. The things I like are that it’s made in the USA, and the plastic is quite sturdy in construction. I wish they had made it to wrap the cordage around the sides rather than the ends, less bulky feeling, and the blade on one end folding out like a locking pocket knife; also, a removable ferro rod on the other end, since if one of the retaining clips breaks then you’re SOL (no more lighter). What I use for a paracord holder is a 6″ long by 2″diameter plastic pill bottle which though not as sturdily built allows me to keep a fishing kit inside it, is water-tight, easily holds 50-foot of paracord around it, and if I need additional fishing line than my paracord is right there. I also keep paracord in two other places, because you almost can’t have too much! I don’t melt the end of the paracord as this can easily break off, a simple knot works better in my opinion!

    • Carin

      Great observations and suggestions! A real survivalist is an innovator…

  • Lindsay Ramsay

    Hi where can I get one from as I live in new zealand

  • theOncomingStorm

    it’s a great idea, but once can be made from 3/8’s oak or 1/4 inch plywood in the same shape as this, but make it a couple inches longer so you get a flatter bundle. to hold the lighter, carve a slot in the side, big enough to run the tail of a 1 1/2 inch hose clamp through. run the hose clamp tail through, reassemble the clamp and tighten it around the lighter, just enough to hold it snug. if you’re worried about the sharp edges of the clamp damaging the lighter case, wrap the contact area with a bit of hockey tape.

  • Joseph M Krushnowski

    I purchased my spool through
    I like the spool because it’s made in the US. However, with 100′ of paracord wrapped around it, it is somewhat bulky.
    The hole size for retaining the paracord is on the small size and the cord is extremely difficult to fit in. I had to enlarge the hole size by drilling with the necessary bit size to fit the cord which worked out well. Aside from the minor draw backs mentioned above the product is a great idea.

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