Stupid Things Like – Swim Trunks in the Snow & Gun Control

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Some Things Are Just Stupid… like swim trunks in the snow, telling your Mother-In-Law she’s fat or quacking like a duck in class. Further restricting Law-abiding, trustworthy and sane, U.S. Citizens from owning guns is about in the same category as these other stupid things… You’ll soon see what I mean.


Here are a few interesting cartoons and graphics that a friend sent to me, that simply and, at times, powerfully illustrate my point…



This is a very interesting statistic for me, because my life was once threatened by a crazy street kid who was armed with… you guessed it… with a hammer that was swinging toward my face with the intent of cracking my skull.



I think this one speaks for itself in light of the debacle that President Obama’s health care plan is in the U.S. as I publish this article.



If a picture is worth a thousand words… then this cartoon is worth 54,559,615 – the number of Abortions since Roe vs. Wade in 1973!



This one really hit me as to the insanity of further restricting gun ownership for those who are responsible, sane and law-abiding.



I’m not totally keen on terminology used in this graphic… or in the gun debate by many liberals and conservatives… as I think the word, “assault rifle” is a misused, misleading and a generally inaccurate term.

Using the term semi-automatic rifle would be more accurate…

Anyway, this graphic does make an interesting and neglected point… that the media at large has not much publicized.



Ummm… yeah!  Whether you are a liberal, conservative, gun lover, gun hater or indifferent… criminals don’t really care. If they think they can take your stuff, your children or your life and not get caught, they will.

Here’s the plain and simple truth.

Criminals will be able to get guns regardless of bans, confiscation etc… for a VERY long time. And if they know you are unprotected, regardless of your political stripes, you should know that truth… the probability that you, or someone you love, will become a victim of a violent crime, will rise dramatically.



The Second Amendment seems pretty clear to me…

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It didn’t take long to read and I didn’t even need a teleprompter. Haa, haa.

And just in case you didn’t remember the sworn oath of the President… here it is…

The oath to be taken by the president on first entering office is specified in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” (Emphasis added is mine)

Here’s the Best Book on the Second Amendment, “That Every Man Be Armed.”

OKAY – Here are a few others… no commentary needed (but it’s gonna be hard to resist)…







I can’t resist… I REALLY like this one! Reminds me of the “Don’t Tread On Me” Gladsden Flag of the American Revolution.




Let every American learn, respect and value the beautiful Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America… that has been given to us by those arguably much wiser than we…  WHETHER we agree with every point or not!

Let us not give away rights bought, paid for and preserved for us with the lives of countless brave, freedom-loving men and women… The Constitution is for us, our children and our grandchildren.

Let us not legislate away the sacred rights and freedoms of MANY, based on emotion, whims, democratic swings in cultural tolerance or intolerance… or the wretched, despicable, selfish and incomprehensible acts of a small minority, who care little about others, except for themselves.

NOW – to get yourself, your children and everyone you know up to speed on the intent of the Second Amendment… Here’s the Best Book on the Second Amendment in Print, “That Every Man Be Armed.”

Truth, Courage, Honor, Wisdom and Grace to YOU!



9 Responses to “Stupid Things Like – Swim Trunks in the Snow & Gun Control”

  • Allan

    True, David.

  • JOHN

    I was born in a non gun crazed country(uk) and now live in another non gun crazed country,Australia.For the USA it is too late.You have had hundreds of gun loving years.It wont change because it is ingrained into your psych.For those of us comong from civilised countries where gunlove is an un natural thiong ,we just shake our heads in did belief.You CANNOT shoot up a school or office(American favourite passtime?) with an axe or knife.You cannot shoot up YET ANOTHER SCHOOL with a knife either OR a single shot gun.There is no need for semi auto’s or pump action guns in a civilised country.WE do without in the UK and Australia,NewZealand and many other countries.It’s an American “thing”.Not shared by anyone else.Sorry.

    • Carin

      David: I really appreciate your perspective – you are right when you say it is ingrained in American culture. Not only that, it is indelibly written in the Second Amendment to our Constitution. As I mentioned in the article, I only condone responsible ownership of firearms by responsible people. Unfortunately, there is a slant in our media that does not gives the whole picture of the wisdom in enabling a citizenry to defend themselves. Check out the stats for our state of Utah – the state of the US that has the most stringent requirements to be licensed to conceal carry a firearm…Almost every citizen is armed… teachers and school staff are permitted to conceal carry firearms. Horrible, you say? Not so! The state of Utah has had NO school shootings and the statistics of crime are the lowest in the nation – while on the other hand, in a state like New Jersey, where guns are forbidden – crime runs rampant. It’s common sense. We also have 3 other cities that are testing grounds for the relationship of firearms to crime. In Chicago, New York City and Washington, DC, conceal carry firearms are prohibited. Those 3 cities not surprisingly have the highest levels of crime among all the cities in our nation. There’s pretty much not anything that would convince me that disabling a people from defending themselves is the best course for liberty. Sorry. 🙂

    • J Day

      Funny how folks who live outside of the United States and have maybe never even been to our wonderful country like to stereo type us as “gun crazed” or “cowboys” because our left wing media just loves to present us to the rest of the world that way. Now to my point I am sorry some live in a country that does not trust them to own a tool, a tool used to harvest food, protect life and protect the freedom of their country. I am sorry that some have such a snobbish short-sided view of citizens of the United States. Not everyone is “gun crazed” and most gun owners respect, and love the freedoms that we have. We treat the gun with respect and use it in the most responsible ways possible. I invite the ill-informed to , instead of sticking your nose in the air, come visit us, go to a shooting range, I am sure some range master would be honored to teach you that guns are not as the Left wing media portrays them.

    • Steven

      John, I was also born in, and grew up in, a non gun-crazed country. Throughout my childhood and early adult life the ownership and use of rifles and other long firearms was accepted as perfectly normal, even if not particularly common. Many, but not all, families that I knew of had something in a closet somewhere, even if it was nothing more than a .22 of some sort or a 12 gauge. Carrying and using a pocket knife was a part of useful everyday life, not a sign of mental instability. I didn’t grow up in the country, I was a regular suburbanite, and most people got on with their lives just fine. Then sometime in the 90’s the media decided that declining numbers of gun/knife related homicides (look it up, you’ll be surprised) weren’t doing their bottom lines any good, so they had to do a beat up of anything involving a gun or knife, wherever in the world it may have happened, and suddenly we were living in a gun-crazed country, apparently up to our necks in crazed, homicidal killers. Back then, as now, I look around and can’t see any of these maniacs in the people that I meet, but there are a lot more fear mongerers and self righteous twits that like to say how much better they are than I am at running my life and telling me what to do. Media driven, politically motivated scare campaigns have been chipping away at everyone’s liberty for decades, and once reduced ‘for our own good’ it will never return to normal. Bad things have always happened in all societies, and they will continue to happen. Bad guys will always do what they want, they may try not to get caught, but they will still do the crime. Restricting what the good guys can do to defend themselves only works if you also give them their own personal bodyguard to do the things they aren’t allowed to do themselves (you know, like politicians have whenever they go out to meet the people in public where it is ‘safe’). It is often said that outlawing weapons will mean that only outlaws will have weapons, and as trite as it is, it is also painfully accurate. The bad guys will always arm themselves, it is what bad guys do. Not giving ordinary citizens the capacity and legal right to adequately defend themselves in their own homes is totalitarian, simplistic, dangerous and stupid. You have said that nobody ‘needs’ a semi-auto or pump action, but then nobody ‘needs’ cable TV, microwaves, air conditioning or mobile phones. We like all of these things for any number of reasons. Freedom isn’t about justifying why you ‘need’ something, it is about having the right to choose what you want to have. People should not have to justify their existence and way of life to authority and should never fear their government, but governments should always fear the people, as it is we who are supposed to be in control. Sadly, here in Australia this is not the case, but most do not recognise it and never will. It is already too late, and everything will only decline further. Bit of a long rant, I know, but hippies really do shit me to tears.

  • Elmer Blanchard

    Incredibly well done, David. How long have I been missing you guys? Found you by accident today. Well, maybe divine appointment.

  • vini

    true, I live in Michigan in the Detroit area and guns are restricted, but Detroit still has a very high crime rate

  • survivalistexprt

    guns have been around since the 1500 hundreds and became popular in Europe and asia and guns have been in wars for ever and if guns did not exist than everyone would just be using crossbows and swords and people can make crossbows and bows and swords as a matter of fact you can purchase a bow or crossbow or air hunting rifle on amazon and as for gun shootings you can shoot arrows at schools and you can kill using sword which would be better because they are more quiet and are lighter and don’t run out of ammo and you can still drown choke or hang someone very easily and where I live rifles are expensive and shotguns and pistols are better for self defense and a person who wants to break in can use knife or a kitchen knife and or guns and if someone has a gun they can stop that person because although best thing would be to call police they can take upto an hour and may not be able to help you in say a hostage situation whereas someone with a gun can stop the threat and obviously in an alien invasion where they have plasma guns a berrett m107A1 can save your backside and whopsome stuff and things

  • survivalistexprt

    you can train animals to kill other people rather than use guns because there will be no evidence other than a “crazed wild beast”

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