17 (More) Cool Survival Gadgets and Gifts – Volume #2


IF you’re looking for MORE crazy, cool and downright useful NEW gear for everyday carry, survival, prepping, bushcraft, bug out or as a gift for someone on your list, who likes to be prepared… you’ve come to the right place.  Here are 17+ survival gadgets, gizmos, gifts and gear…


Swiss Card Lite – Includes 13 EDC Tools

     13 Emergency Tools – In a Credit Card Sized Pocket Tool
A credit card slot in your wallet, pack or purse is a great place to everyday carry the Victorniox Swiss Card Lite Pocket Tool. Made in Switzerland… the 13-Tool Swisscard Lite includes a small knife, scissors, rulers, tweezers, a straight pin, micro pen, a magnifying glass, 4-function screw driver, and an emergency LED light. Cost is around $30 US.

Swiss Card Lite: http://amzn.to/1PFQtdk

For a Survival Credit Card Tool… check out the Tool Logic Survival Card 2 with a cool knife, firesteel, emergency whistle, light and more… Cost is around $19 US.

Survival Card II: http://amzn.to/1O8jBE5


Small and Lightweight

Sea Shower-2

Take a 7 Minute Shower Anywhere…

Ultra Light 4 Oz. Emergency / Camping / Bug Out Bag Shower
If you or your better half hate the idea of getting dirty, stinky and otherwise totally disgusting during an emergency, bug out or camping trip… consider the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower. This little beauty is super small, weights just 4 ounces (or 114 grams), holds 10 liters of water, and gives you about a 7 minute shower. In full sun, the black bag will heat up the water it contains – so you don’t freeze your butt off. AND the 10 liter bag doubles as a water container in a pinch. Cost is around $35 US.

Pocket Shower: http://amzn.to/1O8jJmW


26 Survival Items for $13

Best $13 UltraLight Survival Kit
If $13 dollars US sounds about what your budget can handle for a basic, ready-made survival kit… You’re pretty cheap… but all hope is NOT lost. The LifeLine 26-Piece Ultralight Survival Kit comes to your rescue with some shelter, fire, water, food, navigation and first aid basics… It’s not perfect, but then again you don’t have a lot of money for a survival kit… But if you want a bit more in a on a pre-made kit – and have a few more bucks to invest… I recommend the Best Glide Be Prepared Pocket Tin, the Best Glide Adventurer Survival Kit or the Gear Pods Wilderness Kit – I’ve done full reviews (on YouTube) of all 3.


3 Other Awesome Pre-Made Survival Kits…

LifeLine Pocket Survival Kit:

Best Glide – Be Prepared Pocket Survival Kit:

Best Glide Adventurer:

Gear Pods Wilderness Kit:


ETON Scorpion II – Charges by Hand Crank, Sun or Outlet…

Bug Out Bag / Emergency Radio
If you’re looking for a durable, compact Bug Out Bag or emergency radio that is NOT dependent on batteries or the grid? Look no further. The ETON Scorpion II has a footprint about the size of my iPhone 6 (although it’s quite a bit fatter) and charges using USB, solar or it’s built-in hand crank. It sports a digital clock, AM, FM and Weather Band Radio, built in speaker, headphone jack, LED flashlight, carabiner (for hanging it on stuff) and a bottle opener (Hey, why not). AND it can even charge your smart phone – Cost is around $50 US.

Emergency Solar Radio: http://amzn.to/1O8lkJD

And for a rugged bear bones, hand crank and solar radio with AM/FM and weather band… I’m pretty attached to my Ambient Weather Solar radio. Cost is around $15 US.

Mini-Solar Radio: http://amzn.to/1O8loZZ


Ultimate Zombie Survival Kit

VSSL Ultimate Zombie Weapon Kit
Meet the Ultimate Zombie Weapon Kit by VSSL Gear. On the cap ends of the daunting black aluminum case there is a 3 mode LED light on one side and large compass on the other… that when replaced with the high tensile aluminum spike (found inside)…  transforms the otherwise harmless VSSL into a worthy Zombie eliminating tool. There’s also a medical mask to help protect you from whatever Zombified the Zombie in the first place. Cost is around $60 US.

Zombie Weapon Kit: http://amzn.to/1O8mzIG


VSSL First Aid and Supplies Survival Kits…

Although the Zombie Weapon Kit is a novelty item… VSSL also makes an innovative and legit first aid kit and a survival kit called VSSL Supplies – Check out my full review on YouTube.

VSSL First Aid Kit:

VSSL Supplies Survival Kit:


Sweet $39 Bushcraft Blade by Condor Knife and Tool

Best $39 Bushcraft Knife?
The Condor Knife and Tool Bushlore is about the best sub $50, full tang, traditional bushcraft knife that I’ve found to date. It’s made in El Salvador from 1075 high carbon steel, has a wicked sharp, and tough, full fine edge drop point, blade, a beautiful hardwood handle and comes with a sweet leather sheath. Cost is… around $39 US.

Bushlore Knife:http://amzn.to/1THTzfH


Mora Light My Fire

Another Great Choice in Bushcraft Blades is the Mora Light My Fire. Although not full tang, Swedish-made Mora blades are tough for the price and the Light My Fire blade is made from nearly legendary Sandvik Stainless Steel and has a very useful ferro rod built into the handle that can be struck using the spine side of the blade to start a fire. Cost is around $29 US.

Mora Light My Fire: http://amzn.to/1O8mYLc


The Fre’ Power Protects and Powers My iPhone

How to Waterproof and DOUBLE the Battery Power of Your iPhone
If you’re looking for tough waterproof protection for your iPhone AND would like double your phone’s battery life – check out the LifeProof Fre’ POWER. The LifeProof Fre’ POWER solves some earlier issues that I experienced with the LifeProof FRE case… and has done a great job protecting my iPhone 6… AND doubling it’s run time when shooting videos in the field, or when I’m away from power for a couple of days. Costis around $90 US.

LifeProof Fre’ Power: http://amzn.to/1THU21e


My Rattlerstrap Belt is Almost 3 Years Old…

BEST Survival Paracord Belt
If you want your belt to be more than a pants holding, gear hanger, and think having over 100 feet of everyday carry 550 Paracord available in an emergency is a pretty keen idea… check out the RattlerStrap Survival Paracord belt.  I’ve been wearing my rattlerstrap belt nearly everyday for about 3 years now. The weave is still tight while it looks and functions like the day I got it. But save up your pennies kids. The cost is around $100 US.

Rattlerstrap Belt: http://amzn.to/1O8njh6

If $100 for a paracord belt is beyond your budget… the next best choice is the Bison designs double cobra, paracord survival belt at around $60 US
Bison Designs Belt: http://amzn.to/1O8noRG

See my full review on YouTube.


3-Mode – Bear Grylls Micro Torch Can Save the Day

Emergency Light Anywhere, Anytime
For emergency light anywhere, anytime, pack the Bear Grylls Micro Torch in survival kits, hang from zipper pulls or put on your key chain for reliable emergency light in a super small package. I’ve got several of these little gems kicking around and they’ve saved my butt more than once. Cost is around $7 US for this great stocking stuffer. See my full review on YouTube. (63)

BG Micro Torch: http://amzn.to/1O8nGrP

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  • Jeremy

    Wanting to know what u have found to be the best mess kit and small survival stove for bob thanks

    • HI Jermemy, I an still looking for a viable convection biomass stove… and mess kit. But have a new one coming soon… It may be the one. We’ll see, standby. Thanks for the question.

  • Caleb

    Just got an Eton Scorpion 2. Absolutely fantastic product – highly recommend it!

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    Hey I am relativle new to your channel and I like your survival kit reviews and gear reviews

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    Thank you all for your great videos and information, whenever more then one person looks at a salution to a problem things work out much better for everyone. I have been able to detail my suvival-bugout bags and equipment to maxamize the amount of gear i bring in any given situation. You and your staff provide invaluable real life information to aid in getting the job done or suviving the next situation. Thank you and continue making great videos. Your friend Rikky?

  • Love UR vid.s! Anyone suggest :Good OVER THE EYEGLASS – SUN GOGGLES ?

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    Excellent reviews. .. keep up this fantastic channel. Thank you. G

  • The but out bag shower looks to be about right for backpacking, large capacity yet compact and easy to fit in a pack.
    It amazes me how much light that little flashlight puts out, very handy.

  • Wes

    Thank you for both versions of this article. I have Amazon wish-listed most items on both versions. I want to post this here for anyone, like myself, who is on a tight budget and is trying to build an EDC bag/pack (first for me and then for each member of my family (there are six of us total). I am in the process of weaving a RattlerStrap Survival Paracord belt. I found the instructions here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Double-Cobra-Knot-Paracord-Belt. I made some slight modifications. I added a repelling carabineer as a belt buckle and used a metal tent stake bent over a half-inch bolt and cut and filed to the proper size. Thank you very much for this website. It has been a phenomenal resource.

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