2018 Ultimate Survival Challenge – Level 1


The ONLY 3-Day – Family Friendly – Survival Training in the USA That Covers:

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+ Wilderness First Aid + Navigation with a Compass, the Sun and Stars + Hand to Hand Self Defense (And Disarming an Attacker) + Primitive and Modern Survival Weapons (Including Firearms) + Bug Out Basics + Choosing Survival Knives and Gear + FREE Food and Medicine (AKA Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants) + How to Survive ANY Crisis or Disaster + Family Survival Tips + How to “Process” and Cook Small Game Animals… AND MORE.

You’ll Even Craft Your Own Bow Drill Kit AND Make Fire With It

Only ONE Date in 2018

LOCATION: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania USA

STARTS: Monday July 9th 2018 @ 1:00PM EST

ENDS: Thursday July 12th 2018 @ 2:00PM EST

COST: ONLY $547 / Person – “Early Bird” Discounts Shown Below – Family Discount Available (Email Team@UltimateSurvivalTips.com)



Click the Photo Above – To SEE What the Ultimate Survival Challenge is Like… Cool Video!

The ULTIMATE SURVIVAL CHALLENGE – LEVEL 1 is a FUN yet INTENSE Training that Packs Over 40 Hours of VITAL Urban and Wilderness Survival Instruction Into 3 Days. Along the Way We Will Surprise You With Individual and Group Skills Challenges that Will TEST (and Reinforce) What YOU Have Learned… AND Give You the Opportunity to Win Your Share of Over $1,000 in Survival Gear and Prizes.

FAMILY FRIENDLY – We LOVE Families! Moms and Dads, Sons, Daughters and Grandparents… All Will Enjoy Our Friendly, Wholesome and “Rated G” Training Style and Camp Environment. You Don’t Have to Prove Anything. We Want You to Be Able to Just Be Yourself, Enjoy the Beauty of the Pennsylvania Mountains, Learn Cool Stuff, Have Fun, Make New Friends and Be Encouraged – Regardless of Your Skill Level.

david-and-the-boysYour Instructors: David (Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips) will be joined by Craig Caudill, founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School and Author of the book, Extreme Wilderness Survival, and Clint Jivoin, Primitive Survival Skills Trainer and Writer for the American Survival Guide.

We’ve boiled down decades of experience to bring to you only the most practical and effective – survival methods, strategies and gear.

Survival Skills You’ll Discover:Side Photo Collage-Website-Promo-2

How to Build Primitive, Hybrid and Modern Survival Shelters

– 6 Steps to Increase Your Chance of Surviving Any Crisis

How to Find, Collect and Purify Water through Primitive and Modern Techniques

– 7 Priorities of Urban and Wilderness Survival

– Hand to Hand / Survival Self Defense – “5 Weapons You Always Have on You”

How to Obtain Food through Survival Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Methods

– Basic Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

How to Start and Build a Sustainable Fire Using a Wide Range of Methods

BONUS Sessions Will Include:

– Everyday Carry, Bug Out Bag and Emergency Kit Essentials

How to Select the Right Survival Gear

– Primitive, Hybrid and Modern Survival Weapons

– And a Lot More…

PLUS! See Today’s Top Survival Gear and Knives

Don’t worry, even though this course is jam packed, you’ll have plenty of time to check out David’s extensive personal collection of TOP survival gear and knives. If you’re nice, he might even let you try stuff out so you can discover which gear is the best for you!

View from Our Survival Camp

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Where Is It?

This training is hosted in the Beautiful Endless Mountains of Wellsboro Pennsylvania. Wellsboro is a rural town and is a hub of Wilderness Tourism and Outdoor Sports in the Northeastern USA. Our training location is perfectly situated within a 4 to 5 hour drive of major metropolitan hubs like: Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Cleveland, Toronto, and New York City. Many of our students leave in the morning and make the drive to Wellsboro prior to our 1:00 PM start time. And when the training is finished, most who attend can make it home before dark.


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However, we often have students who fly in from further locations – like Canada, Florida and California. If you choose to fly we recommend that you fly to Elmira / Corning Regional Airport (which is approximately a 1 hour drive from our location in Wellsboro).

NOTE: Following your registration, you will be provided with the location of the training, as well as a full list what you need to bring with you.

When Is It?

STARTS: Monday July 9th 2018 @ 1:00PM EST

ENDS: Thursday July 12th 2018 @ 2:00PM EST

Click Photo to See Carl and Carl Jr. in Action!!!

Cost / Food and Lodging:

Meals are provided and FREE tent camping is included adjacent to our primitive camp area where most of your training will take place.

Cost: $547 / Person (SEE “Early Bird” Discounts BELOW – Family Discount Available (Email Team@UltimateSurvivalTips.com))

Notes: There are restroom and shower facilities available to all at the training. If you have special lodging needs, we have modern lodging facilities available. Contact us for details.

Who Should Attend?

This training is open to men, women, and responsible supervised youth WITH parent or guardian (13 – 17 years old), law enforcement, first responders and military members OR anyone who wants to learn a wide range of essential survival skills in a short period of time – in a SAFE fun and family friendly environment.

CLICK – To Watch Short Documentary on Training

What Should I Bring?

After you register, you’ll be provided with directions to the training location and everything else you need to know to have a fun, safe and fulfilling experience – including what gear you should bring.

Don’t Wait – Register Now!

Class size is LIMITED to 30 ensure that everyone gets adequate hands-on experience and one-on-one time with our instructors.

This event sells out early, I don’t want you to miss out – so don’t wait – register today!


15 Responses to “2018 Ultimate Survival Challenge – Level 1”

  • ron

    excited about attending the class. will be registering toward the end of next month.

  • Mr. O

    Kids free or extra?

    • Carin

      Hi there – responsible, mature kids age 14 or older are welcome to attend as regular attendees with the same cost as adults.

      • interestedsurvivalist

        what about kids under 14

  • William F. Povlitz

    No more dates?

    • Carin

      Nor for this year – sorry!

  • SimonCham

    Hello. I come from Hong Kong. Sadly, I can’t purchase your products on Amazon because you don’t shipping to Hong Kong. That is too sad to know it.

  • Johnathan Davenport

    Would you be doing a fall class? Me and a few Buddies would do a fall class because summer is our busy time at work.

    • Carin

      Hi Johnathan – sorry to say we will only be doing one class this year. It is hard to coordinate all three instructors’ schedules more than once a year. Sorry we’ll miss you! Check out Nature Reliance School’s schedule of classes. https://www.naturereliance.org/course-schedule/?pno=3 They are taught by Craig Caudill, who co-teaches with David and Cint Jivoin at our training and David considers him a mentor. (Like he really knows his stuff!) Quite sure he offers a couple classes the second half of the year.

      • Johnathan Davenport

        Well then 2018 it is! I’m a patient person!

  • David

    Hi, if I apply now, before for march 15 for the saving of $200 and my work will not allow my holiday time on at date,can I get a full refund?

    • Carin

      Hi David – check your email where I have sent you a reply.

  • Luis Velez II

    I would love to do this. I believe there is going to be some kind of disaster to our country and maybe the world. Could I possibly get a military discount?

    • Carin

      Hey, Luis – check your email, where I’ve sent you a response.

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