Want Reviewed?

Many top brands as well as up-and-coming gear innovators already send us their best gear to check out for potential review.

So whether your company is an internationally known, established brand, or a small start-up with a big vision, we don’t care. We just want to bring quality, survival gear innovations to those that we serve through our reviews and survival training.

So if you think you have the exceptional quality gear that we’re looking for, we’d love to check out your goods and see what you’ve got.

Here’s What We’re Looking For:

  • Any Gear Appropriate for a Bug Out Bag, Emergency or Survival Kit
  • Every Day Carry (EDC) Gear
  • Quality Stainless Steel Survival Knives
  • Knife Maintenance Gear and Accessories
  • Home Emergency Gear
  • Vehicle Emergency Gear
  • Alternative Energy / Power
  • Prepper Innovations
  • Survival Weapons
  • General Survival Gear
  • Water Purification Gear
  • Emergency Food and Drinking Gear and Products
  • Emergency & Wilderness Shelter Gear

Here’s Our Process:

  • Email Team@UltimateSurvivalTips.com with your vital info,  a description of your company, and the gear that you would like us to review… with links to the gear so we can check it out online.
  • Sent 2 of each item you want us to consider for review (1 for our “hard use” testing and 1 for the in-studio portion of the review) to: Ultimate Survival Tips – P.O. Box 617 – Mansfield, PA 16933
  • Once we receive your gear, our team will do a  “first blush” look over it for general quality, craftsmanship, innovation, “wow factor” and appropriateness for our audience.
  • If your gear is exceptional, and we like it a LOT…  we will consider your gear for review. We receive hundreds of items per year for potential review so we cannot guarantee that we will review your gear, but if we really like it there is a “fighting chance.”
  • If we decide to review your gear or show it in a review or training, We will notify you via email with links to the video on YouTube AFTER it is posted.


We regret that we cannot review every piece of gear that comes through our doors. Every one of our video reviews takes our staff 30 to 40 hours to produce (and sometimes more). We keep things small an intimate here so, we can only do so much.

So rest assured, if your gear DOES get reviewed, it will get a LOT of attention from us and our fans, follower and subscribers.

We ask that you keep follow up with us about your gear and potential review to a minimum. And to also be patient… we are always 3-6 months out on reviews.

So right up front please note that we are slow, a bit perfectionistic and painfully methodical… We usually get things done, but in our own time. That’s just the way we roll.

WE CANNOT RETURN GEAR THAT IS SENT TO US. It’s too costly and quite a logistical issue. So if you choose to send gear to us, it is solely at your own expense and risk, with NO guarantees of any sort from us.

So if you think it’s worth the Risk of Sending Us Your Gear for potential review… WE’D LOVE TO SEE YOUR STUFF!!!

So contact us at Team@UltimateSurvivalTips.com and send us your gear!

Warm regards,

~ David

Chief Bottle Washer