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Tiny Survival: Get Ready - Be Prepared - Stay Safe

Revolutionary Pocket Emergency - Adventure - Survival Gear

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Designed by experts - Mix and match our growing line of wallet, pocket and Altoids® tin-sized kits to build out your Ultimate EDC.

Tiny Survival and Tiny First Aid Guide

Tiny Pocket Guides

Discover the most comprehensive, credit card sized, pocket: emergency, disaster, medical, survival, adventure guides ever developed.


Tiny Survival Card

Nope, it's not a gimmick, it's a tough, functional (and cool looking) last ditch, credit card sized survival kit you can carry in your wallet. 


Here's 6 Ways to Put Peace of Mind In Your Pocket

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Buy in Bulk and Save More than Just Money...

Tiny Survival Guide and Card make unique, interesting and lifesaving gifts for those you love and care about. 


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It's important to have something like the Tiny Survival Guide on you at all times. It’s small, light, reminds the user what to do under stress and fills in a lot of skill and knowledge gaps we all have. It’s a really good product!

Dave Canterbury, Best-Selling Author: Bushcraft 101

Whoever coined the phrase “Good things come in small packages,” must have done so in anticipation of the Tiny Survival Card and Guide. In your wallet, or Altoids Tin, they are like EDC insurance policies in your pocket.

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