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Tiny Survival

EDC Pocket Emergency - Adventure - Survival Gear

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Be Prepared - Because You Never Know
Ultimate Survival Knife - MSK-1

Knife System

One Knife - Built For the Rest of Your Life
The Survival Show Podcast

The Survival
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Micro Everyday Carry Emergency - Adventure - Survival Gear

Build Your Ultimate Kit

Designed by experts - Mix and match our growing line of wallet, pocket and Altoids® tin-sized kits to build out your Ultimate EDC.


Tiny Survival Guide

Welcome to the world’s smallest and most complete pocket emergency, disaster, adventure, survival guide ever developed. 


Tiny Survival Card

Nope, it's not a gimmick, it's a tough, functional (and cool looking) last ditch, credit card sized survival kit you can carry in your wallet. 



MSK-1 Survival Knife System

MSK-1: An Awesome Survival Knife System, that Chops Like a Boss, Cuts Like a Fine Carving Tool, is Full of Surprises and Made in the USA.

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Pandemic - China Tensions - Record Unemployment - Eroding Freedoms... What's Next? Are You Ready?

Not long ago who would have imagined having to stay at home for weeks, wear masks in public, shut down our businesses or wrangle for toilet paper? It's strangely like movie fiction. But it's not fiction. It's real. Yet, as bad as it has gotten - it's been about as good as disaster gets. Think about it. We've had: food, water, power, internet, communication and general stability.

Now imagine adding just one of these to this mess: A broken supply chain, internet or power grid issues, water or food shortages or an economic crash that the govt. can't bail us out of - and - Welcome to 1874 Hoss!

Join Craig, Me (David) and Our Expert Guests @ The Survival Show Podcast where we will help you master the art of self reliance and develop the mindset, skills, tactics and gear you need to survive what's coming next. See You There! ~David