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PACK-1 Knife

Premium - Adaptable - Camp - Knife

NEW! Tiny
First Aid Guide

Emergency Medical Care for Anywhere

Knife System

One Knife - Built For the Rest of Your Life

Tiny Survival Gear

EDC Pocket Emergency - Adventure - Survival Gear

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Innovative Emergency, Adventure, Disaster and Survival Gear

New! Tiny Knife Sharpener Kit

NEW! Edge up with the smallest, lightest, most complete, 4-in-1, credit card sized, wallet carry, diamond knife sharpening kit available.


New! PACK-1 Elite Survival Knife

A ridiculously rugged, shaving sharp and epically adaptable knife, that's light in the hand, ready for any task and always by your side.

Tiny Survival and Tiny First Aid Guide

Tiny Survival Pocket Guides

Discover the best selling: credit card sized, pocket: emergency, disaster, medical, survival and adventure guides - ever developed. 



MSK-1 Survival Knife System

NEW! MSK-1 Elite: An Awesome Survival Knife System, that Chops Like a Boss, Cuts Like a Fine Carving Tool, is Full of Surprises and Made in the USA.

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Russia / China - Marxism - Border Crisis - Eroding Freedoms... What's Next? Are You Ready?

Not long ago, WHO COULD HAVE IMAGINED: such chaos in the USA and around the world - as Marxists rise, cancel culture "erases" opposition, governments spend (with no end in sight) and leaders around the world leverage the pandemic to grab more control. It's strangely like movie fiction. But it's not Netflix. It's real. Yet, as bad as it has gotten - it's been about as good as a society altering disaster gets.

Now imagine adding just one of these to the equation: supply chain or power grid issues, food shortages, another war - or an economic crash that the government can't bail us out of - and - WELCOME to 1874 Hoss!

Join David and his Expert Guests @ The Survival Show Podcast to stay up to date on what the media is not telling you, develop a plan and build the Mindset, Skills, Tactics and Gear you need to survive what's next. Listen or Watch Now!

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