MSK-1 "Quick Start" User Guide

MSK-1 Primitive Knife

You Are Going to Love this Knife!

Because of you, four new MSK-1 knives are now a reality. Thank YOU!

Nearly 10 years ago I had a vision to develop a unique, rugged, versatile, utility cutting tool SYSTEM - that could adapt to almost any situation. MSK-1 (Multi-Scenario-Knife) is the result.

Now, after two years of further development - I’m proud to offer these “next-gen” MSK-1 knives to you.

Check back often for updated resources and new MSK-1 knives and gear.

Thank you for your trust and support!


MSK-1 Elite on Boots

Below You Will Find a Wealth of MSK-1 Knife Resources INCLUDING:

  • Knife and Sheath Set Up Tips
  • Knife Sharpening, Care and Maintenance Tips
  • Knife Safety and Handling
  • Knife Specifications and Vital Information
  • MSK-1 Knife and Gear Warranty Information

START HERE - What's Inside the Box?

Installing Your MSK-1 Handle Survival Kit

How to Paracord Wrap Your "Mini" Knife Handle + Install Ferro Rod

How to Install the "Mini" Knife Paracord Necklace

How to Install a Lanyard on Your MSK-1 Knife

How to Set Up Your Sheath System

Knife Maintenance and Care Tips

Sharpening Your MSK-1 Knife

MSK-1 and Mini knives are shipped with a very-sharp edge! We encourage you to care for your knife well, by maintaining this edge.

Our 2020 / 2021 knife models are forged from 154CM and 1075HC steel will take and keep a very nice edge. However, all knife edges will wear with use.

Since a sharp knife is a safer knife, we recommend that you strop your knife after each use to maintain the razor sharp hone (see our online “Quick Start” stropping video - below).

If you are unable to return the edge to factory sharp using a strop, we recommend honing your knife using a high quality diamond or ceramic stone to keep your MSK-1 ready for action.

SURE... We Can Resharpen You MSK-1 (USA Customers Only)

Still can't restore the edge of your knife? Or possibly you accidentally banged up the blade and want to us to see if we can help?

We will do our best to restore your MSK-1 to as close to it's factory edge as possible. Please email and send us a photo of your knife edge.

Once we review your sharpening needs, please ship your knife (postage paid and insured) to: Ultimate Survival Tips - PO Box 617, Mansfield, PA 16933.

We will sharpen, clean and “tune” your MSK-1 for optimum performance.

Please enclose your return shipping address with $10.00 for first MSK-1 knife and $5.00 for each additional MSK-1 knife, to cover handling and return shipping charges. Checks can be made out to “Ultimate Survival Tips.”

For International Customer Shipments, please contact us for shipping costs at:

Care for Your MSK-1... And MSK-1 Will Care for YOU!

Here's Everything You Need to Properly Care for and Maintain Your MSK-1:

- Knife Stropping Kit:

- DMT Ceramic Rod:

- DMT Diamond Fine / Extra Fine Bench Stone:

- WorkSharp Field Sharpener:

- Mineral Oil:

- Nitrile Gloves - Heavy Duty:

- Cut Resistant Gloves:

- WD-40 (Not Recommended for Contact with Food):

How to Strop Your Knife to Razor Sharp

2 Cent Sharpening Tip for a Perfect Edge

How to Get a Shaving Sharp Edge Using a Sharpening Stone

Here's the Field Sharpener I Recommend

Get MSK-1 Survival Knives Here

14 Keys to Knife Safety and Handling

Knife Features / Specs (2020 Models Only)

 MSK-1 Spec and Vital Info

2020 MSK-1 Model Comparison Chart*

MODEL MSK-1P Primitive MSK-1E Elite MSK-1W Warrior
Primary Use Utility / Bushcraft / Camping / Survival
Tactical / Utility / Bushcraft / Camping / Survival
Military / Tactical / Utility / SERE / Survival
Primary Edge
Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
Double Edge No
Triple Edge No No Yes
Blade Material 1075HC (Similar to 1095HC): Tumbled Clear Coat 154CM Stainless Steel: Traction Black Powder Coat 154CM Stainless Steel: Graphite Black Cerakote
Blade Thickness 0.22in (0.56cm)
0.25in (0.64cm)
0.25in (0.64cm)
Handle Set Hardwood: Swap Other (Optional) MSK-1 Handles On As Needed OD Green Canvas Micarta: Swap Other (Optional) MSK-1 Handles On As Needed OD Green Canvas Micarta: Swap Other (Optional) MSK-1 Handles On As Needed
Handle Bolts Removable w/ Bow Drill Divot: Stainless Steel / Tumbled / Natural Removable w/ Bow Drill Divot: Stainless Steel / Black Oxide Removable w/ Bow Drill Divot: Stainless Steel / Black Oxide
Blade Length
4.6in (11.7cm)
4.6in (11.7 cm)
4.6in (11.7 cm)
Total Length 11.3in (28.6cm)
11.3in (28.6 cm)
11.3in (28.6 cm)
Weight 13.5oz (383g) 15.3oz (434g) 14.8oz (420g)
Handle Survival Kit Yes Yes Yes
Ferro Rod Striker Yes Yes Yes
Sheath System Antiqued Leather: Left + Right Hand Carry / High Belt and Drop Carry Loop / Rear Strap + Pocket Tactical Black Kydex: ACS™ Compatible: Multi-Carry / Multi Setup
SERE Elite™ Combat: Dual Layer / OD Green + Desert Tan Kydex: Multi-Carry / Multi Setup
ACS™ Sheath
No - Can Not Add ACS™ Kit Items Yes - You Can Add ACS™ Kit Items
LIMITED - You Can Add MSK-1 Mini Knife and / or Fire Steel Kits. NO - You Can NOT Add ACS™ Outer Nylon Sheath or Nylon Kit Pouch to this Sheath
Made in USA No - El Salvador Yes - USA
Yes - USA
Lifetime Warranty Yes
Available Bundles / Kits
No Yes Yes

*Final Shipped MSK-1 Knife Specifications May Vary Slightly 


Lifetime Warranty - Details

Ultimate Survival Tips guarantees every MSK-1 knife to be free of defections in materials and workmanship for the life of the knife, regardless of owner. We will repair the existing knife or replace a defective knife (at our option). We do not warrant our knives against normal wear, misuse or abuse beyond what is reasonable. 

To make a warranty claim, the knife must be shipped by the owner, prepaid and insured, together with a written description of the problem. Please email - FIRST - to give a formal notice of the warranty return before mailing, so that we can connect with you to understand the issues and ensure a prompt resolution to your concern. We will provide the Return Shipping Address once your warranty claim is verified and we will cover return shipment costs and insurance for valid claims. Ultimate Survival Tips will cover the shipping, costs and insurance for the return of your knife to you if your claim is valid.

What Is Covered

This warranty covers replacement of finished knife blades. Bolts and handles are covered for 5 years from the date of purchase (excluding wood handles). Wood handles are covered for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What Is Not Covered

This warranty does not cover: survival kits (or components), sheaths (or any gear other than what is mentioned above). Additionally, this warranty does not cover: normal wear, re-sharpening of blades, damage caused by neglect, misuse, ignorance or failure to perform normal or necessary maintenance. We also do not cover shipping costs for returned products. Products other than knives will be handled on a case by case basis.

Just know that your complete satisfaction is our goal.  If you have an issue with any of our products - Let's Talk.


DO NOT use your knife as a screwdriver, pry bar, chisel or punch. Do not throw your knife or use it for any purpose other than cutting. Do not sharpen your knife using or on a power grinder or grinding wheel (this will destroy the temper). Any of these acts WILL void your warranty. Do not wear your MSK-1 or Mini during ANY activity.


Ultimate Survival Tips assumes NO liability or responsibility for any user or by stander injury whatsoever. USE MSK-1 AT YOUR OWN RISK! WE do NOT assume any responsibility for the legal, illegal use, misuse, neglect, stupidity or poor judgement of the owner / user or our products. 

If your knife is damaged due to misuse, accident, act of God or neglect, we can assess the damage to see if we can repair it (for a FEE). Contact us for details.

For MSK-1 Knife questions, please contact use at

International Shipping Policy

NOTE to ALL International Customers (those outside of the USA)

Please know that your country may charge significant import: fees, duties, taxes and / or tariffs.  These fees are YOUR sole responsibility to pay in order to receive the gear that you ordered from us. 

If your order is returned to us from the shipper for free (USPS Only) - we will refund your order total minus the shipping fees. If the shipper YOU select (UPS, DHL, FedEx) does not return the knife and / or gear   - you will receive NO refund.

Paying IMPORT Fees is YOUR Responsibility. Please make sure you understand your TOTAL costs (including import fees) BEFORE your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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