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MSK-1 Multi-Scenario-Knife) Is the Ultimate User Customizable Survival, Emergency, Disaster, Tactical, Adventure, Camping Knife System.


Full of Surprises

The MSK-1 is a complete survival system that you’ll be able to use for your lifetime and then pass on to the next generation.

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Welcome to the Most Adaptable, Expandable Survival Knife System Ever Created...

We did the heavy lifting - so you can build your ultimate knife kit.

Every MSK-1 Survival Knife is Designed for You To Upgrade to Fit Your Changing Needs with our ACS Adaptable Carry System.

Adaptable Sheaths

I never understood why so many companies design a great knife only to wrap it in a terrible sheath with limited upgrade and carry options. So I went back to the drawing board and reimagined what a survival knife sheath should be. The result is my full line of ACS™ Adaptable Carry Sheath kits.

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MSK-1 Survival Knife Handle Survival Kit has Your Back When Things Go Bad.

Handle Survival Kit

Every MSK-1 comes with our exclusive 20 item handle survival kit that includes: (1) Mini Ferro Rod (3) Fire Tinder (2) Multi-Bands (1) 35' Roll of Utility Line (1) Magnetized Sewing Needle (1) Cork Bobber (3) Fishing Hooks (3) Sinkers (2) Safety Pins (2) Water Purification Tablets (1) One Liter Water Bag. 

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MSK-1 Ultimate Survival Knife System Has a Full Line of Gear, Kits, Knives, Sheath, Handles and More - To Suit Your Changing Needs.

Build-A-Knife App

The MSK-1 "system" is designed so that the handles, sheaths, bolts and many add-on kit items (like our Fire Steel and MSK-1 Mini knife kits) are interchangeable between models. This gives you the ability to tweak your kit to fit your current needs. Or you can start with a base kit and expand as you go. 

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Everyone Thought I Was Crazy...

For nearly two years I put my life on hold. I almost ran out of money more times than I can count. I even paused my YouTube Channel. But I had a strong sense that I was destined to develop MSK-1. So once I started, there was no looking back. I've learned (over the years) that sometimes sticking with a crazy idea you believe in, is the only way to get to "great."

The initial launch seemed to be blessed and my MSK-1 dream was funding to $197,693 on Kickstarter. Leaders from some of the world's largest knife companies thought I was crazy, but at the same time they were intrigued and asked me how I did it.

Well, I can tell you that it was not easy. There were a lot of landmines, roadblocks and detours along the way. Jeff Freeman and I worked very hard for several years perfecting this knife (and sheath system) to get it right. And surprisingly, Jeff never once said I was crazy. He just kept cranking out innovative solutions for every wild idea I came up with.

In the End, We Knew We Landed on Something Rare and Special

However, greatness always has its cost. The cost for us was that MSK-1 ended up being a very complicated and time-consuming knife to make. So to ensure that every knife we ship is true to my high expectations, I have decided to stay away from mass production and have every MSK-1 made in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible. 

Every MSK-1 is Crafted in Small Batches by Master Knifemakers

Yes, this means you may have to pre-order (and wait a bit for) your blade, but your wait will soon be forgotten the day you take your MSK-1 in hand and feel the vibe of excellence that went into building your blade. Good things really do come to those who wait!

Our 5 Step Pre-Flight Inspection Ensures You Get Greatness in Your Grip

Before your knife leaves our home for yours - we check the: (1) Overall Craftsmanship (2) Edge (3) Handle (4) Sheath and (5) Fit & Finish - so when you get a grip on your knife, you'll know it's ready to rock and roll.

Like Thousands Before - I Am Confident - You Are Going to Love this Knife! 

Thank you for your continued trust and support,


Founder: Ultimate Survival Tips & Tiny Survival, Author: Tiny Survival Guide, Co-Host of The Survival Show Podcast, Designer of the MSK-1 Survival Knife System

MSK-1 Ultimate Survival Knife Customer Reviews

Here's a Few MSK-1 Owner Comments & Reviews

David, I love my MSK-1. It’s a great chopper and totally versatile. It’s perfect for me! And I’ve gotten so many compliments on the MSK-1 and Mini knives I’ve lost count. You did an outstanding job putting your vision to reality! It's a perfect all-in-one knife. ~ J. C. Colorado, USA

Hey David, I took my new MSK-1 on a trip into Olympic National Park not long ago. I really don't want to use any other knife now. I've never had a knife perform as well as yours does across multiple tasks. Keep up the good work! ~ D.D. Washington, USA

[My MSK-1] shares use with a Leatherman mutt and I absolutely love it. I'm heading out a MEU soon, so who knows where I'll be in the near future. I think for military applications MSK-1 is nearly perfect. The micarta scales are  awesome, the size and weight of the blade is hefty but not too cumbersome. It chops well, and the pommel works extremely well. It does a great job cutting time fuse, det. cord and C4. I've only had it a few months but have taken it up North for a month of cold weather training and on about a dozen field ops in a hot humid environment. It's replaced every fixed blade I own. Thanks for standing by your product and Semper Fi Brother! ~ T.C. North Carolina, USA

Hi David. I am absolutely delighted with my MSK-1. You did a great job with the design of the knives and sheath system. The [MSK-1 Users’ Guide] videos on how to [set up and] take care of the knife are also very helpful. Once again thank you! The overall product is worth every penny as you clearly have put a lot of thought into its design. I look forward to your upcoming products and hope to do business with you in the near future. Many thanks! ~ L.M. England

Hi David. Now that I have held the knife in my hand, I know I made a good decision in purchasing the MSK-1. Outstanding piece of gear! To you and your team - Well Done!! ~ F.S. Texas, USA

David, the negative MSK-1 YouTube video is lie. The MSK-1 knife is excellent at cutting wood and batoning.  Congratulations. ~ L. D. Brazil

"My husband ABSOLUTELY LOVES the MSK-1 kit that I got him. Best birthday present ever! I scored BIG with this one. He just used it (again) last night to assist him with his squirrels (I attached a photo). Amazing knife!" ~ M.R. NJ, USA

David, I’m filled with joy now… the look and feel, it’s so much better than what I expected. It’s a big knife, but well balanced. This is my last day of work before I take the knife with me for 3 weeks in the desert wilderness… I will send you pictures (when I get back)… I’m really happy to deal with a person as nice as you. I wish you all the best. ~ H.D. Saudi Arabia

I GOT IT!! Thank you David! I almost tackled the Postal carrier, Then thought twice… (she probably would have kicked my butt). I trepidatiously unboxed the unit. Now I have an MSK-1! My friends and family will no longer laugh at my "Flying Dutchman" of a knife. David, its GREAT! Congratulations!" ~ E.B. PA, USA

David, Its arrived! Took a little while for the customs guys to be happy to release, but we got it home… Firstly, you have done an outstanding job with this. It's so well thought out and made well. I'm really proud of the outcome. ~ A.S. Australia

David, I received my MSK1 this past Friday. First, this thing is huge. It's a lot bigger than I expected, but I like it. And the sheath system is amazingly versatile. So, you truly do have a survival knife SYSTEM for use by anyone with minimal additional hardware needed. ~ D.W. Virginia, USA

David, You did an amazing job - by far this is my favorite [Kickstarter] project - I need to order more!!!!!!!! I have been in the manufacturing business for over 25 years and I help in the design of our products. I can definitely see the complexities in your project and the detail. It's more than outstanding - absolutely brilliant from the knife to the accessories - top quality! You delivered as promised! Thank you for taking your time and getting the details and quality right. It definitely shows. Did I say "I need to order more? ~ J.N. Texas, USA

David, Just got mine this morning. You and your team did terrific job on this knife and it's components and accessories. Well done and keep up the good work. ~ N.M. Greece

Hi David. I received the knife and it is amazing. I have a physical disability in my hand and need a knife with some weight to it and yours fits the bill. I searched and went through a LOT of knives to find the best and perfect one. Congratulations, you hit the mark. I love how the blade has weight to it with places to grip it for perfect control, and holes in it are great for lashing it to a pole to make a spear. I also like the handle that is made with a micarta material for a decent grip. Finally I love how you went the extra step in the sheath where I can adjust it to fit it at any angle and you added an elastic loop to the firesteel to keep it in the sheath. I am thoroughly impressed. Thank you. ~ S.W. Illinois, USA

David, Thanks for everything, the knife arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.  I may have even talked a buddy into getting one of his own. I'm very happy with the knife! ~ M.B. Washington, USA

David, you are my hero! This is amazing! I will be ordering a tactical sheath as soon as I can as well! Your support is unreal!" ~ C.R. BC, Canada

Dear Dave, Thank you for your project. MSK-1 is an interesting concept and a welcomed addition to my life. MSK-1 is great chopping tool, also it's well balanced handcrafting tool - even for small jobs. I am Japanese and the MSK-1 is sized prefect to fitted my hand. Iam so happy to use everyday. Best regards, H.Y. ~ H.Y. Japan

Hi David, If I had known (when I meet you) at BladeShow that this is what the MSK-1 would actually be, I would have hugged you. I’m so happy to own the MSK-1 and Mini knife set. They are just amazing. They were well worth waiting for. What a great job you have done. Thanks again. ~ M.S. Israel

Hi David, Got my MSK-1 and it is amazing, I love it, I’m sure it will last me a lifetime. May be the last knife I’ll ever need. Thanks again. ~ G.W. United Kingdom

Got my blade! The wait was worth it! Thank You so much! ~ G.H. Hawaii, USA

Hello David. I received my MSK-1 kit. From the packaging to the gear inside the boxes, I can see the quality of this project everywhere. Grasping the knife in my hand, I can feel the tears, sweat and effort you put into this. David, I appreciate you and admire your courage to kick off such a huge project. I know you have been under a lot of pressure, but I want you to know that it was well worth the wait. MSK-1 is a really kick-ass item that makes me feel of confident when holding it in my hand. ~ M.S. Hong Kong

Hi David. Got my knife! Thank you for designing such an incredible piece of hardware! And I'm so happy! Your goal of leaving a legacy in metal was successful. ~ J.Y. New York, USA

"Hey David, I just received my MSK-1. My only regret is NOT ordering another. I am very happy. I'd like to purchase another knife." ~ F.M. Nevada, USA

"A few months back, I was casually looking for a more substantial knife to have on hand for the outdoors, and to be honest, I wasn’t specifically looking for a “survival” knife. I was looking for something that was robust and functional enough to perform a number of duties. So I searched YouTube, and I found the MSK-1. While I’ve had a few knives over the years that were short lived disappointments, I did some research and decided to order the MSK-1. As in most things in life, the concept of buyer’s remorse is probably more common than most would admit, but I have to say that this knife is beyond exceptional, it's off the charts perfect, and was well worth waiting for! From clearing and preparing our campsite on a recent adventure in Vermont, the MSK-1 proved to be so much more than just a knife, operating also as an ax, a shovel, a hammer, and a cooking tool. This knife is ideal for any heavy duty task as well as more delicate duties such as carving and food preparation. The quality could not be better, and in fact, this thing is so overbuilt it will certainly outlive me.I have never written to a company before, or provided any feedback or testimonial, but this product was such a pleasant surprise - I had to contact you! My thanks go to you David, and your team for making such a great product. ~ J.H. New York, USA

"I received my MSK-1 Ultimate Survival Knife Kit + Extra Sheath and MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife Kit. The excellence of the packaging and the way things shipped alone was top notch and added to the excitement. I was blown away by the quality of this survival system. My father has been teaching two-week desert survival on the USA / Mexico border for SWAT and Border Security for over 20 years, and he agrees - MSK-1 is a complete survival system in a compact, superior knife platform. As I began to use my MSK-1, I realized that this knife system was so capable that it seemed to inspire a massive amount of confidence and positive thinking in me - even raising my mental state.I have also found that the knife and sheath are easy to clean and maintain [after hard use]. And your instructions for maintaining the MSK-1 are reasonable and quick. I am indeed grateful for your time and effort in the creation and persistent pursuit of quality that you forced us to accept. Thank you for not giving into the usual corporate traits of sacrificing quality for profit. And a huge "Thank You" for not cutting corners. Thank you for responding to each and every email that I sent. You put my modern day lack of patience at ease. I have never experienced such a high level of customer service for an item that I didn't even have yet!! Your personal intervention in the shipping process was unparalleled. The Skittles just topped everything off. Thank you! I now have to go through the headache of updating my living will to figure out which of my children gets this MSK-1 package when I pass on to bigger and better pastures. :) I am grateful for this problem. Thank you again for all the effort on my account alone. Best regards," ~ A.M. Nevada, USA

"Hey David. I just want to thank you again for my MSK-1! I've had it for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! The quality and craftsmanship of this knife is truly a step beyond anything else I've come across! I've been working up in Northern British Columbia (as an aircraft maintenance engineer in remote areas) and along the Alaskan border, deep in grizzly bear country in the summer and in subzero temperatures in the winter. My MSK-1 and I have been inseparable since I've received it!

I spend a lot of time in little exploration camps on the tops of mountains in a tent. And usually in these areas the weather isn't all that great, so if you can't see you can't fly, so we land wherever we can. So it's not uncommon for us to spend the night out on a VERY remote mountain top in the middle of nowhere.

So I carry a little bit of my own gear, (the necessities due to weight restrictions) just in case. I definitely feel like I have what I need with the MSK-1 and if anything were to happen I'd be in pretty good shape having this for a survival tool!

As the holiday season has approached I took it up 3500' to mount Shorty near Stewart BC to harvest my Christmas tree for the season as I am spending it with the helicopters I work with and a lone pilot.

I finally managed to start a fire using the bow drill system thanks to your video tips and the MSK-1 bow drill spindle feature!

I'm not going to lie, it felt good and has been on my list of skills to accomplish for quite some time now!

Thanks again David for coming up with this awesome knife and having the best customer service out there! I'm a happy camper! And this knife is just simply ridiculous in the best possible way! I'm excited to see what comes next.

You're Bro from BC, Canada ~ Caleb"

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