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David is the Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips and Co-Host of the Survival Show Podcast

Nearly a decade ago David (the Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips and the Co-Host of the Survival Show Podcast) began looking for a simple, yet comprehensive emergency, disaster survival guide that anyone, (regardless of prior training or skill level) could carry all the time in a wallet, pocket or purse and use as a pro-active training aid before - and re-active survival guide during an emergency, disaster or crisis.

After searching for nearly 7 years David could not find a comprehensive EDC pocket survival guide that did a good job covering the vital mindset, skills, tactics, gear and pre-event preparations needed survive the wide range of plausible life and society altering threats that we might face today. 

Lee Nading Wilderness Survival Cards

Inspired by Lee Nading's Wilderness Survival Cards that were first published around 1976 (now out of print), David began writing, sketching, experimenting with formats, sizes and materials.

Following the success of his MSK-1 Survival Knife System on Kickstarter in 2016, David began working in earnest on (what is now) the Tiny Survival Guide and Tiny Survival Card with the help and counsel of his friend and wilderness skills mentor Craig Caudill (Author of: Extreme Wilderness Skills and several other popular books).

Thirty months later, in January of 2019, David launched the Tiny Survival Guide and Tiny Survival Card on Kickstarter. Support was overwhelming and the campaign was a great success. 

With over 10,000 Tiny Survival Guides distributed since the close of the Kickstarter Campaign, David decided to take the "Tiny" concept to the next level and make it easy for folks to DIY build out their own everyday carry survival pocket kits that can fit the Tiny Survival Guide and Card and other essential, lifesaving items. 

Using over 20 years of product development, marketing and wilderness experience, David continued on, designing innovative new EDC survival kits and gear that can be combined, customized and carried - everywhere - all the time, in a wallet, pocket, pack or purse. 

This is what Tiny Survival is all about... Equipping you with innovative, everyday carry tools (and training resources) that are always with you. We call it, "peace of mind in your pocket."  Micro survival gear and training resources to get you (and the ones you love) through an unexpected (and potentially life threatening) emergency, crisis or disaster event - and get you home safe!

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support as we endeavor to help all who want to be better prepared... because you never know. 

Have a fantastic day!

~ The Tiny Team