10 Best Survival Gizmos, Gadgets and Gear - Volume 1

10 Best Survival Gizmos, Gadgets and Gear - Volume 1

If you're bored of "typical" survival gear, want to cut through the clutter and learn what David personally uses... or maybe you have a special someone on your "survival" gift list and need some help. Well you've come to the right place... Because today we're gonna break into the survival cache and take a look at 10+ cool survival survival gizmos, gadgets and gear that could also make great gifts. For your convenience, I've included a pile of links to the stuff in this post with each item. Cool!? Well let's get started...

A_1-DMT Credit Card Wallet Sharpener

EDC Diamond Credit Card Sized Knife Sharpener Got a dull knife in the back country? That’s no problem when you everyday carry the DMT Credit Card Sized Diamond Sharpener in your wallet. Whip it out and hone that knife on the spot - like a boss. Cost is around $12 US.


A_3-Snug Pack Jungle Bag

Add 25ºF of Warmth to Any Sleeping Bag Add 25ºF (or 14° C) of warmth to your sleeping bag with the Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner. Simply slide the liner into your bag, get in it… and enjoy the added warmth.

The Reactor Extreme Liner and Snug Pack Jungle Bag Replace Sleeping Systems 2 to 4 Times Their Size...

The Reactor Extreme is great for camping, emergency kits and bug out bags because it can eliminate the need for a big, OR BIGGER, heavy, bulky, bag that can take up way too much of your pack. I use my Reactor with my super small and lightweight SnugPak 45ºF Jungle Bag for comfortable 3+ Season Adventures down to about 20ºF (or -10ºC). Cost is around $60 US either the Reactor Extreme Liner or the SnugPak Jungle Bag. Reactor Extreme: http://amzn.to/1QVTCVF Snug Pack Jungle Bag: http://amzn.to/1QVUOZc



Schrade SCHF39 - Knife / Slingshot / Survival Tool Bored of knives that are just knives?… We’ll the SCHF39 has a few surprises you may be interested in… besides the nice quality, 5 inch, 1095 high carbon steel blade… the SCHF39 includes two mini stone sharpeners on the sheath, a ferro rod, folding slingshot limbs, a slingshot band, pouch and 6 rounds of survival ammo. The slingshot assembles in less than a minute is a lot of fun to shoot and could put some meat on the table in a pinch. Oh, and don’t forget to grab some extra ammo - Cost of the SCHF39 is Around $45 US. SCHF39 Slingshot Knife: http://amzn.to/1HbAW26 Extra Slingshot Ammo: http://amzn.to/1X4Z9OH



Portable Solar Power on a Budget So what is your back up plan when the power goes out down? And how will you power your during a bug out, if you go camping or away from electricity for a few days? Well, at less than $60 US… the 15 ounce Anker PowerPort, 2-Port, Solar Panel System provides serious power to keep your USB charged devices going. Use the PowerPort Solar Panel to charge phones, tablets, and other USB tech directly from the sun… or store energy for later use or cloudy days by adding the 20,000 mAh Anker PowerCore Ultra High Capacity power bank (which you can also charge via USB). Then PowerBank stores enough Power to keep my iPhone6 running for a week. But Best of all, the Anker PowerBank only runs about $40 US. So this means with the PowerBank and the PowerPort Solar Panel, you can have a nice, lightweight and reliable solar power backup system for about $100. Solar Panels: http://amzn.to/1LrfReO 20,000 mAh PowerCore: http://amzn.to/1LrgRQ8



How to Purify Cesspool Water and Make It Drinkable Unfortunately Most Water Filters won’t protect you from water borne virus’ that might contaminate water during a catastrophic event… or virus’ that are be found in some water outside of the USA. So I use the General Ecology - First Need Portable Water Purifier for my emergency kit, bug out bag and travel needs… It can process up to 2 liters per minute, takes out water borne pathogens INCLUDING virus’ and some chemicals… and makes even very questionable water safe to drink AND taste great. Cost is around $110 US. First Need - Water Purifier: http://amzn.to/1Lp7FMg



Survival Playing Cards The Don’t Die Out There Playing Cards can pass time on the trail… and in a pinch, they make a pretty decent pocket survival guide. Each card contains different survival information on topics like shelter, water, fire, food and first aid. So if you find card games boring (at times) and want to learn some valuable stuff while waiting for the other guy decide if he wants to raise or fold… the $7 US - Don’t Die Out There - Playing Cards might be a lifesaver for you or someone on your list. http://amzn.to/1O8bZWE


A_8-Survival-Man Ring

“Survival” Man Ring Multi-Tool Meet the “Survival” Man Ring Multi-Tool. Made from Aerospace grade titanium in Georgia, USA - for the man who has everything - except for this ring. The $295 - made and sized to order - Man ring has 5 tools hidden inside it’s stout top… including a bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade, saw, and a mustache comb. James Bond… eat your heart out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/115928701/the-man-ring-titanium-utility-ring


A_9-Survival-SAS-Survival Guide-B

Best Bug Out Bag Survival Book EVER!!! What’s the best bug out bag survival book? Well, that’s a tough one… But if I had to pick only one survival book for the rest of my life from my collection - hands down, I’d pick the SAS Survival Handbook. Written by Jon “Lofty” Wiseman - the former survival instructor for Britain’s SAS (similar to the U.S. Navy Seals)… The SAS Survival Handbook covers a wide range of survival topics, and techniques… is laid out well and is VERY nicely illustrated (which I like). Grab the Third Edition, since it updates older info and covers new topics such as urban survival and terrorism.. The SAS Survival Handbook may be the best $15 you ever spend on survival stuff and it could turn out to be the most valuable 1.8 pounds in your bug out bag or emergency kit. http://amzn.to/1PEt5ge




Titan - Survivor Cord / Paracord NEW From Titan - Survivor Cord Paracord is 7 Strand, Military Grade 550 Paracord with 3 additional strands… a light gauge copper wire for small animal snares, a 25 lb. test, mono-filament fishing line and waterproof, waxed jute to help you quickly start a fire in an emergency. Stand by for my full review. Cost is around $25 US for 100 feet (or about 30 meters). http://amzn.to/1Yn0SvV



WAZOO 16-Tool Paracord Survival Bracelet A LOT more than just a paracord bracelet… My Adventure Survival Bracelet from Wazoo Survival Gear is never far from me because it includes 16 hidden survival tools. It contains tools for navigation, fire starting, signaling, fishing, snares and traps, gear repair, first aid, cutting and rescue and more. Cost is around $90 US. http://amzn.to/1S9iF5U

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