Bear Grylls Canteen Review - A Bigger, Better Canteen

Bear Grylls Canteen Review - A Bigger, Better Canteen

Water is an Indispensable Priority of Survival.

Imagine having all the cool survival gear and no way to carry, collect or purify water. You can survive without food for several days if not weeks, but without water the chances of surviving an emergency... beyond a few days... is slim. So it's super important to have the right water carrier when the chips are down. Recently, Gerber designed a new canteen for their Bear Grylls Survival Series line of gear that may be just what you're looking for. We were pretty impressed, but let's see what you think. Here we go...

Military Roots

The Bear Grylls canteen is inspired by, but improves upon the classic military canteen design and nesting cup.


The water bottle is made out of thick, BPA free plastic, that is reinforced by a series of raised and textured ribs on the outside. It has a quality leak-proof lid with a quailty built-in gasket. The lid easily spins independent of the soft plastic strap that keep it with the bottle.  The nesting cup is made out of food grade aluminum and has two heat-resistant silicone handles, suitable for boiling water or drinking whatever floats your boat!


The overall dimension of the canteen is 10 inches long, 6 inches wide and 3 inches deep and it weighs about 12.5 Oz. empty and around 3 pounds full...


A HUGE win for the Gerber Bear Grylls canteen is how much water it can hold. It holds 1 liter or about 34 fluid ounces of water, which quite a bit more than a traditional military canteen.

Bear Grylls Canteen Comparison
Canteen Sheath

The canteen sheath is made out of a durable-feeling nylon... the canteen nests in the cup and fits snug into the carrier. Both are then held firmly in place with a stretchy nylon strap that secures with a velcro closure system. Bear Grylls Survival Series Canteen Sheath Bear Grylls - Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide

There is a pouch on the side of the canteen carrier that holds the Bear Grylls Priority of Survival Pocket Guide. The pocket guide is made out of a soft pliable plastic so it won’t get ruined WHEN it gets wet.

Made for Belt Carry Another great feature of the Gerber Bear Grylls canteen carrier is the addition of a wide durable loop that gives the ability to carry the canteen on just about any sized belt and the loop makes if easy to lash or strap to your pack for easy carry.

Initial Cleaning


The water bottle does smell like plastic out of the box. SO, I suggest rinsing it out a few times with warm water and baking soda before using it to drink water.

Our Rating 

We rate this canteen at 4.5 stars for the quality of build of the canteen and sheath, the volume of water it carries, the silicon handle covers on the nesting cup and the integration of a pouch for the pocket survival guide.

So, Who is this Canteen For?

The Bear Grylls Canteen is well designed for just about any outdoor adventure no matter how rigorous... including, camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, climbing, canoeing... and any other activity where a regular water bottle won’t cut it... and you want to easily carry a high volume of water on you... With it’s “better then military grade” design and a street price of less that $30 we recommend the Bear Grylls Survival Series canteen to you as an essential addition to your emergency, survival, camping or outdoor gear.

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