This Amazing Pocket Survival Guide Can Save Your Life!

This Amazing Pocket Survival Guide Can Save Your Life!

After nearly 10 years of training folks online and in "live" training classes - I'm convinced...

You probably don't have the time to attend a wilderness skills, self-defense or urban survival training.

So I've done the heavy lifting for you. You can proactively and easily training at home using my Tiny Survival Guide (and supplementing your training with our weekly podcast (The Survival Show Podcast) where we use the TIny Guide as the training outline to your continuing training. 

The Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE is the fulfillment of a dream I had nearly 7 years ago, to design a rugged, compact, everyday carry, emergency reference guide that YOU and EVERYONE you Love (regardless of skill level) Can Use in TWO Distinct Ways:

#1 - As a PROACTIVE, Everyday Carry, Learning Tool - To help you train and prepare - BEFORE a disaster.

#2 - As a REACTIVE, Emergency Guide - To help you navigate a potentially life-threatening situation - DURING a crisis event. So I asked my friend, Craig Caudill (Author of Extreme Wilderness Survival and Founder of Nature Reliance School) to help me develop this unique, "never been done before," everyday carry, micro-survival guide. The Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE is patterned after our popular Ultimate Survival Challenge - Level 1 training course, and boils down over 35 hours of training to the essentials you need when things go bad!

“Think of it as a Life Insurance Policy in Your Pocket.”

Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE is a treasure chest full of the life-saving tips you need to survive almost anything - all in a compact, credit card-sized, micro-guide. When technology fails and you don’t have anything but your wallet, Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE will be there for you!
 The Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE and Tiny SURVIVAL CARD are both sized to fit comfortably in standard sized wallets and ALTOIDS® Tin Survival Kits.

You’ll Learn How to Survive These Threats:

  • Wilderness Mishaps
  • Civil Unrest
  • Surprise Attacks
  • Natural Disasters
  • Mass Destruction: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Disasters (and Attacks)
  • Abduction, Hostage and Terror Threats
  • Active Shooters
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Hiking, Camping, and Hunting Emergencies
  • And MORE!

Inside You Will Find:

  • 174 Expert Tips
  • 101 Detailed Illustrations
  • 67 Life-Saving Skills
  • 24 Essential Gear Checklists
  • 10 “Killer” Mistakes You MUST Avoid
Tiny Survival Card Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is a "last ditch" 17 function tool kit that fits in your wallet.
Add my Patent Pending, Made in the USA Tiny SURVIVAL CARD to the Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE.

Tiny SURVIVAL CARD Includes:

  • Mini Knife / Spear Point / Signal Reflector
  • Micro Finger Drill / Awl
  • 3 Sewing Needles
  • 2 Small Fishing Hooks
  • 2 Medium Fishing Hooks
  • 2 Double Finishing Hooks
  • 1 Mini Button / Fishing Lure
  • 2 Mini Gig / Harpoons
  • Fine and Medium Hack Saw
  • Mini Tweezers
  • Magnet Base
Every Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is Made in the USA and is crafted from 0.025" thick, (USA origin) 302 stainless steel (which is known for it's strength and corrosion resistance). Every card comes on a magnetic base allowing you to pre-sharpen the micro knife and place it (and many of the other tools) back on the base for storage.

Who Is Tiny Survival Guide For?

According to a recent FEMA survey, a majority of American adults DO NOT have an emergency plan, sufficient supplies, knowledge or the training needed to survive a major disaster. So, Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE is a great tool to help ANYONE be better prepared. Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE is also perfect for folks who like to hike, camp, fish, hunt, backpack, travel, explore new wilderness or urban destinations. SO basically EVERYONE! My heart is to get The Tiny SURVIVAL GUIDE into YOUR hands... and into the hands of EVERY person YOU LOVE and care about - so they too can be better prepared for the inevitable emergency, crisis or disaster.

Ultimate Survival Tips Guide and (Knife) Card Tool - Crushes Kickstarter Goal

Our original goal was to raise $3,500. Be were blessed to surpass this in 14 hours (on the first day). With the help and support of many, Tiny Survival Guide has raised over $33,659 and is 961% of our original goal. That's nuts! It's been a fantastic ride for sure.

Tiny Survival Guide and Card are Available for for Order Now

You can order your Tiny Survival Guides and Cards for yourself and everyone you love and get them long before we release them to the general public.  THANK YOU for your encouragement and kind support!

And remember, BE PREPARED… Because You Never Know.

Founder & Owner: Ultimate Survival Tips, Co-Host of The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast, Designer of the Popular MSK-1 Survival Knife System

DISCOVER the "Rest of the Story" and Order Now...


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