A Survival Kit Tech in a Tube - VSSL Gear

A Survival Kit Tech in a Tube - VSSL Gear
It's VERY rare that I get excited about a survival kit anymore - but when I saw the NEW VSSL Gear - Supplies Survival Kit online I said, "Yes! Finally an NEW Innovative and Original Approach to Survival Kits... AND rushed to get one in here. When I knew that my VSSL Kits (yes, I got the supplies, first aid and zombie) arrived, I was so jazzed that I let the cameras roll to get my first impressions.


Birthed Via Kickstarter

VSSL Flashlight
3-Mode Flashlight


Birthed via Kickstarter the VSSL kits come in a 9" long by 2" diameter anodized aluminum case that is rugged and just plain looks cool. At the top of the cylinder there's a nice 3-Mode LED flashlight that is the top cap and includes a high low and SOS beacon mode. The bottom cap a ridiculously nice oil-filled compass that flips over to reveal a 4 hour beeswax candle. Inside we have several marked round tins that contain essential survival gear and the kit even comes with round instructions that are coded to each tin that provide concise instructions how to use the contents of the kit.

VSSL Everything
Here's a List of All the Gear Contained in this Kit: • Dual mode (static and SOS) LED ‘flood’ beam lantern light, illuminates a large area (batteries included) • Compass (oil filled) • 4 hour pure Canadian beeswax candle • Razor blade
VSSL Survival Guide VSSL Survival Guide
• 6 Aquatabs® water purification tablets • Wire saw (high tensile, 60lb working strength with handle straps) • Aluminum beadless emergency whistle • Waterproof matches • Tinder Quik® fire starters • Fishing Gear • Signalling Mirror
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit

• Marine grade rope (250lb breaking strength) • Reflective trail markers • P38 military GI Type can opener • First aid supplies • VSSL priorities of survival and instructions


Pros and Cons of VSSL Supplies Kit: First Let's Look at the Downside... The flashlight switch is waterproof, super high quality and easy to use… but it’s also VERY easy to accidentally turn on. So you’ll want to flip the center battery around until you need the flashlight to make sure you don’t exhaust the batteries by accident.

VSSL Compass Cap

Next - Although the compass is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a stock survival kit, it comes as the bottom of the VSSL… And because I don’t know how it’s going to hold up over time as the bottom… I’d switch it around with the flashlight top which has less glass exposed and use caution when placing the compass side down on hard, uneven surfaces - like rocks. Next, the flashlight batteries are E90s - NOT standard AA or AAAs - but the smaller length of E90s ARE necessary to keep the flashlight size down… So I’d recommend carrying a spare set. So I was able to fit an extra set of 3 batteries - one each in the Fishing, Water Purification and First Aid PODS… You may want to do the same. Although the Tin PODs keeps everything neat and organized - they are not the most efficient way to fit the maximum amount of gear in the Aluminum VSSL container. But those with “Type A” / OCD personalities will love this kit - “as is” while those that tend toward the messy side will surely like to stuff more gear inside.


NOW on the Upside...

VSSL Supplies Kit Contents

The VSSL is a Cool Looking, Rugged Aluminum and Water Resistant Main Container - with a high quality, bright - 3 Mode Flashlight (including an SOS beacon) and has one of the best pre-made survival kit - compasses I’ve ever seen built into the other cap. VSSL is easily customizable - since you can buy empty or pre-loaded tins OR just shove your own gear inside. VSSL is VERY well Organized with Individual Tins that include Basic Survival Gear AND has some basic but cool instructions that actually tell you how to use what’s in the kit. AND as a BONUS - You could use any one of the tins to make char in the field (See my video on how to make char cloth).


VSSL Holds 11 -12 Ounces of Water

Now I was just thinking… if this container keeps water out… could we remove the stuff inside and use it to keep water in… as a cup or even a canteen in a pinch… So I just tried this… using the empty Supplies VSSL… with over 11 ounces of water. Now you can seal it inside… But I want to let you know that doing this could risk your flashlight… especially if you don’t put the black plastic battery cap on tight. But it makes a pretty darn good cup and that’s a bonus for sure.


So who’s the VSSL for?

VSSL Supplies Survival Kit

At just under $100 U.S. (at the writing of this article) VSSL's cost may be resisted by the budget conscious, but for those who appreciate form and function the VSSL Supplies Survival Kit is a nice, basic kit for those that wants a practical, portable, and tough, preloaded kit for hunting, camping, backpacking, outdoor adventures, bug out bags, vehicles or general emergency preparedness or for those who what a good basic kit that they can tweak to meet their needs.

VSSL Gear also sells Empty VSSLs with flashlight and compass top and bottom that you can load with whatever you want. And in the future we’ll take a look at the first aid and Zombie VSSls. For another modular Survival Kit check out my review of the Gear Pods Wilderness Survival Kit. Okay… so you can check out more, here are links to this VSSL kit and a few other VSSLs as well:

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VSSL Gear - Zombie Kit VSSL Empty  

Fill it with YOUR Stuff Container VSSL Polished Aluminum Flask Light

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