Make Your Own Laundry Soap - With 4 Simple Ingredients

Make Your Own Laundry Soap - With 4 Simple Ingredients

Did you know that with a few basic very inexpensive ingredients you can make your own laundry soap that is: less expensive, better for the environment and healthier for your skin? Well you can... and it's really easy. I’ve been making my own for a few years now and it works great! It works so good that a friend whose son was needing cloth diapers for sensitive skin said she liked the way my detergent worked on his diapers and how it made them smell better than the store-bought hypoallergenic kind she’d been using.


Here’s the Ingredients:

  • 3 1/4 gallons of water

That’s it!!!


Here's What to Do:

You sliver the soap into flakes, into a saucepan.

Add 4 cups of water and heat until the soap is dissolved – but don’t boil! (You may wind up with a bubbly mess!) Then, add 3 gallons of HOT water into a large bucket, pour in the melted soap water and mix well. Drizzle in the washing soda, mixing well, then the borax and mix well again.

How to Make Laundry Soap - Borzx

Voila! Now leave it to set.

The next day use a big whisk to break up the gelatanous blob you’ll have, into a nice thick liquid and pour into reserved jugs. (I use the big plastic juice jugs that have nice handles attached.) You need to shake it up a bit every time you use it, and I also whisk it into some water in the machine before adding the clothes. (Yes, I have an exclusive laundry whisk!) You can also add essential oils into your soap for additional aromatic and disinfectant properties. I have added grapefruit seed oil and lavender oil. With this simple, affordable and easy to make “recipe” you can save money on laundry detergent, take it easy on the environment, and get clean, nice-smelling clothes... Yes... smell is very important to me. Until next time... ~ Carin

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