Early November 2020 Knife Update

Early November 2020 Knife Update
(Above) Ben Receiving Our (Long Awaited) Shipment of MSK-1 Primitive Knives
Isn't She Beautiful? Here's the First MSK-1 Primitive We Pulled Out of a Box


It was a very special day.

I almost cried when I inspected the first MSK-1 Primitive knife that Ben pulled from the pallets of knives that arrived late yesterday.

A Dream Fulfilled...

You see, it's been my labor of love for over 4 years to figure out how to make a half-priced MSK-1 knife - with all the "magic" (of our original MSK-1 and our NEW Elite and Elite Warrior models) - without cutting any corners. 

MSK-1 Primitive is the fulfillment of that dream.

MSK-1 Primitives Knives are Now In STOCK and Shipping!

As soon as we got the knives in, we started inspecting, packaging and we shipped a big pile of them today! 

So... if you ordered an MSK-1 Primitive it should be shipping soon (see below for specific details).

So... to date we have shipped HUNDREDS of MSK-1 ORDERS. But still some of you are still waiting.

Here's the CRAZY Snags...

YES! I'm Still Waiting for the SAME 3 Items Mentioned In My Last Update to You:

Firesteel Rods - The manufacturer told us several weeks ago that this item was scheduled to be made and shipped by the first week of November. So this is what I told you in our last update.

I did my best to wait patiently. I gave them some space. Then when ferro rods were due to arrive - but did not, I contacted them and found out that the rods were not done.

Now, before I pull my (very short flat top) hair out and go on and MEGA RANT...

I want to tell you that for over 4 years, the owner of this company has been a friend, an ally and a great encouragement in the manufacturing community to me.

And he makes premium custom components in the USA (which is why we selected him).  And before COVID hit - He had NEVER missed a delivery date.

But COVID has turned his world upside down with continuing supply chain issues, more companies bailing out of China and wanting him to make more and more products for them in the USA.

AND, having his business shut down for weeks and weeks this summer by the State of New York. He has still not recovered from that.

This does not help you get your gear (or for me to sleep better at night), but it brings some context and an awareness to the world we all currently share - IN THAT a lot of grace is needed for each other so that we can get though the balance of 2020 (sane) and together. Let us hope and pray for better days ahead.

THAT Said...

I will be discussing production with him again tomorrow. He has promised to come up with a plan. I believe he will come through for us all.

Nylon Sheath and Nylon Kit Pouch - These were in line to be sewn and were expected to arrive at our location (in Pennsylvania) around first week or second week of November.

Yep, sure enough - it's now the second week of November so I talked with the General Manager of this manufacturer (another friend and ally) late last week and he said that two new machines were being installed as we spoke and that OUR MSK-1 nylon sheaths would be the first to run on those machines.

I will be discussing this with him tomorrow. Stand by for more.

NEXT... If that were not enough...

We Have A LITTLE COVID-19 PAUSE on MSK-1 Elite and Elite Warrior Shipping... Here's the scoop:

Our resupply of these two knives was supposed to arrive last week from TOPS knives.

The knives ARE actually all done and were being packed to be shipped UNTIL - TOPs had a COVID-19 outbreak.

No joke. You can't make this stuff up. 

And so the State of Idaho (yep I said Idaho - not New York) shut TOPS down until the quarantine time has been satisfied for all of their staff.

TOPS head honcho hopes to be reopened sometime next week.

So if you recently ordered and ELITE or ELITE Warrior - Your knife will be slightly delayed.


1) International Orders will ship as complete orders only. Meaning... if one or two items in your order are not in stock, we will wait until we have all of your items - before we ship.

Hers' How to Get Your MSK-1 Knife FASTER!

If your order includes a ferro rod, nylon outer sheath or kit pouch and you would like us to remove those from your order and ship your knife ASAP we can do that.

Please email Help@UltimateSurvivalTips.com to make arrangements with Ben our General Manager.

2) USA orders containing a knife and one (or more) of the three "out of stock" items mentioned above - (Firesteel, Nylon Sheath and Kit Pouch) - we will split your order and ship what we DO have in stock and then ship your remaining items once they arrive (at our expense).

I apologize if this is confusing and for these crazy (beyond our control) delays.

Just Know We Are Doing Our Best to Navigate - So that We Can Get You Your Full MSK-1 Kit ASAP.

You WILL receive an email with tracking number once your MSK-1 gear ships.

GOT your MSK-1: Share the "love" with us all using #MSK1Knife on Instagram.

AND - Check Our the NEW "MSK-1 Knife" on Instagram @https://www.instagram.com/msk1knife

Alright friend!  I think that's about it for now.

Thank you so much for your patience and support with this project.


NOTE: You WILL receive a notification with tracking # once your order ships. Just remember, we are doing our best to ship every order - as fast as we can.

I will get another update out asap. 

Until then... stand by.  Your MSK-1 Kit is coming soon!