MSK-1 Pre-Order Update - 10/22

MSK-1 Pre-Order Update - 10/22

Before I get into the FULL update on your MSK-1 Knife...  I want to thank you for your trust and (especially) your patience as we work to get your knife to you ASAP.

Super Short Update:

The supply chain is still broken. It's been hard to get knives made on time this year. No matter how hard we pushed - it became clear (not long ago) that we were not going to get your MSK-1 knife out in time. But it's coming soon.

This week I asked our manufacturing partners for updates so I could give you an informed view of where your pre-ordered MSK-1 knife is at (in the build process), and when we might have knives here, ready to deliver to you.

See the FULL Update Below...

5 Free Gifts for Your Patience

For your patience and understanding so far, I am going to send you 5 of our most popular gear items for FREE (with your MSK-1 Knife (when it ships)). 

Here's What You'll Get (ONLY for those who are waiting for a Pre-Order / Backorder MSK-1 Elite or Elite Warrior as of (10/6/22):

MSK-1 Knife Update/s:

We currently offer five MSK-1 knives:

I’ll give an update on each one these (below). Just scroll down and find your pre-ordered knife....

 MSK-1 Primitive - As of 09/30/22 a limited number of MSK-1 Primitive knifes arrived. All back order / pre-orders have been shipped as of 10/06/22. We now have MSK-1 Primitive's IN STOCK. 


 MSK-1 Elite Warrior - TOPs Knives in Idaho manufacturers this VERY (complicated to make and) special triple-edged knife, in very limited edition production runs for us. There's nothing else like it. Infact, if you ordered a Warrior, you will be one of only a few hundred people around the world who own this elite blade.  

TOPS (quite literally) is the only manufacturer I trust to make this knife.

We just talked with the TOPS team to discover where they are at, and what happened to cause them to miss their original delivery date (which is a rare occurrence).

The Operations Manager at TOPS apologized and said that two major things went sideways this summer with Elite Warrior Knife production.  

1) Due to various supply chain issues and market pressures - the maker of the military-grade 154CM specialty steel for this knife was not able to manufacture and deliver it to TOPS until early August (it was expected in June).

Following this TOPS went quickly into production. And sent the knife to the company they trust most to properly heat treat the 154CM knife steel to our specifications.

2) The knives are currently waiting to be heat treated. You would think this process would move along fast... however I have learned (over the past 7 years in the knife making world) that as the USA has increasingly outsourced production (mostly to China), the number of capable (and available) USA-based, specialty manufacturing companies has dwindled causing major road blocks when the economy and supply chain is even slightly disrupted.

Once the Warriors are back from heat treat TOPS plans to prioritize the final production steps ASAP.

 MSK-1 Elite Warrior Ship Date:

I (for good reason (again)) hesitate to give a ship date - but you deserve it. Several of you have been waiting since a popular biker magazine named the MSK-1 Warrior "Knife of the Year." We love bikers! So here goes...

Craig (TOPs head honcho) said that it would be realistic to tell you that you should have your Elite Warrior sometime in December - before Christmas (sooner if the knife moves faster through heat treat). Let’s hope for that.


 MSK-1 Elite Knife - We just sold out of MSK-1 Elite knives. We are hoping for our next order to arrive by the end of November. With current uncertainties not yet worked out of the manufacturing pipeline - we have decided NOT to put the MSK-1 Elite on Pre-Order until we are more certain of it's arrival date.

MSK-1 Elite (the replacement and upgraded version of my original MSK-1 knife) is our best seller and will go fast before Christmas. So, if you want to get on our waiting list for Elites - email and we'll let you know as soon as they arrive.


 MSK-1 Mini Knife - Mini Knives are now sold out and will not be available again until summer of 2023 - unless I find an additional manufacturer with capacity (which I am working on).

Now, if you ordered an MSK-1 Mini with another Pre-Order knife... no worries! We have your Mini Knife safely set aside and ready to ship with your big knife.


 NEW! MSK-1 Black Tactical Knife

MSK-1 Black is the NEWEST Addition to the MSK-1 family and is now IN STOCK and ready to conquer your next mission - without breaking the bank.

“WHY do you have MSK-1 Blacks in stock and nothing else David?” You ask…

Well largely due to me (David) not having time to get the word out on this great knife. I'm actually working this week to roll it out in a much bigger way.

I only have about 150 MSK-1 Blacks left in stock - and that's it for 2022.

So, if you are itching for a really sweet / and affordable MSK-1 right NOW... check out MSK-1 Black Tactical HERE. or our NOW in stock MSK-1 Primitives. 

To all of our customers - and especially those patiently waiting for their MSK-1 knife - thank you for your encouragement, trust and support.

You are going to love this knife!

~ David