Shootin' Guns - INSIDE SHOT SHOW Range Day - A Photo and Video Log

Shootin' Guns - INSIDE SHOT SHOW Range Day - A Photo and Video Log

Just imagine every major firearm manufacturer in the world, letting you shoot their latest and greatest guns as much as you want. If you enjoy responsible shooting... like me... It's a dream. Well since I am now considered part of the "Media" (woo, hoo!) I got to attend a special event in Boulder City, Nevada, for media professionals who review and report on various types of gear like guns, knives, outdoor gear and the like.

SHOT Show is held in Las Vegas (because it supposed to be warm - if not hot - which is wasn't) and is the Largest shot of this type on the planet and is where manufacturers come to show their gear to the media and retail sellers, from the big guys to the small town sporting goods dealer. SHOT Show 2013 runs from Tuesday February 15th to Friday the 18th... but on Monday the 14th this special event was held. Media day was fun but very cold... Yep, the desert can be cold (temp with wind chill was around 25 degrees Fahrenheit). But after I ate a warm lunch, and sat in my car for an hour to get my core temperature up (yep, I forgot my winter coat and long johns) I was ready do go. So here is a photo journal of the day.



Here is a map of the range with a list of companies who were here below... notice all of the different shooting bunkers... NICE!
Here's a close up of the new Glock 30S a smaller form factor 10 round .40 pistol for conceal carry.
Here's the long range shooting area.
I'm next in line to try out the new Glock 30S... very nice pistol... but this girl did better with it than I did. It took me a few magazine to adjust to it's more compact size.
This is a cool little Italian made .22 single shot that folds in two to for easy transport. I though this might make a nice survival .22
Here's a close up of the cool Italian .22 branding so you can check it out more if you like.
I have no idea what these dudes are... but they looked cool.
This is the sweetest shooting .45 ACP I've ever fired. Smooooooth trigger and low recoil. VERY nice. I think the brand is FNH which are made in Fredricksburg, VA.
Zombie and Alien targets... I guess I just don't get the whole Zombie thing.
This long range rifle from APO caught my attention. I got to fire the .308 version... see below...
This APO .308 was a real nice shooter. And it shot it with a suppressor can on and sub-sonic ammo... it was literally quieter than a BB Gun. Crazy.
It's been a while since my Marine Corps days and shooting my M16 on full auto... so it was a thrill to shoot the Kriss Vector .45 ACP on full auto... I was next in line... this dude is not me. I just though it was a cool angle.
Here's the Vector Range Instructor posing for me... Cool guy, cool gun!
When you let dudes shoot your shot guns for free for 4 hours, you end up with a lot of empties all over the place...
This is looking to the South from the top of a hill at 1/2 of the Media Day shooting areas...
This shot is looking to the North at the rest of the shooting stations...

What can I say? It was an awesome day.

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