30 Second Emergency Poncho Shelter

30 Second Emergency Poncho Shelter

Well we all know that shelter is one of the “CORE FOUR priorities of survival... and that a good quality poncho (with grommet holes) is a “must have” everyday carry survival item for protection from the elements.... and a host of other useful purposes.

Survival Solutions-OPSEC-Poncho

But unfortunately, ponchos are often just too small to keep you shielded from the weather AND require some sort of twine or rope to set up. So today we’re going to take a look at the Survival Solutions - Oversized Emergency Poncho Shelter and show you how to set it up in about 30 seconds WITHOUT any twine.

Meet the O.P.S.E.C. Poncho About a year ago I found the Survival Solutions - OPSEC poncho and have been using it as my standard bug out bag poncho ever since... because it preforms all the core tasks of a standard poncho AND can be transformed into a LARGE, camouflage, emergency shelter in less than a minute WITHOUT any cordage.


OPSEC Poncho Longer Than Other Ponchos... Made in the USA - the Survival Solutions poncho is crafted out of 70 denier, coated, ripstop nylon that is about 18” (or 46 centimeters) longer than a standard military style poncho yet it weighs only about 1.4 pounds (or 639 grams) ... compared to a military surplus poncho that weighs around 2.2 pounds (or 1 kilogram). And it even fits in the cargo on my NON-military outdoor pants. When not using the extra size of this poncho, it folds underneath and snaps securely out of the way.

Now the Extra Poncho Length Serves 3 Primary Functions... First, it keeps you and your gear covered well even when you are carrying a big pack... Second, it gives you up to an extra 7 square feet of ground or roof tarp...

OPSEC-Survival Solutions Poncho Shelter
And best of all... it allows you to set up an emergency shelter or camouflage hide in 30 seconds without any cord. Here’s how:
  • Find a downed tree or solid branch that’s 2 - 3 feet off the ground.
  • Wrap the extra poncho length around the fallen tree.
  • Fasten the poncho end to the tree using the 3 snaps.
  • Now, push a stick through each of 2 grommet holes to tightly secure the other end to the ground.

Incredibly Versatile Poncho... A camouflage, emergency, poncho shelter that you can construct in about 30 seconds without any twine.

More Great Emergency Rain Gear If you’re looking for a rugged, affordable, standard-sized, rip-stop poncho with grommet tie downs and snaps - I can’t find a better deal than the Germany-Made Mil-Tec rain poncho. And for the most rugged rain gear I’ve found to date, check out the Helly Hansen Impertec II Jacket and pants. We’ve just taken a look at how to set up an emergency shelter in 30 seconds with the Survival Solutions - OPSEC poncho.


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