DIY - 14 lb - Bug Out Bag - Survival Kit - Get Home Bag

DIY - 14 lb - Bug Out Bag - Survival Kit - Get Home Bag

Everyone needs a versatile, portable Bug Out Bag to throw in a vehicle, everyday carry or grab to "get out of Dodge" on a moments notice. So after months of testing and research, I came up with this base Bug Out Bag kit that you can assemble and customize to meet your needs. It's only 14 lbs (or 6.3kg) and contains the core gear that can form the essential foundation of any bug out bag you build... and should help you get through a 72 hour crisis with ease.


Here's What's in this Kit (click each item for more info):

UTG Tactical Messenger Sling Bag

Tactical Sunglasses

Kleen Kanteen 40 oz. Single Walled Water Container

Coast HX5 130 Lumen Focusing Flashlight

Sabre Pepper Gel

Leather Work Gloves

Shemagh Tactical Scarf

GSI Stainless Steel Cup

Scouring Pad

SOL Escape Breathable Bivy

MSR Dromedary Hydration Bag - 4 liter

SOL 2 - Man Emergency Bivy

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

55 Gallon 3mil Trash Bags

42 Gallon 3 mil Trash Bags

Mora Companion Knife

Best Glide Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit

Duct Tape

Schrade Compact Pocket Carry Diamond Sharpener

MRE - Meals Ready to Eat Kind Bars

Earl Grey Tea

Titan Type III Paracord

Monocular 10x Tasco

Regular Bandana

Survival Bandana

Coleman Biowipes - 30 Count

Bear Grylls Headlamp

Silky Pocket Boy Folding Saw

Silva Compass

Sharpie Fine Marker

Esse Navigation Cards

Compass Holder Neck Lanyard

Neck Lanyard ID and Money Holder

Pistol Sock

Pocket Preditor Slingshot

.38 Caliber Slingshot Ammo



Condor Urban Go Bag - Backpack Snugpak Stratosphere One Person Breathable Bivy Snugpak Jungle Bag


David's Personal Outdoor Gear (from this video):

Cool Guide Hat Tactical Jacket Rough / Tough Pants Gore-Tex 9" ICS Waterproof Boots

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