Crazy $2 Shelter Hack for Bug Out, EDC and Hunting Emergencies

Crazy $2 Shelter Hack for Bug Out, EDC and Hunting Emergencies

Okay, we all know shelter is vital to survival, but the problem is... that even the most basic tarps, tents and hammock kits can cost a LOT of money and take up valuable space in a pack... and are not practical for everyday carry...


So I like to carry a 55 gallon, 3mil thick trash bag or two with some paracord in my EDC pack for a ton of survival uses including an improvised shelter. To transform your trash bag into a survival shelter, first make a straight cut the entire length of the side... along one fold. Now cut along the bottom seam... to finish preparing your shelter roof...


Next, find a good piece of ground to sleep on... between 2 trees at least 8 feet apart... Now tightly string your paracord between the two trees - this will be the ridge line or your improvised tent. To conserve paracord you can strip the 7 inner strands out of the outer casing. Use the outer casing for the ridge line and the inner strands for guidelines.


With your garbage bag tarp draped over... and centered on the ridge line... secure the guidelines to the corners of your tarp by placing smooth stones or something like small acorns or hickory nuts behind the tarp and tightly looping your guideline around it. Now secure each corner using the guideline and an improvised stake... tightening things up as you go. If needed, you can add more guidelines to strengthen your tent. Add another trash bag as a ground cover if you have it... And there you go... a simple, suitable trash bag shelter to keep you out of the elements in a survival or emergency situation.


For your convenience, here are links to all the gear your need for this project:

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