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Get the NEW iPhone Android App Does a Mobile App Full Of: Survival Hacks, Bug Out Tips, Sharp Bladed Tools, Devices that Shoot Projectiles, Dangerous Places and “Food” You Didn’t Even Know Was Edible - Sound Interesting? If so… download our NEW mobile app and join David (Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips - One of the Largest Survival Channels on YouTube) - as he shows you “hacks” that use junk, free stuff in the woods or few pieces of vital gear - to survive just about anything from a Zombie Apocalypse to a frigid night alone in grizzly bear infested woods, with nothing but your shoes. But seriously… if you want to have some fun, while you prepare for the worst, THIS is the app for you! Available for Apple and Android devices. Apple_App_Store_Logo-160PXGoogle Play-160px Inside You’ll Find: Survival, Outdoor, Prepper, Disaster and Hunting Gear Reviews… Survival Tips, Training and Cool Survival Hacks… EDC / Everyday Carry, DIY Survival Kits, Bug Out Bags, The Best in Survival Weapons and Whatever Else Seems Interesting to David at the Time. Prepare to Be Amazed! What Are You Waiting for? The App is Free!
Inside iPhone Android App Get Everything "Ultimate Survival Tips" in One Place.
Get EVERYTHING "Ultimate Survival Tips" in One Place... Over the past 6 months we’ve been working hard to create an app to give you access to EVERYTHING Ultimate Survival Tips… ALL in one place… including: our YouTube and Carbon TV videos, our website, Facebook and Twitter pages… our Survival e-MAGazine… and more. Why We Decided to Build this App for You... The reason we’ve made this app, is because we’ve been watching our analytics and statistical data and have seen the ratio of folks that watch our videos on tablets and mobile phones has shifted to nearly 60% of our total views. And that percentage grows every day. So to get the NEW Ultimate Survival Tips app click this link for Apple Devices and this link for Android Devices OR simply search “Ultimate Survival Tips” in your mobile device’s app store.
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You’ll see this image… When you do, you’ll know you’ve got the right app. Could One Cool App Simplify Your Life? My hope it that this app will be a lot more simple and convenient for you than using your web browser, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter apps since they can be cumbersome. Also to those of you who enjoy my content, yet don’t view it on your smart device, this app will be something to help you guys shift over to an easy way to get your Ultimate Survival Tips fix, especially when you’re on the go.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this App Free? A: Yep... Free as the wind! Q: Is this App Cool? A: If "cool" to you means, "Looks, great, works great, puts everything "Ultimate Survival Tips" in one place on your mobile device"... then yeah, we think you'll think it's cool. Q: What's In the App? A: The app includes fully functional, built-in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter feeds, the Ultimate Survival Tips website, the Ultimate Survival Tips Show on CarbonTV, and will include much more in the future. Q: What's the Catch? A: No catch. It's cool. It works. It's free. And it could save your life! So, if you love what we're doing at Ultimate Survival Tips - our app gives you just about everything we have to offer in one place, in a simple, convenient package. And did I say it's Free!?

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