Urban DANGER! 9 Keys to Safety and Survival in Your City

Urban DANGER! 9 Keys to Safety and Survival in Your City
What Should You Do If You Are Caught a City During a Riot, State of Emergency of Some Other Urban Disaster? Here's 7 Tips that Can Keep You Safe and Alive...

Tips For Urban Survival

Recently, on The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast (my co-host) Craig Caudill (Author of, Extreme Wilderness Survival) and I discussed tips for urban survival, how to avoid a physical confrontation, and everyday carry items we use. *CLICK HERE* to Listen to the FULL Podcast on iTunes - Google Play - Stitcher - Sound Cloud - Podbean


9 Keys to Survival in the CITY

1 - Establish a Rendezvous (Rally) Location

Wherever you go, always choose a location where your friends, family and those in your party will meet up if separated or in the event of an emergency where you loose the ability to communicate.


2 - Alternate Communication

Always have an extra power source for your mobile phone like the ANKER PowerCore 26800 (that can charge the average iPhone 4- 6 times). In the event that the communication grid goes down it's a good idea to carry high power, water-resistant, two-way radios with sub-frequencies - like the Midland GXT1050. Establish a main-frequency and an alternate frequency if the airwaves get crowded.

3 - Always Be Ready

In an urban setting, you need to have your a preparedness plan ready to go at a moments notice. Have (at the least) a small go bag / bug out bag with essentials close by and ready to go. Have a plan and share it with others.

4 - Have a Plan

You Need to have a Disaster Readiness Plan. Your safety, security and survival could be severely compromised if you do not have a solid plan in place for yourself and your family. So start NOW and plan. Things to Include:
  • Exit Plan
  • Stay at Home Plan
  • A Communication Plan
  • A Rendezvous Plan
  • Home Plan (include, Power, Heat, Water, Food, Home Defense etc)
  • Training Plan (i.e. Learn First Aid, Basic Self Defense, Survival Training, Firearm Training - FREE Training @ The SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast)
  • Home Emergency Kit
  • Bug Out Bag Kit
  • Vehicle Kit
 Take Responsibility for Your Personal Self Defense and Get Trained!

5 - If OUT - Blend IN

If you are out in public when an urban crisis strikes, blend in. Be calm. Don't attract attention. Be a "gray man."

6 - Avoidance

Do whatever you can to avoid others. Move away from crowds. Herds move in a the same direction and can sweep you in and limiting your options and putting you in a compromising situation. Always have a secondary escape travel route. Avoid law enforcement. Get to a safe place and stay there. Remember, opportunistic criminal will take advantage of any situation or person that they can. Avoid confrontation. Fight only if you have no other choice.

7 - Awareness

Be attentive stay aware. Do not get lost in your mobile device. Know what is going on around you and have a plan. Execute your plan. Improvise as needed and get to safety.

8 - Self-Defense

In the even of an active shooter or assault, run, hide, fight. Learn to provide for your own security - both at home, and in public. Get some personal self-defense training. If you own a gun, get trained to utilize it safely and effectively. Get and stay fit. At the least know how to run, hide or drive to get out of a bad situation.

9 - Be Ready to Roll

Keep you vehicle fueled, maintained and ready to roll to flee a situation fast. Have a basic maintenance kit in your vehicle and know how to use it. Keep fix a flat around and know how to fix a flat tire.

BONUS - Always Carry a Basic EDC Survival Kit & Guide

Always carry a basic survival kit, even if it is a small micro kit. Craig and I almost always carry an individual first aid kit also.

BONUS - An EDC Survival Guide + Kit that Fits in Your Wallet and Could Save Your Life

If you don't have a survival kit check out the Tiny Survival Guide and Survival (knife) Card Kit. They are both credit card sized and fit in your wallet, so you can take them EVERYWHERE - All the time! 

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