First Aid 101: What Preppers Need to Know - But Always Forget

First Aid 101: What Preppers Need to Know - But Always Forget

Imagine... NO ONE is coming to help! COULD YOU you save a life in a medical emergency? Today we are starting a new 20+/- part series on First Aid and Medical Preparedness with a man who has been saving lives and training first responders for over 30 years - Mr. Andy Tom.

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Introduction, Introducing Andy and TFG.

Welcome to THE SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast - Where it’s our mission to take you step by step through the mindset, skills, tactics, gear and supplies you need to survive almost any emergency, disaster or unexpected life situaiton…

I’m David… the founder of Ultimate Survival Tips, MSK-1 Knife, Tiny Survival  and your host for todays show…

Today I have a special guest, Mr. Andy Tom. Andy have over 30 years as a first responder, emergency medical and first aid instructor, Medical First Response and Safety and Security Team lead for a major medical provider with over 90,000 employees across 40 hospitals.

Andy and I are going to discuss:

00:00 Introduction

01:45 Series Over View

03:12 Andy’s Backstory

10:20 Importance of Being Medically Prepared

13:43 Rewards of Being a Paramedic

14:20 Survival Rule of 3's

15:26 What Will Kill You First?

16:55 Environmental Preparedness

17:30 Importance of Communication

21:30 First Steps of Becoming Medically Prepared

26:30 Future First Aid Demo Ideas

29:05 First Steps in a Medical Emergency

35:41 Trauma Situations Vs. Medical Emergencies

39:07 Personal Emergency Information

41:22 Emergency Contact

43:18 Mutual Aids and Resources

45:33 Where to Get Basic First Aid Training

48:17 Action Steps for Better Preparedness

AND… a Lot More.

Download FULL Show Notes PDF (WITH Checklists, Forms and Graphics): Click Here



First Aid Series Overview.

Andy’s Backstory

What inspired him to become a paramedic and save lives, how he bounced around PA and even ran a restaurant for a while, his current work.

What is the importance of being medically prepared?

Could you save someone’s life if you had to?

The rewarding aspect of being a paramedic

Survival Rule of Threes (See Section D from the Tiny First Aid Guide Above), knowing what we need to survive 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days, and 3 weeks.

What will kill you first?

Let’s apply the survival rule of threes, realizing the dangers of hypothermia and hyperthermia, thirst, and starvation.

Emergency / Survival Rule of THREE - From the Tiny First Aid: Get Yours HERE:    


Environmental Preparedness

Knowing what you need, dressing for your environment, having the proper supplies.

Importance of Communication

Let people know where you are going and what you are doing, keep your phone handy, make sure they know where to look for you.

First Steps to Become Medically Prepared

Take basic First Aid class. Future First Aid demo ideas for this series.

What to do in a Medical Emergency?

First Steps:

Safety First - making sure the scene is safe

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Calling 911, telling them the basics of the injury, the Mechanism Of Injury (MOI), and the current condition of the victim and make sure they know how to reach you before hanging up.

Trauma Situations, when to move a patient, trauma situations vs. medical emergencies, what to do in trauma situations.

Personal Emergency Information, jewelry you can buy with your condition(s) on it, the State Police program packets and stickers.

Emergency Information Card - From the Tiny First Aid: Get Yours HERE:    

Emergency Contact numbers, having an In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact on your phone for medical responders to use .

Mutual Aids programs, how hospitals connect to insure that there are always responders available, learning about the resources near you for better preparedness.

American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross resources online, courses you can take in a day to become more medically prepared. (See Links Above).

Action Steps to Take Now:

Have personal emergency information (Vial of Life)

Get the right mindset to learn First Aid

Have First Aid Kits and CPR masks readily available in your house and vehicles

Look online for information and classes.

DO it Today!



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