Five Pillars of Preparedness - Extreme Wilderness Survival

Five Pillars of Preparedness - Extreme Wilderness Survival

Do you know the Five Pillars of Preparedness that will keep you and the ones you love safe during a disaster? Today David and Mr. Craig Caudill will get you up to speed and discuss ● Three Proven Systems of Survival ● The FIVE Pillars of Preparedness ●  Mindset / Skills / Tactics - Teamwork / Gear and Supplies ● And Before We’re All Done - David and Craig will do a SPEED REVIEW and SHOW YOU - TWO Essential Pieces of EVERYDAY Carry Gear that You SHOULD Have with you at ALL TIMES… 

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Hey everyone… Welcome to THE SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast - Where it’s our job to take you step-by-step through the mindset, skills, tactics and gear you need… to prepare for almost any emergency, crisis, disaster or life altering event…

I’m David… the founder of Ultimate Survival Tips and your host for todays show…

So… Every week I’ll bring you a conversation with a forward-thinking, world class expert… in an area of practical survival, emergency preparedness, contingency medicine, leadership, or personal development - ALL - to help you attain your fullest potential and increase your survival IQ.

And guys… today you are in for a real treat… as we begin an IMPORTANT NEW 10 PART series with Mr. Craig Caudill - based off of his excellent book, Extreme Wilderness Survival.

Today we are gonna to discuss:

  • Three Proven Systems of Survival
  • The FIVE Pillars of Preparedness
  • Mindset / Skills / Tactics - Teamwork / Gear and Supplies
  • And Before We’re All Done…  Craig and I are going to do a SPEED REVIEW  and SHOW YOU - TWO Essential Pieces of EVERYDAY Carry Gear that You SHOULD Have with you at ALL TIMES… so Stay Tuned Until the END to discover what this gear is and why you need to seriously consider adding it to your EVERYDAY CARRY KIT… 

But before we get into all of this great content with Craig… Lets talk about your food security plan…

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Okay, lets get into today’s show with Craig.


[Craig Intro / Welcome]

Craig’s backstory for new listeners - up to what you do today.

How did the book - Extreme Wilderness Survival come to be?

Why did you write it?

Today we are going to use Chapter 1 as our guide and expand on the content…

People get overwhelmed with preparedness and survival - So we want to keep it simple but do our best to focus on the most important things - and then use simple systems to help us remember what to do when things go bad…

Mindset / Skills / Tactics - Teamwork / Gear / Supplies

Discuss this the importance of this MSTGS sequence:

David - IMAGINE MSTGS - as an upside down pyramid - Mindset on the bottom - Everything else after it crashes down if MINDSET Fails. So Mindset must be bullet proof, strong, trained.

David - Now - Let’s talk vulnerability of the pyramid.

The biggest / TOP parts of the pyramid are the most vulnerable.

But also being at the bottom… a Hardened Mindset being (at the bottom) is very hard to steal.

Skills are also something that others can not take.

Tactics and Teamwork have some inherent vulnerabilities (variables of other people on and not on team).

Gear can be lost, broken, stolen or will be unusable if a person has no skill.

Supplies are easy to take and will be most sought after.

Segment 1: Mindset (10 minutes)

- Importance of developing a survival mindset. Why is it FIRST in IMPORTANCE?

- Mental resilience and adaptability in challenging situations.

  • Strategies for staying calm and focused during emergencies.
  • (David: prayer, keeping active, singing, choosing to think the best, recite motivational sayings or Bible verses)
  • The power of positive thinking and maintaining a can-do attitude.
  • Why Mindset takes training…
  • You can do more than you think you can
  • Do hard things

Discuss STOPA (A System of Survival)

Why are survival systems important?

Stop: Sit Down (if you are off the X) / Take a deep breath

Think: Consider what you have.

Observe: Observe your surroundings, situation, resources.

Plan: Make a plan

Act: Actively execute a plan to remediate your situation and keep your mind alert.

Segment 2: Skills (10 minutes)

- Essential survival skills everyone should learn.

- Fire starting techniques, shelter building, and water purification.

- Navigation and orienteering skills.

- Basic first aid and medical knowledge.

  • Self-defense and personal safety techniques.

BUILD SKILLS BASED On Survival Rule of THREE / Priorities of Survival

How to build skills? Where to start?

  • Simples stuff: This podcast  and book, training. Hiking.. Go camping in the back yard. Turn the electric off…

RULE of Three - Survival System / Priorities:

KEY - Take Care of What Will Kill You FIRST

  • Three Seconds Get off the X
  • Three Minutes - Air and Blood - Safety, Self Defense, First Aid
  • Three Hours - Core Body Temp.  (Fire, Shelter, Appropriate Clothing, PREPPING - ALTERNATE Heat Source.
  • Three Days - Water / Hydration (How to: Find Water, Collect Water, Filter Purify (STORE - for Preppers)
  • Three Weeks - Food
  • Three Months - Companionship

- Build Skills Around these priorities

Segment 3: Tactics - Teamwork (10 minutes)

- The significance of teamwork in survival situations.

- Building a reliable support network and community.

- Effective communication and coordination within a group.

- Division of tasks and responsibilities for optimal efficiency.

- Training and practicing together to enhance teamwork.

NOW Next Lets get into everyones favorite topic - GEAR…


Segment 4: Gear (10 minutes)

  • Why is gear important? - Force multiplier - (But not first in importance)?

  • Essential gear categories and equipment for survival and preparedness.

  • Choosing the right tools for specific scenarios.

  • Practicing vs. Training with Gear - (Training: Simulate real work scenarios with gear)

  • Eliminate unneeded gear.  Application…

  • ESSENTIAL: Learn to Use Your Gear… Too many people collect gear…and never use it.

- Importance of quality and durability in gear selection. LESS is MORE - if you have good gear and know how to use it.

  • Essential items - (We will cover this in DETAIL in a later chapter and in Ultimate Wilderness GEAR the other series we are doing) - Subscribe so you don’t miss that…
  • Tips for finding, maintaining and organizing your gear.

Segment 5: Supplies (10 minutes)

  • What is the difference between gear and supplies?
  • David - Some cross over BUT generally: supplies are a vital commodity that expires, gets consumed or needs resupplied. (Batteries, food, water, money, fuel, electricity, heating fuel, etc.)
  • Stockpiling essential supplies for emergencies.

- Food and water storage considerations.

  • Importance of a well-rounded emergency supply kit.
  • Importance of hygiene, sanitation.

- Managing and rotating supplies to ensure freshness.

- Long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.

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  • Recap of key points discussed in the podcast.
  • Encouragement to take action and start preparing today.
  • Next Time with Craig and Extreme Wilderness Survival:
  • How to Increase Your Situational Awareness - Avoid Danger and STAY Off the Bullseye.
  • Combat Rule of Three
  • How to Develop a Bullet Proof Mindset
  • Our Favorite EDC Knives
  • And a LOT more

CRAIG Exit - How can people find you, your trainings and your books?

Go get the book… Extreme Wilderness Survival on Amazon:

Thanks brother.



NOW… Before we head out of here…

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Keep it simple, Be positive and Stay Sharp!