Blackout-Proof Home: 3-Step Disaster Power Plan: DRH Part 8 - #101

Blackout-Proof Home: 3-Step Disaster Power Plan: DRH Part 8 - #101

Listen to the Podcast: Click Here - Today my good friend Creek Stewart are going to dive into a very important topic for all of us who are dependent on the power grid.

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Today we are going to discuss:
  • ONE Proven, simple way to quickly ASSESS your most essential grid-down power needs are and how to fix them.
  • We’ll get into 4 Pillars or Preparedness and how to determine if you have a Little House in the Prairie or Tesla MINDSET when it comes to electricity.
  • You’ll get our blueprint for putting together a very simple $100 “off-grid” / renewable electricity kit that will take care of your basic lighting and communication needs.
  • Then I’ll share with you an affordable $50 DIY hack that can convert any 12 volt car or marine battery into a FOREVER solar power system.
  • Before we’re all done - we will take you step by step through what I call the 3 Tiers of Emergency Backup Power
  • And then we’ll SHARE a BONUS TIP for that COULD take you COMPLETELY OFF GIRD - FOREVER - IF you are HANDY and have access to scrap or fire wood.
  • And we’ll get into a LOT MORE - AS OUR discussion ORBITs around Creek’s NEW - BEST SELLING book… The Disaster Ready Home.
  • And a lot more...

Download FULL Show Notes PDF: Click Here

Listen to the Podcast: Click Here


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See Notes Below for Links to All the Gear Mentioned in this Podcast....


Cut the power and things go from bad to worse FAST!
Lights, heat, cooling, communications, computers, water pumps, refrigerators / freezers and a LOT more are useless without power and WILL disrupt your life.


  • Build a Buffer
  • Mitigate / minimize disruption, undue stress and danger
  • Keep vital / essentials in home powered
  • Aid in Safety and Security
  • Build 3 Tiers of Backup Power

CREEK STORY - Importance of Cell Phones in a Disaster.


In General:

  • A - More Convenient / Comfortable / Easy - Lower Effort /Labor (during crisis) - But - HIGHER $ Cost NOW
  • B - Less Convenient and Easy - Higher effort /work / labor - AND - LOWER $ Cost NOW

NEEDS Assessment:

#1 BEST / Easiest Way to Assess Your Power...

- Turn Off Power for a Day or Two (And start to filly our gaps with what we are going to share on the podcast today).

HARD Way - Guess and just start buying stuff and pay the price when the grid goes down.

TIER #1 - SMALL Device Power: Renewable

  • Renewable / Off-Grid Power - Is Power FOREVER
  • Safety / Security is KEY - Lighting, Communication

A - Self Contained Lighting (Safety / Security)

B - Portable Power Brick Power System
Keep Devices / Phones Charged - Like Mobile Devices and LED Headlamps:

Here's a Renewable Mini / Solar Power System

Total Cost: $100 - $150

Keep Plugged into Wall Outlet and Fully Charged Until Needed.

C - Solar Dynamo Radio:

Hand Crank and Solar - Can Power or Charge ONE Device.
Provides AM / FM / SW Radio
Includes Flashlight

C - 12V DC Power Inverter:
  • Powers any Low Watt AC or USB Device
  • Use with almost any DC Car, 12v Lawn Tractor or 12v Marine Battery
  • Larger ones can be powered by vehicle (until it runs out of gas).

BONUS! Pro Tip - DIY Kit:

Cheap, Renewable,  Mid-Power

TIER #2 - Small / Mid-Device Power - Renewable / Solar

David did a Full YouTube Review, Setup and Hacks Video on THESE
Cost $750 - $1500 with Solar:


TIER #3 - Gasoline / Propane and Natural Gas Home Generators

A - Gas Generator

David has a portable gas generator (and smaller backup) for powering refrigerators freezers, deep well pump, and other essentials in power outages. LINK to Gas Generators:

PRO TIP - If Storing Gasoline - Add STA-BIL to fuel. Increases life span by years:

PRO TIP - You can buy (and install) a transfer switch box that runs into your home breaker box and plug your generator in from the outside to power your home. LINK:

B - Propane and Natural Gas Generators / DUAL & Tri Fuel
There are may dual fuel generators now. So if you have Propane or Natural Gas these may suit your needs:

C - Home Standby (automatic) - Natural Gas or Propane Generators:

  • This is the ultimate options for easy - instant power in an emergency.
  • They hook to electric box and come on instantly when the power goes out.
  • Sized right one will power your entire home.
  • Fueled by Propane or Natural Gas.
  • Must be installed by a professional.
  • COST several thousand - expect $5000 - $8000.

Amazon, Lowes and Home Depot both sell.

Kohler - Genmac - Generac - Honeywell

BONUS: SUPER Preppers PRO Tip:

DIY - Wood Gasifier - POWER FOREVER - With Wood Scraps
Power almost ANY carbureted engine:

DIY Build Manual: Wood Gasifiers Bible:

Creek - How can people find you?



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