Disaster-Proof Your Winter Driving - 7 Death Prevention Tips - #110

Disaster-Proof Your Winter Driving  - 7 Death Prevention Tips - #110

▶︎ Winter driving is the highest risk emergency threat you may face all year. When temps plunge below freezing everything changes and you could find yourself thrust into a life-threatening situation. So today we are going to dig into winter driving disaster prevention with my friend Author, and the founder of Nature Reliance School, Craig Caudill.

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Welcome to THE SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast - I’m David… the founder of Ultimate Survival Tips and your host for todays show…

Winter driving is the highest risk emergency threat you may face all year. When temps plunge below freezing everything changes and you could find yourself thrust into a life-threatening situation. So today we are going to dig into winter driving disaster prevention with my friend Author, and the founder of Nature Reliance School, Craig Caudill.

We’ll breakdown…

  • Recent winter events that lead to people dying in their vehicles and how their deaths may have been prevented.
  • We’ll dive into why vehicles give people a false sense of security and FOUR different ways vehicles fail and can put you in a life threatening situation.
  • Then we will share with you a simple method used by the US Marines to evaluate any situation and avoid risk that may threaten you life. 
  • Then we will discuss the three major threats you face ANY time you drive and how to put an additional buffer layer of safety between you and a vehicle crash.
  • Then we will leave you with 7 vehicle emergency PREVENTION tips you can put into practice today
  • AND a LOT More…


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OKAY… Let’s get into the show with Craig.



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David and Craig Banter…

Discuss recent sever weather around the USA. ]

BIG IDEA: Winter driving is the highest risk emergency threat most people in cool climates may face all year - be prepared and take take preventative measures and use wisdom to reduce your risk of harm on the roads in poor conditions. 

Point #1: Vehicles can give a false sense of security.

  • Do NOT over estimate ALL WHEEL DRIVE or Four Wheel Drive.

I’ve lived in North Eastern towns for my entire life. From Northern Vermont to Pennsylvania. In all of my experience I have seen more Four Wheel Drive vehicles stuck off the road than any other category of  vehicle. (WE WILL DISCUSS KNOWING Your Vehicles in a Minute)

- Do NOT overestimate the protection of the micro climate inside your vehicle. It is temporary. When your vehicle eventually shuts down (in 1 - 4 hours+/-) you will lose heat. Power. Communication. And in an extreme cold, ice, or snowy weather event you could be stranded in a very cold coffin.

Vehicles FAIL in Different Ways:

FUEL Issues: Out of fuel, frozen fuel or line

Power Issues: Dead battery, Broken Alternator, Electrical problem

Combustion Issues: Clogged Exhaust, Air Filter Carburetor Issues

Human Error: Crashes etc.

Point #2: Dangerous Road Conditions Increase Variables Beyond Your Control

Our GOAL in Preparedness is to Always Increase the ODDs in Our Favor. We ALWAYS Want a Margin of Safety to Be able to ABSORB Unexpected Variables and Threats.

This is what Prevention, Planning, Preparing, Practicing Your Plan is all About

REMEMBER the Critical Rule of THREE (Three Anomalies are Generally a Warning Sign that You Should Not Ignore. Revaluate and Change Your Plan.

Icy Roads, Poor Visibility, Feeling Uncomfortable with Driving? Stay Home / Pull Over / Get to Next Safe Warm Place / Head Home

The Weather is NOT Your Only Threat!!!

You Also Have:

- YOUR Vehicle and Mindset

- OTHER Drives and Vehicles.

Sub-Point A:

Let’s Start with OTHER VEHICLES:

- IMPORTANT: Other Vehicles are High Speed, Heavy Projectiles that You do NOT Control and CAN Bring Great Harm to You and the ones you love!

Even if you ARE confident in an adverse weather situation - there will be others on the road who are not and have POOR vehicles, tires, wind shield wipers, lights and driving skills to navigate the weather event.

Remember - when driving - there are life threats all around you:

  • At You
  • In Front of You
  • Behind You
  • (In Winter especially) In Blind Spots from the Side

- NOTE: the odds for an accident go up dramatically in a bad weather event.

Sub-Point B: Vehicles are machines and often fail (on a good day) - even when cared for well - let alone - an unusual day when the weather is poor.

- Due to Cold (and other winter stresses) The ODDs for a Vehicle Failure Go Up Dramatically

Know your vehicle’s DESIGN limitations:

  • Rear wheel
  • Front wheel
  • Four wheel.
  • Vehicle Clearance

Prepare for Season Weather Appropriately

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Heating system / Coolant
  • Wipers (often put off or forgotten)
  • Fuel
  • Lights
  • EXHAUST - Inspect Exhaust (Carbon Monoxide).

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t normalize bad weather. Sever weather almost always wins!!!

7 Vehicle and Poor Weather Emergency Prevention Tips:

  • Before Anything: Get Your Vehicle Checked and Winterized. Change Tires as Appropriate.
  • Always TAKE extra WINTER APPROPRIATE Clothing (think worst case situation) Clothing (Boots, Coat, Winter Hat) for protection and thermal regulation (more on this next week).
  • ALWAYs Check the NEWS Weather BEFORE You Go - When in doubt, cancel your plans - stay where you are - and wait it out.
  • Always Tell Someone Where You are Going. When You Will Arrive. When You Will Check In and What to Do if You Don’t Check In.
  • Have a Vehicle Emergency Kit and Get Home Bag with You When You Travel in your Vehicle. WE will cover this next time. Hint: Thermal Regulation, Water and the Ability to Signal and Communicate are KEY in Winter.
  • Practice Situational Awareness - Always, but especially when you travel.
  • Remember the Critical Rule of Threes - Three Anomalies - CONSIDER Changing Your Plan
  • Know your driving skills and your vehicle’s limitations. Do NOT push the limits.

Next Time We Will Discuss:

  • Thermoregulation
  • Morale
  • Signaling
  • Communication
  • Safety / Security
  • Hydration
  • Supplemental Power
  • And Hygiene


[Show Wrap Up]

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