Financial Survival: How to Start a Business & Why You Need To - #104

Financial Survival: How to Start a Business & Why You Need To - #104

▶︎ Inflation is Out of Control with NO END in Sight. So Today We're Going to Discuss How to Start a Side Hustle NOW or Grow Your Existing Business to Keep Your Head Above Water and Give You a Shot at Financial Independence.

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Welcome to THE SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast - I’m David… the founder of Ultimate Survival Tips and your host for todays show…

Today we are going to change things up a bit…

Over the past year or so, some of our most popular podcasts have been on topics not directly related to what MOST of us traditionally think of / when we think of survival or preparedness - but actually ARE CONNECTED and have a more universal appeal…

So today - and moving forward - from time to time - we are going to bring you guests and co-hosts to discuss important and timely topics like the one we are going to get into today on Financial Survival by building a business in an Inflation Economy - with my good friend Ben Petersen the founder of KNAFS (a new pocket knife brand) and presider over his second wildly successful Kickstarter Campaign (that is going on right now) for his NEW Lander pocket knife.


So… today we are going to discuss:

  • How to get a masters-level BUSINESS education on someone else's dime
  • The vital importance of doing everything in your life with excellence and how this sets you up for success in all that you do.
  • We’ll discuss the difference between a hobby and a side hustle
  • Why having a cadre of mentors and trusted friends is essential to your success as a human being, creator and entrepreneur
  • How to REDUCE business start-up risk by developing some simple goals
  • How and why Ben and I launched our gear brands on Kickstarter and how you can too…
  • Then Ben will share how he turned a $1,500 investment into what has now become his KNAFS knife brand (with over 25 products) by launching ONE very simple MVP - Minimum Viable Product.
  • And before we’re all done we’ll take you through 5 key things to consider BEFORE you jump into starting a business.
  • AND a LOT More…


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OKAY… Let’s get into the show…


Listen to the Podcast: Click Here

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Quick Backstories:

- Ben’s Entrepreneurial Path

- David’s Entrepreneurial Path


HOW to GET an Education on Someone Else’s Dime

  • Think like the owner at your current workplace.
  • Do the easy and hard things that make your boss successful.
  • Help accomplish the company’s objectives.
  • Be creative and think outside the box for the sake of your company in your current job.
  • Find way to save the company money, make it more efficient or bring in new business.
  • Take extreme ownership of your job and everything you do.
  • Book: Extreme Ownership By: Jocko Willinik
  • Write Down Ideas

MOVE Up or Out

Ben looked at his business carreer in 2 year chunks.

Ben says within two years if he works hard and helps a company develop and grow you should either move up in the company with more responsibility and better compensation or look to move out and onto something else.

Find Your Growth Cadre

Develop a Small Group of Trusted:




KEY: Ask for advice and listen to those in this group.

DON’T looks for “Yes” men or women. You need people in this group to help you with blind spots and tell you like they see it. This is a major KEY to mitigating risk and helping your ship point in the right general direction.

Ben’s BED Principle

Does your business idea excite you enough to get you out of bed at 5 am to work on it?

Does your business idea fulfill a “righteous” desire?

WHEN to Jump in Full Time…


It helps to:

  • Have some savings
  • Have a budget
  • Have some skill
  • Have a good idea for a product or service
  • Have desire to work hard
  • Have some cash on hand

All of these help to “Build a Runway” to get the plane off the ground while reducing risk.

With a simple plan and some goals (and benchmarks) you can create the right timing for your side hustle and eventual full time business.



Questions to Ask:

  • What am I good at?
  • What do I enjoy doing or creating that others will trade money for?
  • What crazy or creative ideas for a product or business can’t I get out of my head.
  • Look for ways to combine your skills, knowledge, experience and passion.

Example: Farmer who has an idea for a farm app and knows how to write code or know someone who can write code. 

3 Degrees of Discomfort

Build out from the light of what you know into the dark of what you don’t.

Find people who know what you need to know and ask for help.

Doubling Principle / and MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

Ben doubled $1,500 in the stock market to $3,000 and invested it into his first product launch.

Ben recommends that your first product be an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). This is a product that is simple and easy to produce that is unique, profitable and has a high perceived value.

Ben’s first product in the KNAFS Knife Poster:

David’s first Kickstarter and product was a Maximum Viable Product - the MSK-1 knife that was very complicated and took over 3 years to develop. (LINK)

David’s learned his lesson and his second Kickstarter was the Tiny Survival Guide which was more of a Minimal Viable Product and is approaching 200,000 units sold and has over 4,500 4.5 Start Reviews on Amazon.

NOTE: A Unique Printed Products (UPP) is a good product to start with. Tee shirts posters, books etc. 


Note: Kickstarter is a LOT of work. But here are some success tips to get you moving in the right direction.


  • Make Sure You Have an EPIC Product
  • You Need a Team
  • You Need to Prepare Well
  • Building a Following Helps
  • Study Other Successful Campaigns and Emulate

DURING Campaign

  • Active Followers / Media / Launch Team
  • Feature Your Campaign Viral Video
  • Make A Compelling Campaign Page
  • Have Rocking Rewards
  • Engage with Updates



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