Gear Cave: Ultimate Pocket Knife Buyers Guide /w Ben Petersen - #100

Gear Cave: Ultimate Pocket Knife Buyers Guide /w Ben Petersen - #100
Listen to the Podcast: Click Here - Today my good friend Ben Peterson and I are going to talk about EVERYTHING Pocket Knives…

You may know Ben from his YouTube fame at Blade HQ - but not only is he a great guy that looks and sounds good on camera - Ben knows stuff… and a LOT of stuff about his passion - pocket knives…

So in this PODCAST BEN and I are going to:
  • Discuss the 3 Ps of the Pocket Knife Triangle and how it can you find your perfect pocket knife.
  • We will discuss the MOST important performance characteristics to consider when buying a pocket knife and the CONSTANT tug between performance and price… AND how you (even if you are a cheepskate) can find your perfect pocket knife (that will send you into BLADE BLISS) in the a $10 - $25 price range.
  • AND before we’re all done both Ben and I will share (with you) our everyday carry pocket knives and Ben will give you his list of TOP 5 pocket knives you should consider FIRST when you go hunting for your next knife.

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Listen to the Podcast: Click Here

Knives / Gear / Links - Mentioned in Podcast:

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Husky / Milwaukee Utility Knife:

Ben's TOP 10

  1. Ken Onion Leek -
  2. CRKT Drifter -
  3. CRKT Squid -
  4. CRKT Civivi Elementum -
  5. Benchmade Bug Out -
  6. Spyderco Delica -
  7. Spyderco Chaparral -
  8. Spyderco Tenacious -
  9. Spyderco Endura -
  10. Spyderco Para Military 2 -

BEN's EDC (and Ben's Knives):

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MSK-1 Mini Neck Knife

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FIRST - Why Pocket Knives?

Top 3 Considerations:
1. Price
2. Performance (or Purpose?)
3. Pleasure

It's a triangle. Sometimes it swings toward higher price and higher performance, but then you get less pleasure from it. Or maybe you get more pleasure from an expensive dopamine hit. In this triangle it's not symmetry we're after necessarily. Rather, an understanding that the triangle exists and what kind of triangle we want to build with our purchase.

The bestselling knife on Amazon is $13. The bestselling knife on Blade HQ is $55. You read the reviews on each and most people are stoked. Price aligns with pleasure in many cases. Price will also drastically impact performance.

Within performance, there are a ton of considerations:

Other Considerations:

  • Size
  • Blade length
  • Lock type - Go through them… / Which to you prefer?
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Materials
  • Blade Materials S35V vs.
  • Fit and finish
  • Maintenance
  • Intended use
  • - ADDED: CARRY Options

Keep in mind :
performance priorities can drastically alter your price and pleasure sides is the triangle. Higher performance usually means higher price. And higher price could affect your pleasure.


  • Legalities
  • Flex factor
  • Balanced triangle


ACTION Step: Go find a knife that makes you happy!