Off Grid Disaster Cooking - A Simple Plan: DRH Part 6 #098

Off Grid Disaster Cooking - A Simple Plan: DRH Part 6 #098

Listen to the Podcast: Click Here - Today Joe and Creek discuss several simple, affordable and DIY options for a functional, 4 season, off-grid kitchen so you and the ones you love can prepare food and boil water when a disaster strikes. 

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Today We’ll Geek Out On:

  • The vital importance of having a disaster kitchen plan.
  • Kelly Kettles, Rocket Stoves, ECO Zoom, Solar Cooking.
  • The advantages AND disadvantages of kerosene cook stoves, wood burning cook stoves, open fire cooking and cooking on a BBQ grill for a long term disaster.

 And a lot more...

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Listen to the Podcast: Click Here

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Items Mentioned in Podcast:

Cook Stove - Elmira Stove Works - Fireview

Dutch Oven Tripod:

Dutch Oven:

Portable Wood Stove (with Cook Top):

EcoZoom Rocket Stove:

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit:

Titan Adjustable Gravity Gill:

GoSun Solar Cooker:

Gas Grills:

Alpaca Kerosene Cooker (Portable):

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Today Joe and Creek discuss several simple, affordable and DIY options for a functional, 4 season, off-grid kitchen so you and the ones you love can prepare food and boil water when a disaster strikes.






  • Over 80% of US households are dependent of grid tied cooking (electric or gas)
  • Electric stoves are more common than gas stoves in American households. Nearly 60 percent of Americans homes have an electric stove, according to the Consumer Energy Center.
  • Almost every large-scale disaster interrupts electricity, and some interrupt gas.


  • Cooking/reconstituting meals
  • Boiling water

BACK UP COOKING/BOILING OPTIONS – in order of simplicity

WHY SIMPLE?  The more expensive and harder to implement something is, the less likely someone is to do it.

  • BBQ Grill
    • Use what you already have – just add more fuel
    • State of the Barbeque Industry reported that 64% of US Adults own a grill.  Of those, approximately 61% is gas, 49% charcoal, and 10% electric.
    • Need extra fuel
      • 20 lb propane tanks
      • Garbage cans filled with charcoal
    • My brother had his BBQ grill tied to a natural gas line
  • Open Fire Cooking
    • Not ideal
    • Requires wood
    • Requires practice
    • Requires certain equipment
      • Cast Iron
      • Adjustable Gravity Cooking Grate
      • Tripod
  • Kelly Kettle
    • Very efficient little boiler for reconstitution
      • Developed by Irish fisherman for making tea
    • Only uses sticks and twigs
    • Really great option for Freeze Dried Foods
  • Rocket Stoves
    • What is a Rocket Stove?
      • A rocket stove is an efficient and hot burning stove using small-diameter wood fuel.[1][2] Fuel is burned in a simple combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney, which ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface.
    • ECO-ZOOM
      • History in developing countries
      • Small fuel
      • WOK compatible
      • $120
    • Other store-bought options?
    • Build Your Own
  • Kerosene Cook Stoves
    • If you’re storing kerosene
    • Perfection Cookstove (old little gem)
    • Alpaca Portable Kerosene Cooker
  • Wood Burning Cookstove
    • Investment
    • Free standing options
    • Need to have fuel on hand
    • Water jackets available
    • While the majority of U.S. households are heated by electricity (38.7 percent) or utility gas (48.1 percent), 1.9 percent rely on wood for heat.  100% of homes in the US used wood or coal for heat just over 100 years ago.  Compare this to Germany where over 50% of homes use wood fuel for heat.
  • Solar Cooking / GoSun 
  • The collection of Solar Ovens REALLY work. They work in all weather and 4 seasons. If you see a shadow it will work. IT’s Like MAGIC!!!
  • They are all portable also. Average cook time is 1 hour. The FUSION has a 12v add on for cooking when the sun runs out. 
  • WE have two units here… we have supported them since they began releasing designs on Kickstarter. 

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