USA / World Famine Coming? Truth, Lies and Myths - #103

USA / World Famine Coming? Truth, Lies and Myths - #103

Welcome to THE SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast - I’m David… Today my good friend (and geopolitical food expert) Mr. Bob Gaskin and I are going to discuss the current USA and world food crisis and whether you should be concerned or not.

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In a minute we're going to get into:

  • Whether world events, key indicators and the economy are likely to cause a US food shortage or even a worldwide famine.
  • We will discuss media hype, crisis fatigue and how they can cause us to dangerously normalize the abnormal while willingly giving up our freedoms.
  • We will discuss the most probably scenarios based on the current state of the world’s food supply
  • And before we’re all done we will discuss a simple action plan you can take now to buffer your personal food supply so you have what you need to ride out the potential storm.
  • And a LOT more.

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Listen to the Podcast: Click Here


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Bob Gaskin Backstory: Why Does He Know so Much About the Global Food Supply?

Bob’s company:


There’s a big global food crisis. You need to get prepared now.

Current Situation

  • World / Current Events
  • Key Indicators
  • Fear Economy / NEWS Hype (Fear Porn) - Fake News
  • Crisis Fatigue / Normalizing that which is NOT normal. COVID conditioned us.
  • USA and World Economy
  • Inflation on Inflation
  • Geopolitical Events (war, COVID etc.)

Most Probable Outcomes

  • Inconvenient Shortages
  • Higher Prices
  • Bare Grocery Shelves
  • Panic Buying
  • Civil Unrest / Violence
  • Famine
  • Destabilization of Governments
  • World War

ACTION STEPS - How to Prepare NOW…

BOB - How can people find you?


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