Simple Off-Grid / Disaster Bathroom Solutions: DRH Part 9 - #102

Simple Off-Grid / Disaster Bathroom Solutions: DRH Part 9 - #102

Welcome to THE SURVIVAL SHOW Podcast - I’m David… Today my good friend Creek Stewart and I are going help you prepare for one of the most important - BUT often overlooked emergency preparedness issues you are likely to face in a disaster... how to deal with human waste when the grid is down and water no longer comes out of your spigot.

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We're going to get into:
  • Why you need a plan poop plan and how human waste can be your biggest health threat in a disaster.
  • How to build a simple $20 compost toilet.
  • How to flush your toilet when water no longer comes through your pipes.
  • How to make a private trench latrine in your backyard.
  • And a LOT more.

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The Problem with Human Sewage

  • Hygiene
  • Disease / Sickness
  • Water Contamination
  • History is filled with outbreaks that originated from improper handing of human feces and unsanitary living conditions
  • Human was issues will compound in urban environments.

Prepare and now you know what to do in a disaster. Build MARGIN by being prepared.

Composting Sawdust Bucket Toilet


  • 5 Gallon Bucket/s with Lid/s:
  • Snap on Toilet Seat:
  • Bucket of Saw Dust (Free from lumber yards / Lowes etc.) Get cedar if you can but pine will work.
  • Peat Moss or even fine Landscape Mulch will work in a pinch.

Alternate Items:


  • Put 1" of sawdust in bucket.
  • Do your business in bucket.
  • Cover with 1" of sawdust.
  • If done right this should not smell.
  • Continue until full. Put lid on bucket when close to full.
  • Allow 3 or 4 months for waste to break down in bucket.
  • Then dump composed waste and saw dust in secondary compost pile or use freely to fertilize landscape plants.
  • One bucket should last 1-2 months depending how many people are utilizing it to do their business.

Wooden Box Compost Toilet

Essentially the same as the bucket toilet but more stable - however NOT portable.


  • Build a wood box (similar to a latrine box) with hole on the top panel. Make sure inside of box is high enough to put your 5 gallon bucket toilet inside with the top down.
  • Top panel should have hinges on the back so it can be lifted up.
  • Add a standard bathroom toilet seat to suit your fancy.
  • Align compost bucket with toilet seat hole and use the same as the bucket toilet.
  • Make inside of box large enough to store your sawdust and extra toilet paper if you like.

Backyard Trench Latrine

Requires some work but does not rely on wood shavings or wood chips.


  • Dig a trench 10" - 12" deep in your yard and put all the the excavated soil on one side of the trench.
  • Do not put the trench in a runoff area or near a water source.
  • Simply squat and "go" in the trench starting at one end. Put your toilet paper in the trench with your "mess" and throw soil over your waste when done.


Add a portable folding toilet seat over trench:

Want some privacy? 

Add this POP UP Shower, Toilet Privacy Tent:


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