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For years I searched for practical, affordable pocket-sized survival kits and gear that I could trust (and recommend to our 500,000 YouTube and Social Media followers).

After testing, using and reviewing a boatload of kits and gear over the years - I discovered that most kits are filled with a pile of cheap, unreliable, gear. I also learned and many new knives and gear are created (with very little innovation) to simply get something "NEW" on store shelves.

So in 2019 I launched my own brand of SURVIVAL Gear (on Kickstarter)...

It's called Tiny Survival. Every kit and gear item on our website is designed (by me - for you). And unlike many other American companies - we manufacture every item possible IN THE USA and then: inspect, hand assemble, pack and ship from our home-based business up in the rural, Endless Mountains of North Central Pennsylvania.

So you can rest assured that EVERYTHING we sell meets my precise standards of quality and excellence - and, WILL work for you, when you need it most.

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