2018 - Ultimate Survival Challenge - Level 1 (Registration Confirmation)


You are registered for the 2018 - Ultimate Survival Challenge - Level 1. Please mark your calendar for July 9th now, so you don’t forget.

Here are a few important details for you: (PLEASE Print and Bookmark this Page for Future Reference!)

WHEN Stuff:

Monday - July 9th @ 1:00PM EST - Thursday July 12th @ 2:PM EST

Check-In Starts @ 11:00AM Monday July 9th.

Lunch will NOT be provided on Thursday. But there will be free nutritious snacks provided. The town of Wellsboro is about a 10 minute drive from the camp so you can grab something more substantial - prior to our 1:00 PM start time.

Please arrive 30 - 60 minutes prior to our 1:00 PM start time for registration to get settled. Arrive earlier to set up your tent or hammock camp prior to the training start time.

Training Location:

His Thousand Hills Camp - Wellsboro PA

458 Phippen Rd, Wellsboro, PA 16901


A Note on His Thousand Hills Camp:

His Thousand Hills Camp is a Christian Camp and Retreat Center located on the top of a Mountain in Wellsboro PA. It’s a beautiful place with great facilities like a sweet cafeteria (where we will be dining), pavilions, indoor conference rooms and a cool “primitive” camp where we will spend most of our time.

The staff and management of the camp have wholeheartedly welcomed and encouraged us to have this training at their facility. And for this weekend we will have the place to ourselves, which is cool.

They have some simple rules that we will cover when you arrive, just note that no smoking is allowed in any building and is only allowed in designated areas outside and alcoholic beverages are also prohibited. Only married men and women can tent camp together. Those are the big ones... the rest we will cover in orientation when you get to the training.

If any of the above are a problem for you, please contact us ASAP to work things out or for a refund your registration fee. If you have any questions please email: team@UltimateSurvivalTips.com

Medical Issues:

There will be emergency staff on location all weekend to administer first aid. In the event of a more serious medical need Wellsboro Hospital is about 15 minutes away.

WHAT to Bring:

Deciding what to bring to a training like this can be frustrating... So I’ve tried to make it easy.

Below is a list of Required and Recommended gear. Most of these items you probably already have.

There is a small list of Required items. These are essential for getting the most out of the course. We tried to keep this list small and are things you’ll want to have in your survival kit or bug out bag anyway.

Please don’t spend a ton of money on gear for the course. Why? Because at this course you’ll be exposed to a lot of gear, including my personal collection of gear and gear that others bring.

So you’ll have the opportunity to try out some cool gear to see if you like it first.

Okay... so here’s the list (with links to gear I recommend)...

Required Survival Gear:

Optional Survival Gear

Camp Gear:

Clothing - Weather Appropriate:

A Note on Ticks:

Although Northern Pennsylvania is NOT nearly as tick infested as most of the USA - I HIGHLY Recommend that you treat your outer clothing with Sawyer Permethrin prior to attending the training. Here is a LINK to my full article: 7 Ways to Prevent Tick Bites

Other Stuff:

Video Recording:

Our Staff will be video recording much of this training for future use - Yep, that’s what we do...

So, every student will be asked to sign a video waiver form (when they sign in on July 10th). This is simply just in case we get your mug in any video shots while we are shooting. And don’t worry if we do... Cause I’m sure you’ll love it.

But if this is a problem for you let us know ASAP and we will work this out with you or refund your registration fee.

Okay... I think that’s it...

Have a great day... and I can’t wait to meet you on July 11th!