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COMPANY OVERVIEW - How Ultimate Survival Tips Began.

David - The Founder's Bio

David is an Outdoor Educator, Entrepreneur, the Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips, and Tiny SurvivalYouTube Channel, the Executive Producer and Co-Host of The Survival Show Podcast and the Designer of the MSK-1 Survival Knife System. As the leader of Ultimate Survival Tips LLC, David’s goal is to help folks gain the practical skills they need to prepare for, survive, and even thrive in an urban, wilderness, emergency or disaster situation.

David loves the outdoors and prefers mountains over any other terrain. He lives in the sticks on a forgotten cow path, in the middle of nowhere. The Fed Ex guy doesn’t even want to drive to his house anymore because he’s afraid of getting stuck or being attacked by the neighbor’s shepherds.

Before David got tired of cubicles and corporate America, he spent many moons working as a Product Developer, Marketing and Creative Director (for an INC 500 Company) and has attained a boatload of other useless titles. Before he needed a “real” job to support a family,

David spent some time in the Marine Corps and Army Reserves while going to College. After he graduated from Penn State, he traveling the U.S. and then worked at a really cool wilderness school helping troubled boys who wanted a second chance.

David has made a science out of YouTube Channel and Facebook Page Development, Fan Engagement, SEM & SEO, Online Monetization and Brand Building. In 2016 David launched his first Kickstarter Campaign featuring the unique MSK-1 survival knife system. People responded in great number and the Kickstarter campaign goal was surpassed in less than 2 days, and by the campaign close was 1317% funded with over $197,000 in backing and became the most funded survival knife on Kickstarter. by 2019 the MSK-1 survival knife system had received over $400,000 in additional funding via Pre-Orders via Backerkit.

With Ultimate Survival Tips, David has synthesized two decades of outdoor, prepper and practical survival experience with over 15 years in the corporate world to develop a “New Breed” YouTube Education Channel, and product development model, that is focused on delivering high value, premium, gear and broadcast-quality content to those interested in camping, hunting, outdoor skills, prepping, homesteading & practical survival.

MSK-1 - Multi-Scenario Knife - Press Resources

Kickstarter Campaign - The Ultimate All-Purpose Knife that Could Save Your Life

MSK-1: An Awesome Survival Knife, that Chops Like a Hatchet, Cuts Like a Fine Carving Tool, is Full of Surprises and Made in the USA

“If Things Went Really Bad in the World and You Could Only Have One Knife for the Rest of Your Life, Which Knife Would You Choose?”

I get asked this question all the time… Hi, my name is David. I'm a former Marine, a Survival Instructor, Entrepreneur, and the Founder and Owner of Ultimate Survival Tips, a popular, survival blog and YouTube Channel (recently ranked by Watch Mojo as the #1 Survivalist Channel) with over 300,000 subscribers. Over the years, I’ve used, tested, and reviewed hundreds of knives… but I've never found an all-in-one knife that could do everything I need for camping, backpacking, survival, tactical training, and general utility use wherever I go. So in 2014, I decided to develop a solution… VISIT KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

Knife News - Feature Article - Survivalist’s Dream Knife Conquers Kickstarter

“I was going to make the knife of my dreams, without compromise,” says David Polczynski, founder of the Ultimate Survival Tips. Polczynski is one half of the team behind the MSK-1, or Multi-Scenario Knife, a cutting edge fixed blade that is being launched via a Kickstarter crowd-sourcing campaign that is proving to be a huge success. Polczynski has been chewing on the MSK-1 concept for years. Reviewing hundreds of knives helped Polczynski realize what he liked in blade design, and what he thought was lacking from even his favorite knives. So, he began to sketch... READ FULL ARTICLE

CLAD - Feature Article - MSK-1 Survival Knife

More than a survival knife, this badass blade crams a full survival system to bolster your chances in the most challenging conditions.

There’s no shortage of survival knives in the market, from big ones to small ones to everything in between. And, yes, many of them are billed as the “ultimate” survival knife. Same thing goes for the MSK-1, which combines thoughtful design and innovative features to bolster its claim to the “ultimate” billing. Touted as a “complete survival system,” the knife combines a rugged blade with a handle that houses a full survival kit, so it really packs a whole lot more than initially meets the eye. And, yes, the blade will slice and dice with the best of them, boasting a quality that will let it “chop like a hatchet” and “cut like a fine carving tool”... READ FULL ARTICLE

NEWS Ledge - Feature Article - MSK-1 Answers Survivalist Call

Crocodile Dundee would be jealous. The creator of Ultimate Survival Tips has thrown his hat in the growing market of survival knives. If the world goes to hell and you can only pick one survival knife, David wants you to grab... READ FULL ARTICLE

MSK-1 Kickstarter Launch Video on YouTube - The Ultimate Survival Knife is HERE

(See Below NEW for Non-Kickstarter Version of this Video)

(Nearly 300,000 Views - Trending to be one of our MOST popular videos ever).

NEW! Non-Kickstarter MSK-1 Video on YouTube - The Ultimate Survival Knife is HERE!

YouTube VIDEO - Ultimate Survival Tips Knife - ON TRIAL

Reactions from the World's Largest Knife Show...


Raw & Detailed Q & A / FAQ - About: MSK-1 Knife, Kickstarter and Ultimate Survival Tips

with David Polczynski / Founder / Owner MSK-1 Knife - PRESS - Q and A

Long and Short Press Release

Bad Ass Survival Knife Blows Away Blade Show and Crushes Kickstater PRESS RELEASE - BLADE and KICKSTARTER

Short Press Release #2

YouTuber Crushes Kickstarter with the Ultimate - All-Purpose Knife Press Release - Short Brainiacs

MSK-1 Graphic - Features / Benefits Bullets / Callouts

MSK-1 CALLOUTS - For Print


David Photos

With MSK-1

Cover Photo

MSK-1 Knife Photos

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Desert Tan Military / Tactical Sheath (2016-2018 Version 1)


MSK-1 Mini Survival Neck Knife


Handle Survival Kit Version 1 (2016-2019)


MSK-1: First Ever Reversible Stainless Steel Bow Drill Divot


Unique - Pommel-End Fire Steel Striker


Razor Sharp MSK-1 Blade


Handle Survival Kit (Version 1) In MSK-1 Knife


ACS™ (Adaptable Carry System) Sheath


MORE Photos (MSK-1 Shown is D2 Steel - 2016-2019)

Website - MSK-1 Cover MSK-1 FRONT Side-1-for Web-1-Drop on WHITE MSK-1 SIDE-1-CMYK For PRINT-on WHITE Sheath IMG_7544 11 - Handle Wrap 6-IMG_7523 IMG_7587 MSK-1 Hero-Web-Medium-1000px Knife Hero-1 Knife Hero-Chop