Panic-Killing Survival Tips Checklist


It is easy to become self-focused in the midst of any difficult time, in addition to the usual fears that set in during such things. The Coronavirus scare has certainly swept the world with fear and a looming sense of dread. So many people are uncertain of what the future holds, and fearful of even setting foot outside their own homes.

We MUST continue to care for others through this hard, disruptive and unprecedented time. Care, compassion, love and selflessness are a great portion of what makes us human and keeps us from becoming dangerously self-focused, discouraged, fearful and depressed. 

So today, I want to encourage you with a FREE checklist of a few practical tips to ease your mind, sooth your soul and give you a perspective beyond what you might be seeing or feeling right now: 

  1. Turn Off the News and the Social Media Stream (1 hour + per day). You know what you need to know. And you know what you need to do. So take a pause and….
  2. Pray, Meditate, Relax and Take Some Deep Breaths (30 minutes per day). Set aside some time to get quiet and listen. Stop talking. Stop filling your mind with concerns. If this is hard for you, try this. Either pray and give your thoughts and concerns over to God, and / or get a notebook and write down the distracting thoughts. Get them out of the way. Then get quiet. Next….
  3. Go for a walk. In the woods if you can. It’s been proven that there is something inherently calming about being in God’s good creation. Better yet, add a good friend.  Yes, yes… “social distance”, but for goodness sake, get out and get some fresh air. Talk, pray, and encourage each other. 
  4. Call a Friend or Loved One (1-3 times per day). Reach out in voice or video chat.  Check in on someone you love. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Ask how they are and let them know that you are there for them. Pray with them. It’s hard to become self-focused when you are caring for others in need. 
  5. Send a card. When do you ever get something fun or meaningful in the mail any more? It is almost always just advertisements, bills, or maybe that hand sanitizer you ordered on Amazon. Go pick out a few cards at the store, and write some personal notes to friends you haven't seen for a while, just because. Maybe even include a gift card for an extra thoughtful touch,
  6. Check in On an Elderly Neighbor or Friend - Calling is a good way to begin this. Ask them if there is anything they need. Visit in person if appropriate and okay with them.  When you visit: wash well before you go and wear a mask (which is safest) to protect them. And enjoy your time. 
  7. Send a Book (1x per week) - A fun extra thing you can do to reach out to others is to send a physical book (of interest) to a friend. On Amazon you can send it as a gift with a note. This is a special touch which doesn’t cost much. (Check out our Tiny Survival Guide as one book idea that can also save lives.)
  8. Share Positive, Uplifting and Encouraging Tips, Stories and News on Social Media. Stop the fear frenzy cycle. YOU have the power.
  9. Read (or listen to) Encouraging Passages from the Bible and Other Encouraging Sources. For the past 13 years I have started almost every day listening to The Daily Audio Bible which sets the tone for my day. In addition to the DAB here are a few of my favorite scripture verses to start with: Matthew 11:28-30 / John 16:33 / Psalm 46:10 / 1 Peter 5:7 / Philippians 4: 4-9  (Also check out the My Utmost for His Highest Devotional - awesome chunks of truth to give your day a good kick in the pants to start it off.)
  10. Listen to Some Uplifting Classical Music. Here’s a good place to start on Spotify: