Tiny Knife and Tool Sharpener Kit

• Introduction • User Guide

• 4 Part Video Course (Below)...

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Tiny Knife and Tool Sharpener Course

Instructor: David Roberts - Founder: Ultimate Survival Tips® - Host: The Survival Show Podcast - Founder & Lead Designer: MSK-1® Knife and Tiny Survival® gear brands.  

Description: In these video tutorials, David will take you step-by-step through the usage and care of your Tiny Sharpener Kit.

Course Videos (Below):

LESSON 1: How to Break-In Your Tiny Sharpener

LESSON 2: How to Sharpen Your Knife Edge

LESSON 3: How to Strop Your Knife Razor Sharp

LESSON 4: How to Sharpen a Hatchet or Axe

Use Code: EDGE15 @ Checkout

NEW! Tiny Knife Sharpener - Trailer

NEW! Tiny Knife Sharpener - Launch Video

BONUS: Shaving Sharp Stone Sharpening

BONUS: How to Make and Use a Leather Strop