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Your reviews are some of the best ones on YouTube!! Keep it up bro. - dude89415
Really enjoyed the review, it has convinced me to buy one over a Ka-Bar which I was almost going to get. -headbanger419
I'm subbing to you because that was one of the best reviews I have ever seen, thank you and good luck - Jordan -Jordan Rennison
This is how all reviews should be! - rybaczok1
Nice work, as always. UltimateSurvivalTips is the best channel to follow for true, unbiased rating on BG items. You really list the pros and cons. Additionally, the video quality is great and you're very clear & concise. Really cut out for this as an outdoorsman. Thanks for the great advice and awesome videos. - Shoosh2626
Dude...For sure the best review I have seen!!! Please keep it up! - TmouniTidio
Excellent review. I'm so glad I found your channel. You are fair and comprehensive, with pretty good insight. I like the way you give the consumers a wide variety of info like "who this is for". Keep up the good work and thanx - corbelius6
Excellent review. You just sold me a knife and earned yourself a new subscriber. Thank you. - tacticaltrigger
Thanks for assisting in my decision to purchase the LMF II. Great, objective, detailed review with useful comparisons that made my purchase an easy and confident one. - MarcusAurileus
I like your videos man and your reviews are above most I've seen on YouTube, including my own. - Orc Actual
I really liked your explanation as to why you think serrations are useful. My opinion has been swayed somewhat on the matter. Outstanding video production and content. - envirosponsible
I was considering buying this knife, and now you've sealed the deal. Excellent review and extremely detailed and informative. This knife awesome, I can't wait to get one. - yewtube0987
I think I have come across a few of your video so far and I have liked them all. I also like how you engage with your audience and subscribers. I'm going to have to give you my subscription, not only for the content, but out of respect as well. Keep up the good job! -SpeedOfEvolution
Thanks for the thorough review. Getting one now. Very well presented!! - outdoor00
High quality review! Thumbs up. Great effort. - kinetoscopes
Best review yet. - trimp247
Man, this guy is great at givin reviews. Thumbs up to you. - alphys
Nice review, I just ordered two... Thanks for the review. - falcon1487
Brilliant video! Are you going to be reviewing the Parang as well? -TheKr1sC0Kr1ng13
Thanks for the review! Your reviews are the best in my opinion. -v8outdoors
Your reviews are addicting even if I don't plan on buying anything. -GamerMikey95
Subscribed, I'm a huge SOG fan... Great video and channel - keep them coming! -lmartinezorbe83
Hey Dave... thanks for your help and your awesome videos! - nmigeo
Your reviews are awesome! Very detailed! Thanks! -xKreatureOfTheNightx
Another good video, thanks for making it. -Floridainfidel
Top notch review! Thank you for making review vids! Very detailed and straight to the point. -Zenmagine
What a great knife review, you should become SOG's spokesman. I will most likely buy it now that you approve it. I always wanted a drop point SOG fixed blade. -VigilanteJustice17
David- Quickly becoming a Fan! Keep up the Honorable Quest for excellence! Socrates1320