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PODCAST #062 - COVID-19: Panic Driven Disaster? Vital Lessons to Learn


PODCAST #019 - Behind the Scenes with Dave Canterbury - Author of Bushcraft 101  


PODCAST #015 - Meet the Real EJ Snyder: Humble Warrior +3x Survivor: NAKED and AFRAID  


PODCAST #013 - Self Defense / Martial Arts and Manliness with Dr. Brian Jones  



Bonus Survival Tips BELOW:  

Build YOUR Bug Out Bag/s Today! The purpose of this checklist is to SIMPLIFY SURVIVAL and help you build a Bug Out / Emergency / Go Bag NOW (for each person in your family) – WITHOUT Breaking the Bank.

Just Remember: This kit is your starting point. It’s NOT the ULTIMATE Bug Out Bag. But it is legit and gets you a Basic Bug Out Bag – now! You can always add items to it, and upgrade as you go.

Simplify Survival and Build Your Bug Out Bag / Emergency Survival Kit TODAY! Here’s how! Check out the Podcast – GEAR CAVE – 001 on iTunes NOW… CLICK HERE to Print out this Checklist and let’s get you a basic Bug Out Bag roadmap to DIY your own kit/s on BUDGET.

As tales of active shooter scenarios flood our media, seemingly daily, we can easily be drawn into paranoia or fear. But Craig and David lay out the facts, as they explore HOW you can be ready for an Active Shooter Scenario at ANY time, and in any place, without having to be paranoid, or resort to living in a hermitage in the mountains.

Statistics show us some surprising facts, such as WHERE the most likely place is for an Active Shooter Scenario, and WHO the most likely person is to be at the root of it. Armed with this data, the skills of purposeful alertness and observation, and some basic self-defense training, you can avoid finding yourself over a barrel, at the end of a barrel…and avert any dangerous situations you see com- ing because…well…you SAW them, and because you took these tips seriously, and were ALERT. CLICK HERE to LISTEN...

Vital Self Defense Tips