MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife
MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife

MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Knife

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Designed to Save Your Bacon... 

Introducing MSK-1 Elite Warrior: The World's First, Military Grade, Tripled Edged, SERE Knife - That's Ready for Your Worst Case Scenario.

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Following the epic success of the original MSK-1 knife on Kickstarter in 2016 - David was approached by an elite special forces unit and asked to develop a tripled edged, utility knife based off of the MSK-1.

They envisioned a military grade, stainless steel, MSK-1 for multi-scenario (and SERE) use with a full fine edge, a spine side fine and serrated edge. 

Here's the crazy thing. 

When David originally designed the MSK-1, he came up with a version VERY similar to the knife proposed by this unit - but at the time, he had set it aside to focus on the standard MSK-1 knife first. 

So, he dusted off his old sketches and went to work perfecting the design. Two years later, MSK-1 Elite Warrior™ was deployed, field tested and approved.

This same knife is now available to you.**

MSK-1 Elite Warrior Triple Edged Military SERE Survival Knife

MADE in the USA and designed to conquer your toughest tasks!  

Introducing the MSK-1 Elite Warrior™. A boss bladed tool that is unmistakable due to it's impressive, and fully functional triple-edge design that includes:

    - A primary, full fine edge
    - A spine-side, clip point, top secondary edge
    - An aggressive, high-speed, material-shredding, top-serrated edge

    The MSK-1 Elite Warrior™ is fashioned from full quarter-inch thick 154CM stainless steel, which is tough, rust-repelling and easy to field maintain. Then it's surfaced with low-glare, military-grade, graphite black Cerakote™. 

    Every MSK-1 Elite Warrior™ also sports our new ErgoGRP™ handle and ACS™ SERE Elite™ double kydex sheath system.

    Advanced Sheath System - Ready for Any Mission

    Our most versatile kydex sheath, SERE Elite™ is an advanced system that can be set up for: right and left hand, scout / horizontal, or inverted carry.  You can even adjust the tension of the sheath's hold on your knife. Plus, it's ready to attach your MSK-1 Mini Knife and ACS™ Firesteel kit (in multiple configurations) to suit your needs.

    NOTE: You can NOT add the ACS™ Outer Nylon Shell or ACS™ Nylon Kit Pouch to this Sheath. To add these two components you will need our ACS™ Black Tactical Kydex Sheath (sold separately).

    MSK-1 Elite Warrior May Be the Most Rugged, Versatile, Field Maintainable, Tactical, Survival Knife Ever Imagined

    MSK-1 Elite Warrior SERE Combat Military Survival Knife

    Plus you'll also enjoy all of the signature life-saving, butt-kicking, expedition-crushing features that are built into every MSK-1 such as:

    • 20 Item Micro Survival Kit that Tucks Into the MSK-1 Handle and is Easily
      Accessed in the Field By Removing Our Exclusive Slotted Bolts.
    • Stainless Steel Bow Drill Divot (Bolt) to Make Improvised Friction Fires Easier.
    • Full Tang, 1/4" Thick, Razor Sharp, 154CM Stainless Steel Blade that's Designed for Hard Use in Any Environment. 
    • Pommel End Fire Steel Striker that's Optimized to Aim a Shower of Blaze-Starting Sparks at Your Tinder to Start a Fire.
    • Extended Butt End Pommel for Smashing, Crushing and Breaking Things. 
    • Oversized Finger Choil that Gives Greater Control for Fine Detail Work.
    • Center-Aligned Clip Point for Drilling, Fine Detail Work and Piercing Tasks.
    • Jimped Thumb Ramp that Adds Stability, Protects Your Hand and Adds Comfort and Control. 
    • Lanyard and Lashing Holes for Transforming Your Knife Into A Spear or Easily Adding a Paracord Handle Wrap. 
    • Computer Modeled Comfort Grip that Allows for 3 Grip Positions (1) Choked Up for Fine Work (2) Full Handle for Quick, Powerful Cutting (3) Rear Position for Chopping Like a Boss.
    • And a Lot More (See Comparison Chart Below).

    Made for Generations - Built Tough By TOPS Knives

    MSK-1 Elite Warrior™ is a revolutionary, high-speed performance tool for any tactical, self-defense, disaster, emergency or survival scenario. And is perfect for those who need a rugged, reliable, utility blade that can be trusted to perform - EVERYDAY, ANYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!


    If You Are a USA Veteran or on Active Duty for the US Military, We Want to Get the MSK-1 Elite Warrior Into Your Hands! We'd love to give you a 10% Military Discount (with Valid Military ID). Please Contact Us BEFORE You Pre-Order. See details below.* 

    Limited Quantities ARE Available. Due to high demand, please allow up to 1 week for your MSK-1 knife and / or gear to ship.  Thank you for your patience!

    Secure Yours Today!

    MSK-1 Elite Warrior INCLUDES: (1) MSK-1 Elite Warrior™ (Made of 154CM Stainless Steel)  (1) Set OD Green Canvas Micarta Handles (with Black Coated Stainless Steel Bolts) (1) SERE Elite™ Combat Sheath System (1) Handle Survival Kit - V2

    **NOTE: MSK-1 Elite Warrior may NOT be legal where you live. Please check with your local, regional and national authorities BEFORE You Order. YOU ALONE are responsible to ensure that it is legal for you to own and / or posses the MSK-1 Elite Warrior.

    *OUR VETERANS and ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY DISCOUNT is available ONLY to persons who are currently serving, or who have served honorably in the USA Military (ONLY). BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER - Please email a copy of your current military ID, DD 214 or VIC Card to us so that we can verify your United States of America Armed Forces service. Once verified we will send you a special code that you can use during checkout for 10% off the purchase of any MSK-1 Knife Kit. THANK YOU!

    MSK-1 Model Comparison Chart*

    MODEL MSK-1P Primitive MSK-1E Elite MSK-1W Warrior
    Primary Use Utility / Bushcraft / Camping / Survival
    Tactical / Utility / Bushcraft / Camping / Survival
    Military / Tactical / Utility / SERE / Survival
    Primary Edge
    Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
    Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
    Full Tang, Fixed Blade Fine Edge
    Double Edge No
    Triple Edge No No Yes
    Blade Material 1075HC (Similar to 1095HC): Tumbled Clear Coat 154CM Stainless Steel: Traction Black Powder Coat 154CM Stainless Steel: Graphite Black Cerakote
    Blade Thickness 0.22in (0.56cm)
    0.25in (0.64cm)
    0.25in (0.64cm)
    Handle Set
    Hardwood: Swap Other (Optional) MSK-1 Handles On As Needed OD Green Canvas Micarta: Swap Other (Optional) MSK-1 Handles On As Needed OD Green Canvas Micarta: Swap Other (Optional) MSK-1 Handles On As Needed
    Handle Bolts
    Removable w/ Bow Drill Divot: Stainless Steel / Tumbled / Natural Removable w/ Bow Drill Divot: Stainless Steel / Black Oxide Removable w/ Bow Drill Divot: Stainless Steel / Black Oxide
    Blade Length
    4.6in (11.7cm)
    4.6in (11.7 cm)
    4.6in (11.7 cm)
    Total Length 11.3in (28.6cm)
    11.3in (28.6 cm)
    11.3in (28.6 cm)
    Weight 13.5oz (383g)
    15.3oz (434g) 14.8oz (420g)
    Handle Survival Kit Yes Yes Yes
    Ferro Rod Striker Yes Yes Yes
    Sheath System Antiqued Leather: Left + Right Hand Carry / High Belt and Drop Carry Loop / Rear Strap + Pocket Tactical Black Kydex: ACS™ Compatible: Multi-Carry / Multi Setup
    SERE Elite™ Combat: Dual Layer / OD Green + Desert Tan Kydex: Multi-Carry / Multi Setup
    ACS™ Sheath
    No - Can Not Add ACS™ Kit Items Yes - You Can Add ACS™ Kit Items
    LIMITED - You Can Add MSK-1 Mini Knife and / or Fire Steel Kits. NO - You Can NOT Add ACS™ Outer Nylon Sheath or Nylon Kit Pouch to this Sheath
    Made in USA
    No - El Salvador Yes - USA
    Yes - USA
    Lifetime Warranty Yes
    Available Bundles / Kits
    No Yes Yes


    *Since We Are Always Improving MSK-1s Final Shipped Knife Specifications May Vary Slightly 

    To ALL International Customers (those outside of the USA)
    Please know that your country may charge significant import: fees, duties, taxes and / or tariffs.  These fees are YOUR sole responsibility to pay in order to receive the gear that you ordered from us.

    HERE is an simple online calculator to get an idea of what your Import Duty will be:

    If your order is returned to us from the shipper for free (USPS Only) - we will refund your order total minus the shipping fees. If the carrier you select (UPS, DHL, FedEx) does not return the knife and / or gear - you will receive NO refund.

    Paying IMPORT Fees is YOUR Responsibility. Please make sure you understand your TOTAL costs (including import fees) BEFORE your order. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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